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Hair vs Health

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Why do black women choose not exercise because they do not want to sweat out their perm? Is it worth it? Which is more important? Hair or Health.

what is up with black women and their hair getting wet! lol omg its riduclous! if your hair is so expensive you cant have fun and enjoy yourself because of your hair! ok so you dont want to workout because your hair will sweat. why not do some workouts that doesnt consists of you sweating or do some indoor activities. wait how about get hairstyles that are ok to sweat or get wet?!theres nothing wrong with being cute and wanting to look fly but when it prevents you from enjoying life i think that becomes a problem. the swimming programs were cut at the hbcu's because women didnt wanna get there hair wet!! that is absolutely riduclous but absolutely true! that actually enrages me because i cant believe that we as black women are that petty that we cant even get our hair wet."girl im not getting my hair wet" that sounds cute to say but yet sounds so stupid. you worried about your hair getting wet,well ask someone with cancer if theyd care if they hair get wet in the pool! i guarantee theyd love to have your hair aand would love to get it wet!!! now do you see how petty that sounds!

men dont like women that cant "let their hair loose"pun intended. so if your trying to look cute for the guy at the pool, sorry hes checking for the sista he can actually play with in the pool, the chic thats not worried about their hair.you see your going about it the wrong way. now some may say"i dont care im not getting my hair wet". ok thats perfect good for you and more men for me by the pool, lol dont be hatin when you see the men playing with me in the pool! heres another alternative...stop wearing cheap hair!!! expensive reallll hair you can do anything in.there are great alternatives ladies! have fun,enjoy life so u can get a man and head out to the gym more often!