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Mad Mike and Bitchy Mitchy throw political correctness right out the window. These two maniacs show you that ANYTHING is fair game and they're not afraid to say it. Politics, news or comedy, you'll find something you like with these two fellas.

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Oh yes Mr. Bill, those two maniacal misfits are going to brandish their microphones and spew a cacophony of liturgy on stupidity, dumb ass politicians and God only knows what else. You know Mad Mike and Bitchy Mitchy threw... more

It's been a whole month since the last show and Bitchy Mitchy is gettin' plain ol' itchy. He's got an itch and the only way it can be scratched is for Mad Mike to fire up the airwaves and let the chips fall where they may. A month of nothin' is... more

If you do, then listen. If you don't, listen anyway. The Troublesome Twosome have returned for their semi-weekly attempt at entertaining you for an hour, or an hour and a half. See? They can't even make up their minds how long the want... more

Well, you asked for it. Bet you're regretting it now aren't you? Mad Mike and Bitchy Mitchy return once again for another episode of insanity and just plain ol' comedic nonsense. You have to realize something, you asked for this!!!!! So... more

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on the radio again, the crew at TGIF Radio Show is back to haunt your eardrums with God only knows what kind of superflous bullshit. Lethal Leslie and her boys, Mad Mike, Bitchy Mitchy and... more

Tuesday night will mark 2 weeks since our last show. We really don't know what Bitchy Mitchy WILL say, but we all take chances every time we get on the air. Tuesday night from 7 to 9 pm, the crew of TGIF The Radio Show will have so... more

It's hard to even fathom the idea TGIF wants to go to an hour long format. Seems we can't hold their attention much longer than that, so away we go! Lethal Leslie and her boys, Mad Mike, Bitchy Mitchy and Ronnie Mac swing the week... more

For this week, we'll take a break from Stupidity is Rampant. The other little snippets will still be around, but college football is shaking up the atmosphere in this part of the country. Mad Mike as always will have some tidbit... more

Another Monday, and the crew at TGIF The Radio Show will be ready to spew on whatever subject matter is tops for the day. Them there funky laws, happenings for the month with noted dates in history. Made in USA featuring Hawaii this... more

Another week, and the crew at TGIF The Radio Show is ready to burn up the airwaves. Lethal Leslie and Ronnie Mac will have a multitude of sports, with baseball winding down and headed for the series, all of the huge upsets in... more