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The Chakras: What they are and how to identify them

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
The Joyful Mystic

The Joyful Mystic


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This show will be the FIRST in a series on the chakras and will be the introduction.  Each following show will help us dig deeper into how to clear and balance our own chakras.  PLEASE consider ordering a REASONABLY PRICED CHAKRA STONE ENERGY HEALING BAG FROM THE JOYFUL MYSTIC STORE AND BLOG TO USE DURING THESE INFORMATIVE SHOWS. They are $20 each plus $6. Shipping within the U.S.   And FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, EACH BAG WILL INCLUDE A ROSE QUARTZ CRYSTAL SKULL AND AN AMETHYST NECKLACE PENDANT, PLUS ALL BAGS WILL INCLUDE ROUND GLASS STONES IN EACH OF THE RAINBOW CHAKRA COLORS.  Go to The Joyful Mystic Website and click on the "donation" button to order safely and securely through PayPal.  There are also pricier bags for anyone wanting more expensive and rarer semi-precious stones included.  They can be found on the website as well.  The website gives the price and your payment will tell me which bag your odered.

The Chakras are amazing energy centers within our bodies starting at the base of our spine - the root Chakra which is red - going all the way up through the rainbow colors to the Crown Chakra at the tip of our head. The higher vibration Chakras are often difficult to feel, but the lower ones, like the bottom three, we often feel without even knowing it.  Consider that "gut" instinct that comes from our bright yellow third chakra, which alerts us with our very own intuition about impending danger or other frightening events. The 1st root chakra is what grounds us to this earthly plane, and helps us navigate the world of physical form. We often feel constrictions in our - well - you know - sphincter muscle, when we get upset about something in the material world.  Those feelings are your chakras at work. 

 ~Namaste.  Sheri - The Joyful Mystic.