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Never Say Never and I did.

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What is the one thing that you said you would NEVER do that you ended up doing?

Never say never is a saying that so true!! what is the one thing you said youd never do?? funny how life had a way of making sure you did it!!when we say never its like we are judging. we're judging people before we know the situation! im not saying that what the person is doing IS right! im only saying that we should not be so quick to make judgement when it could easily be you! never is an arrogant word. as if your saying your too good to do this or that! life is all about choices some make good some make bad but understand we are all a choice away from a wrong decision(having an affair,prison,std,losing everything we have to drugs,divorce,etc) if you are old enough youll know "never say never" only the young feel that that couldnt ever be them because their simply young and havent had the life experience.brandy norwood has a song called "never say never" ill share the first verse with you. now although its a love song...you get the point.

Who would ever thought a guy
Would want a girl like me
Who would ever thought that I
Would fall so easily
Who would ever thought that we
Would finally come to be
I guess they don't know
How much you mean to me
Who would ever thought that they
Would have some words to say
We'll go on anyway
It's alright - it's okay
Take whatever comes our way
Together we will stay
I got three words to say
Never say never

i dont have to write a long about this topic the saying says it all and if youve lived long enough you already know not to fix your lips to say it because the very thing you didnt think youd do,say or become you did! now it doesnt have to always be a bad experience it couldve been you never thought youd get married or have children. never say never!