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Manuel W. Lloyd is a top industry Virtual CIO helping healthcare and banking businesses achieve customer-vendor alignment, IT governance, and data security while avoiding costly and embarrassing data breaches. The program is supported by Holiday Delta, Inc dba Dominos Pizza, JTV Management, & Manuel W. Lloyd Consulting®

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When choosing an MSP, make sure you maximize your investments. A good MSP (Managed Service Provider) should offer the following basic IT services which will eliminate the bulk of IT issues so that your IT staff/person can do more critical tasks. In this episode, I will cover how to maximize your return on spend for: Help Desk and Remote Monitoring – The service desk is the heart of effective IT service management. Your end users should be able rely on the MSP's service desk and help desk services around the clock. Business Continuity – Despite the growing importance of business continuity, many firms are still unaware of how to approach the challenge posed by disruptive events. A rock solid MSP should offer Business Continuity services that can help make sure you are ready in the case of a disaster. Mobile Device Management – MDM (Mobile Device Management) is the fastest, most comprehensive way to get devices configured for enterprise access to secure corporate data on smartphones and tablets. Make sure your MSP can help you lock down and secure the data your staff carries with them on a day-to-day basis.
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