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The Big Dawgs Yard

The Big Dawg's Yard


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Social commentary & position on today's hot topics & current events by Mr. Brown aka The Big Dawg Daddy, with a touch of humor & boots to *sses.

On-Demand Episodes

The Big Dawg and his spcecial guest rip into recent topics and issues happening in and around the city (Philadelphia, PA), the country, and maybe even the world. Stay on your side of the fence if boots being put to as*es scares you.

The Dawg invites a special guest into his yard to chew on various topics inclduding the young NFL Season, athletes and social conciousness, the race for the White House, and any other topic that they deem deserves attention... more

The Big Dawg returns after a loooong hiatus to once again put boots to asses. The Dawg gets very personal in tis episode as he discusses the loss of his wife, the grief, the pain, the anger, and his gratefulness to those that have been... more

The Dawg rips into the sad reality that we seem to have reached a point in this country where differing opinions automatically means people can no longer be friends on social media and sometimes in real life. How did we get here? How... more

The Dawg barks about reconciling being a Christian and trying to live the "Golden Rule" with making sure people are not taking advantage of you because you are trying to live a good life and treat others properly. Does being a Christian mean... more

The Big Dawg barks about this current winter and the days kids have missed due to wintry weather. Some were clearly justified, some not so much. The Dawg will look at the issue from several angles including the perspective of someone that... more

The Big Dawg barks about the grand jury decision in Ferguson, MO and the issues surrounding the whole situation then rips into the issue of the recent verbal attack of the President's daughters by a GOP staffer. The Dawg's chain has... more

The Dawg barks about the issue of attacks on Christianity in the name of equality and respect for other faiths and beliefs. Christians are being forced to refrain from expressing their faith or risk being protested against, ostracized, or sued.

The Big Dawg jumps into the Adrian Peterson situation with both paws and barks about the debate/discussion about child abuse and discipline. When does discipline become abuse? What about verbal/psychological abuse? Are kids... more

Join the Big Dawg as he host the first (and maybe last) NFL Preview Show. The Dawg will share a few thoughts and predictions about the 2014-15 season of the National Football League. The Dawg will also put boots to as*es on a few topics... more