The Chiba Chronicles

The Chiba Chronicles


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Via New Media we look at issues about Hemp, the history of this plant, what the future holds

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I will go over the events of the last few weeks and the lack of show then move into The War on Drugs my lack of trust in the U.S. Goverment or most Goverment. Talk a bit about the book Dark Alliance by the late Gary Webb

Ms. Rosen R.N. finishes our talk on Medical Marijuana and Autism and update us on the News from The State Of New York. Looks like more States are coming om board with some form of Medical Marijuana law. The Grassroots are in... more

A fast update on what is going with my efforts and this neat show!! Will also give the Twitter and Facebook links!

Mr. Roberts the Author of the book Mile High will join us to talk about his great book, Mile High an Interactive Book where we can help write the story. We will ask him to tell us about how he got interested in writing and writing about... more

Please join us as Ms. Rosen speaks of the use of Marijunana for Autism. Every day it seams I read a new use of Marijuana for our health, with Autism effecting more kids, I think we should see what new treatment is being used. If we have... more

Join us today as Ms. Joy Beckerman Maher gives us an introdution to Industrial Help a bit of us past with our Founder Fathers role in winning WW II and step to a rebirth! Will try to get a few of my questions answered. I have the bests guests!

There is so much news coming out almost everyday on uses for Marihuana, that not only amazes me but gets me thinking how much more do we not know about this Herb that could ever have more of an inpact on our health. Sue Rosen will... more

Our First Guest is Sue Rosen member The American Cannabis Nurses Associatin and Advocate on Hemp issues. Ms Rosen will be telling about her story and message on Hemp and what she feels the next steps are With her background... more

There are a few more points I need to make on the why of the Podcast and my goals for doing so You see Chiba Chronicels is as much for me as it is for you. Far more then a BS way to talk smack about getting high

How did a Middle Age Right Wing Tea Party Member become interested in Hemp and ending the War on Drugs? Let me tell you There is a lot to talk about on this subject from History of Hemp to the War on Drugs. Will also have guests on to... more