Brother Reggie Rich, Phillip Carter/Radio & Music= Work?

Diary of A Psalmist

Diary of A Psalmist

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Once you meet Brother Reggie Rich and Phillip Carter, you'll never forget them. Did I say NEVER? LOL! Meet these two VERY OUTSPOKEN gospel music pioneers, doing some extraordinary things!

Up to bat first, is Brother Reggie Rich, internet radio station owner and seasoned radio personality veteran!

Then, Nat'l Recording Artist Phillip Carter joins us to talk about all things 'independent artists' and the IGAA conference coming up this Summer!

If you miss THIS SHOW, 'me-thinks you need your head examined' (said in poorly immitated English accent)!

Tell a friend! It's THE MUSIC BOX w/ National Recording Artist Tanya Dallas-Lewis! TUNE IN, OR ELSE! (said w/ clenched teeth and a fake smile, in the most non-threatening way possible! lol!)


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