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Martha Stokes, CMT is the Co-Founder and CEO of TechniTrader®, an educational firm dedicated to helping retail traders and independent investors. Read Martha's daily Market Open Reports go to

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In this radio show, Martha Stokes CMT explains the Market Participant Cycle which is the basis for all Bull and Bear Markets. She describes each of the 9 market participant groups in depth. Most investors think of the stock market as Wall Street versus Main Street but it is not that simple. When you understand that there are not just 2 groups but 9 distinct groups, you will make better decisions when buying or selling stocks. Martha Stokes CMT Check out Martha's Market Blog FREE
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Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin are changing the way we communicate and how information is dispersed about the stock market and other financial markets. How does this affect investors and retail traders? What is the... more

In this radio show, Martha Stokes CMT talks about how corporations control the supply side of the stock market. She will discuss splits, reverse splits, buybacks, secondary offerings and shelf offerings. Martha will explain how each of these... more

This week Martha Stokes CMT talks about how you can use stock charts for technical, fundamental, and risk analysis. The modern charts now have the ability to take fundamental and financial data and put those into a graphical form... more

Many people think the stock market is very risky or that it is just a form of gambling. Martha Stokes CMT will explain in this radio how a beginning or novice investor can dramatically reduce their risk, eliminating the fear of losing all of... more

This week Martha Stokes CMT talks about the best way to select stocks to buy, whether you are a new investor or beginning trader. This radio show will explain what you need to do before buying a stock, and where to find the... more

Martha Stokes CMT explains how market data flows through the financial market system and ends up on stock charts. Her simple easy to understand teaching methods takes the confusion and complexity out of understanding how the... more

What you need to know before you invest or trade ETFs. Exchange Traded Products are the fastest growing new trading and investing instrument in the stock market. These are mutual funds that trade like stocks but are not assets. You will... more

Martha Stokes, CMT defines the 9 different Market Participant groups. She explains how each group differs, how each group buys and sells, and how each group leaves a different yet distinct footprint on a stock chart. She goes... more

What creates Bull Markets that last for more than a decade? New Technologies, especially information and communication technologies that advance societies, cultures, global interaction, and economies. Currently new technologies coming... more

Learn what investing information is critically important to your retirement account. Discover what trading tips, advice, or stock recommendations you should listen to. Martha Stokes CMT takes all the information available to independent investors... more
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