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Join us weekdays 11:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. The Back Story is an online journal of fact (original reporting) and opinion. It is specifically intended to be an alternative to the local newspaper, where certain news items are under-reported (or not reported at all), where not all points of view make it into print, and where current economic conditions have rendered investigative reporting all but extinct. The emphasis will be on the Stanislaus County area: political, economic, social, cultural that affect those of us who live here. We are not suggesting that we are going to supplant the daily newspaper, but we ARE stating that there is a considerable gap between what happens in and around our communities and what is reported, and we propose to fill that gap. There are individuals, groups and concepts that are considered untouchable, and we think that is very unhealthy and downright dangerous to the concept of representative democracy. There’s a lot going on in our city that affects you – events and issues you need to know about. The Bee has failed us as a reliable news source. You have to look further than the Modesto Bee. Fortunately, you have a choice with news and comment by Mayor Sabatino. You can get the REAL facts about important local issues on The Back Story. Streaming to your computer @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thebackstory – from 11:30 to noon daily. Again – that is The Back Story – daily from 11:30 to noon. You will notice the difference. Local call-in number (209) 846-1814.

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Stanislaus County district attorney Dave Harris is asking the fifth appellate district court to let him go. Harris claims Superior Court judge McFadden has abused her discretion and exceeded the bounds of reason. He also asks for a peremptory writ of prohibition restraining respondent court from enforcing its judgment ordering petitioner committed to the County jail for five days for contempt of court. Harris requests relief from the appellate court in that it issue an immediate stay of these proceedings which are to continue July 27, 2015 in the Stanislaus County Superior Court Department 2 until the appellate court rules upon and made orders to the Superior Court regarding petitioners requested relief as follows: DA Harris asked the court to issue a peremptory writ of mandate directing the respondent Superior Court dismiss the order to show cause against the petitioner. Harris asks that the Superior Court remove Frank Carson as co-prosecutor. Attorney Frank Carson made judge Steffen aware of the misconduct by Harris in tampering with the jury in the AJ Pontillo case and of withholding exculpatory evidence from the court and the jury that could have put Pontillo in jail for life had he been convicted. Pontillo was completely exonerated on all charges. Harris also asks the appellate court to issue a peremptory writ of mandate and or prohibition directing the respondent Superior Court to recuse judge McFadden from the proceeding, and appoint an unbiased in the impartial judicial officer to preside over the order to show cause. Tampering with the jury is a felony and DA Harris is getting a break because DA Birgit Fladager is not going to charge her chief deputy with a crime. The Stanislaus County Superior Court action to seek contempt of court charges is not enough. He should be charged with a felony. The California State Bar should rule on removing DA Harris's law license

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From: Cathi Erbe Sent: Thursday, July 02, 2015 3:02 PM To: 'mayor@sabatinoreport.com' Subject: Public Records Request Importance: High Re: Public Records Request for Outside Counsel information Dear Mr.... more

UPDATE .… COUNTY SUPERVISORS PAY DA DEFENSE FEES HOW MUCH WILL IT COST? Stanislaus County district attorney Dave Harris is asking the fifth appellate district court to let him go. Harris claims Superior Court... more

Modesto Bee sponsors water Summit July 15, 2015 7-9 at the Gallo center The forum will be moderated by founder and former president of the Great Valley Center and former Mayor of Modesto, Carol Whiteside. Whiteside left the great... more

27. Consider authorizing the City Manager to: (i) assign the duties and functions of the Convention and Visitor's Bureau (CVB) to the Community and Economic Development Department; (ii) allocate one (1) full–time limited term... more

Stanislaus County district attorney Dave Harris asks fifth appellate district court to let him go. Harris claims Superior Court judge McFadden has abused her discretion and exceeded the bounds of reason. He also asks for a peremptory... more

Former Mayor Carmen Sabatino, who formed the No on measure X campaign is waiting for the title designation of the new tax proposed by the Modesto City Council. Sabatino said, "I could not support a 1% tax, which would have given... more

Christianson does not hold himself accountable to a code of ethics. He is not a role model for the employees that compromise law enforcement , in fact, he reinforces the culture of crime and corruption that exists within his office. Only... more


The Modesto Chamber of Commerce has used economic discrimination for political power. It wasn't long ago that there was a debate about the role of the Chamber of Commerce in Modesto. There were those who felt that the chamber... more