The Rationalist Agenda

The Rationalist Agenda


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"The Rationalist Agenda" is a running commentary on the rise of liberal fascism in America. Warning: not for the "politically correct."

On-Demand Episodes

Discussion surrounding the recent cop killing, poltical correctness in law enforcement, the lefts war on europeans and more.

A bold, rough outline of a grandiose plot to rescue America from the clutches of tyranny.

A discussion inspired by Pat Buchanan's "Suicide of a Superpower" segwies into a discussion about how to form a majority coalition followed by commentary of stupid conservative pundits.

A discussion about the Ray Rice situation and an evaluation of the heirarchy of narratives created by politically correct fascism.

A positive, advice filled discussion about some of the perks of being a functional adult who hasn't bought into the myth of victimhood.

A brief discussion about the dangers posed by liberal dominance of the internet and a larger discussion about when to be pragmatic and when to be idealistic.

A look at 2016 hopefuls for both parties and a discussion about viability of conservative options and various war room strategy.

A brief discussion on foreign policy, particularly surrounding Iraq followed by an in depth look at Ferguson and racism in America.

A clunky, introductory episode laying down the framework for future discussions.