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The Dog Show with Julie Forbes


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Exploring all aspects of the human-dog relationship with conversations with dog enthusiasts and experts of all kinds.

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The value of surprise in your life and for your dog! Visit for more information. Below is a just a little bit of content from the site. Surprise intensifies our emotions by about 400% (making... more

Dog training and behavior expert and host, Julie Forbes, talks about working with reactive dogs effectively to decrease their reactivity and increase their confidence. Every dog is different, but there are some common themes that she has seen in... more

Nancy Boman, Chair of the Epilepsy Subcommittee of the Saint Bernard Club of America joins Julie Forbes today for a conversation about canine epilepsy. Nancy's Saint Bernard died from epilepsy recently and her experience has... more

Lots going on in today's episode of The Dog Show with Julie Forbes! First a recap of the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show which was last weekend. A miniature pig performed in a dog obedience demo, and everyone was a-buzz about Temple... more

Host and expert in dog behavior Julie Forbes talks with Dr. Temple Grandin, author of "Animals in Translation" and "Animals Make Us Human", among so many more amazing publications. Dr. Temple Grandin is a professor of Animal... more

There's more to the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show than pretty dogs trotting around the rings. In this episode of The Dog Show with Julie Forbes, dog training and behavior expert Julie Forbes talks with show chair Jane Anderson about... more

If you are interested in how dogs think, smell, and experience the world; then listen to these great conversations with Julie Forbes and some of her favorite guests over the last six years. Today marks the six year birthday of The Dog... more

Dog training and behavior expert, Julie Forbes talks entirely about separation anxiety and other challenging behaviors dogs display related to being left alone. Julie offers private lessons in the greater Seattle area and phone... more

Host Julie Forbes covers some dog super bowl stories including a Patriots player who is playing in the Superbowl with a heavy heart after three of his dogs were killed in a kennel last summer in Arizona. Also the horrible GoDaddy commercial... more

Welcome back, Dr Nels Rasmussen Host of The Dog Show, Julie Forbes, brings two of her dogs into the booth this week for Dr Nels to "adjust". Both have tweaked backs. The first is her 12 year... more
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