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Alexi Sebasttien and Apothecary Jeri met three years ago and started out as “virtual friends” when they found each other’s videos on Youtube. They began communicating via email and that’s when they realized they had a whole lot in common. They are both intuitives, healers and animal lovers. They are multi-dimensional and have many similar interests. They created this show to share their love of the energy worlds and how they incorporate it into their every-day lives and businesses. Jeri is a bee keeper and honey collector. She is a dynamic cranio sacral touch practitioner as well. She has been creating her Heirloom Nature Essences since forever, being guided by spirit to create one of her first essences from snow. Alexi coaches spiritual women entrepreneurs on how to Rock Their LifePurpose™ - to share their message with the world, while living a life of passion and manifesting abundance from doing what they love. She is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and also a scientific handanalyst. Within 3 seconds of looking at your hands, she can tell you exactly why you are stuck and how to get un-stuck and manifest what you want in the world. Join Alexi and Jeri for their lively conversations on their passions, trials and tribulations as healers living in the 3-dimensional world. "We connect the spiritual world with the real world. And we're doing it together because it's so much more fun doing it with a friend. Join us!"

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