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Will your God let us be friends?

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Growing Brotherhood, by Learning about each other

Each of us is magnificent!

As humanity becomes more connected the use of fear and guilt as primary motivators is ending. It is a great time to deal with the illusions of separation and discuss things like:

Who is God?

Finding God?

Is there a God? And

Who is your God?

The Owners Manual

Are you rotting as a result of sitting and reading the owner’s manual over and over trying to get it? Arguing or trying to sell to others the theories you have personally developed as a result of your reading of what the enlightened ones wrote?

Since life is the most beautiful and magnificent gift and privilege we have ever been given. Shouldn’t we be figuring out how to bring more beauty to our lives and the lives of others? Without regard to which writings/manual the other person has chosen. By each of us actually, freely living by and applying our personally preferred chosen guidelines, on a daily basis?

 No matter who your God is, the core of all writings/manuals is to guide us all toward building a life of peace, harmony and cooperation. So all can enjoy their time here in the physical realm and for some prepare for the afterlife.

  Don't worry, no matter which God you prefer, the writings/manual will be there when you return from your tasks, but let's not rot thinking about it, arguing about it or trespassing on others to force them to ditto stamp our personal conclusions and beliefs! None of us are the Supreme Being!

There is lots of work to do so why don’t we start building brotherhood by breaking the illusion of separation. Learning and respecting the beliefs and choices of others. So far as they don’t press us into submission of their personal beliefs. Then we can more easily start solving the problems we as humanity are facing.

Michael Banker, God Radio