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  • Broadcast in Psychology
Noah Batts

Noah Batts


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In 2days society Europeans have made it fashionable to be Gay and Homo-Sexual. Our poor deaf dumb and blind people love to follow european trends and have adopted the gay lifestyle wholeheartedly. In any club in any major city in Amerikkka you will see the hardest of brothers wearing gold shoes skinny jeans with lots of jippers pants sagging Gucci Louis Vutton Fendi Belts Coin Purses tight Sweaters Pony Tail Blonde Dreads. With all the single women in the club brothers would walk right pass them to kick it with another brother or start a fight which is a sign of effeminization. Our poor sisters Stud Broads dressed like men trying 2 act like men Fems hugged up holding hands. Now Black Children are claiming to be confused about their sexuality Gay School and Universities. Some of our people are soo far gone to where they are Crossdressing and even getting Sex Changes. Some of the richest people in the world are gay homosexual or in the lgbt community and pay Politicians and Lawmakers to promote the Gay Agenda and their main impetus is to establish Birth Control within the Black Nation in order to maintain European Supremacy. In just about every major Motion Picture Tv show and even simple Disney Cartoons the gay liffestyle is prevalent. Black Women are suckered in to joing Women Liberation Orginizations with White Women which is really a cover for Lesbianism. Rappers Singers Actors cannot get a deal let alone become rich and famous unless they agree to have gay and homosexual contact with the White and or Jewish Record Producer or Movie Director. They keep you high and doped up on drugs push back morality allowing themselves to be maipulated for money. Like the movie says black people GET OUT stop letting caucasians and jews make fools out of you SAY IT LOUD. IM STRAIGHT AND IM PROUD. ACCEPT YOUR OWN AND BE YOURSELF. Not to offend any of our people who are gay but imma say it LOUD IM STRAIGHT AND IM PROUD. Can you dig it?