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At the Martha Stokes CMT Radio Show, you will learn how the stock market works, stay up to date on current events in the financial markets, and get some free tips for trading stocks, options, ETFs and more. Martha Stokes CMT is the Co-Founder and CEO of TechniTrader, an educational firm dedicated to helping retail traders and independent investors learn how to trade or invest in the stock market. TechniTrader.com has been educating traders since 2000. Martha Stokes is a Chartered Market Technician, one of only a few hundred to date registered with the Market Technicians Association, with more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. Having worked as a professional technical analyst for buy side institutions and also a successful business owner, with a working understanding of both sides of a company's goals, Martha has a unique take on the stock market that all investors should tune in for.

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Join us for an intriguing inside view of the stock market that the average person never hears about. Forget the headline news! Listen to Martha Stokes' candid and frank explanations of the stock market's infrastructure and the market participant... more

What are High Frequency Trading Firms and why are they allowed by the SEC? Who are they and when did HFTs first become a major market participant group? All these questions and much more are answered in this highly informative,... more

Speculation in the stock market has been increasing over the past few months. Learn why this phenomenon is occurring and what it means for your investments. Martha Stokes CMT will explain how speculation begins and how it... more

Martha Stokes CMT once again tackles a highly debated topic regarding how tax cuts will help the economy, stocks, corporations and the average American. She will explain the many ways a corporation can use the tax cuts, which doesn't... more

Options trading is frequently promoted as lower-risk or having ?no-risk? trading opportunities and much lower cost than trading stocks. This appeals to many people who are just starting out trading the markets or those who have small... more

In this radio show Martha Stokes CMT explains how the stock market works, the 4 different order types that are present at any given time, how the market participants interrelate, and how you can earn extra income or use stock trading... more

In this Radio Show, Martha Stokes CMT discusses how you should choose which stock market participant group from the professional side that you want to trade with. Often times, retail traders are trading against the giant-lot professionals... more

In this radio show Martha Stokes CMT talks about trading strategies and trading systems and why this is NOT where you should start your training in the stock market. Martha will explain the what, when, where, why, and how of learning to... more

There is much more to Technical Analysis than just finding a candlestick pattern or using MACD or Stochastic indicators. In this radio show Martha Stokes CMT explains how Technical Analysis is evolving and how the various Market... more

Most people do not know that the SEC has a special category for the retail side of the stock market, aka Main Street. These individuals are called Accredited Investors. Learn what an Accredited Investor status means for retail traders and... more
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