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You are your possibilities. If you seek a clearer direction, Nicole can help you, your business and your team determine objectives, set goals and accurately monitor performance. People who tune into the Vibrant Coaching Show are forward thinking, enterprising individuals. They care about their clients, associates, and personal relationships deeply. They want to make a unique mark in the world with their birth right gifts, talents, and deepest calling. They are creatives, the called, spirited entrepreneurs, business leaders and icons of a cause. CEO, Nicole Greer, will share coaching technique, namely the S.H.I.N.E. coaching methodology to illuminate personal and professional development. If you want to turn dreams into a deep desire and ultimately into a destiny, this podcast will give you the strategies, systems, and smarts!

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Just like the sun rises and sets each day, so do you. You rise to greet the day and fall into your habits that either serve your life our slay you. You can stand in choice about the quality of your life by stopping to honor life itself. Let's examine the habits you have in your life then, consider how we might add more meaning, value, and a sure footing that would support you throughout the day. Ask yourself this powerful question, What would your life be like if you stopped to acknowledge what is true, a blessing and possible in your own life? I imagine your life would be grounded. Your mind, your heart and your soul would be full of positive energy that would carry you through the day in a vibrant way. Join Nicole Greer, PPCC, The Vibrant Coach for a coaching session where you'll learn strategies, systems, and smarts that build a solid foundation for a Vibrant Life.
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You've heard this before. "It's not what you know but who you know." And here's what I know, that is only partially true. The reality is that you must create a social network around yourself that creates the opportunity to let people see, hear, and... more

There are three ways You choose to hold your energy. You must learn to choose wisely! Like a gas flame has a regulator that allows us to raise or lower the flow of fuel, you also have the ability to regulate your energy flow. Join Nicole Greer,... more

Join Nicole Greer, PPCC to glean some serious tools for your toolbox that enable you to love with more courage! People are longing for love. If you can embody love and learn to demonstrate it, it will change everything. Understand the two... more

Self-assessment is the first step in determining your life's purpose, mission and vision. Your LOVE Language is a key to understanding how you feel appreciated, motivated, and assured. Gary Chapman wrote the book, The Five Love... more

You can have the finer things in life. This requires a discerning mind and the mental model of an investor. Consumerism is defined as the aquisition of goods and services in ever-greater amounts. While this drives the economy, this... more

You must pay attention to the people, places and things in your space. Everything around you has the ability to shift your thinking, your mood, and your abiltiy to be productive. To live a vibrant life, you must take sacred care to set up... more

Taking on the New Year and Vibrant Life Requires Habit Work! Webster defines a "habit" as: a settled or regular tendency or practice. These patterns either make or break the goals we long to achieve. Join Nicole Greer, PPCC for seven tips on... more

In order to succeed, we must first believe we can. Our thought life either serves or slays our breathing, walking around, and working life. If you think you can't, you're right! Thinking you can requires some serious attention to your patterns... more

To excel, the old adage was "Get a good education." Then, there was the call to a higher level of mastery and we were encouraged to become "experts in our field." But, in today's information overload, we need individuals who can synthesize,... more

Believe it or not, you must work backwards from your goal. It doesn't seem intuitive at first...but looking back from the future is exactly what your mind needs to create actionable next right steps. Hear stories...ancient... more