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Martha Stokes CMT is the Co-Founder and CEO of TechniTrader®, an educational firm dedicated to helping retail traders and independent investors. 2 Weeks FREE Video Lessons for Traders!

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Whether you are a direct Mutual Fund investor, have a 401K, or other managed Pension Fund learn how to make better investing decisions. Discover what you don't know about Mutual Fund investing and the details no one ever tells you. Find out how you can select the right Funds for yourself, and how to track their performances quickly and easily. This radio show featuring Martha Stokes CMT is for new investors, Mutual Fund Investors, and anyone with a Pension Plan. Check out Martha's Market Blog FREE
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Are there any good guys on Wall Street or are they all bad guys? Individual Investors and Retail Traders often hear about the bad things that happen on Wall Street with corrupt banks, scams, insider trading, and scandals. Is the Financial... more

Martha Stokes CMT talks candidly about how much money is actually needed in order to start investing in the stock market. She will explain capital requirements, and talk about ways low capital based beginner investors can start making... more

Before you invest or trade Exchange Traded Funds ETFs, find out what you need to know! Exchange Traded Products are the fastest growing new trading and investing instruments in the Stock Market. These are Mutual Funds that trade... more

Martha Stokes CMT reveals why Technical Analysis is so important for beginner investors and traders, mutual fund investors, 401 pensions, and retail trading. Information Includes how market data ends up on stock charts for analysis, after... more

Every day on the internet there are ads and articles about ordinary people getting rich quick, instant millionaires, and fantastic profits from the stock market. Most people know to ignore these hyped up scams, but how do you know when... more

Martha Stokes CMT checks up on Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (NYSE:BABA) as it is now a little over 2 months old, and there is sufficient data now both fundamental and technical to be able to study the stock. She explains how and... more

This week Martha Stokes CMT talks about the different types of stocks. She explains the following types of stocks Listed, Bulletin Board, Over-the-Counter OTC, and Penny Stock. She also discusses what a Pink Slip means. In addition,... more

Why did Warren Buffett lose money on IBM and KO? Also how the average investor can actually have a higher profit portfolio, than most mutual and other managed funds. In addition Martha Stokes CMT discusses why mutual funds... more

In this week's radio show, Martha Stokes CMT explains why the stock market sells down. She explains the reasons behind market sell offs and why corrections can be positive for investors, how to prepare in advance of a market downturn,... more

In this week's radio show, Martha Stokes CMT explains the Foreign Exchange market and the complexity of its influences, such as the relationships between the economies, banking systems and politics of the paired Forex currencies. How... more
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