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Martha Stokes, CMT is the Co-Founder and CEO of TechniTrader®, an educational firm dedicated to helping retail traders and independent investors. 2 Weeks FREE Video Lessons for Traders!

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In this week's show, Martha Stokes CMT discusses Alibaba. With Alibaba news everywhere, this IPO has captured the imagination of the American public. But who actually made money on this IPO? It certainly wasn't the average investor.... more

In this radio show, Martha Stokes CMT talks about what a charting software should have in it to help you find and select stocks, Mutual Funds, Indexes for Retirement accounts, and or ETFs. Her candid no-nonsense approach is a... more

Why is a CEO so important to a company and its stock values? CEOs are paid huge sums of money in the eyes of Main Street. Why do firms pay so much? Are CEOs that important? Martha Stokes CMT explains the role of the CEO, his... more

In this radio show, Martha Stokes CMT tackles one of the enduring myths about investing in the stock market. Large Cap stocks are assumed to be safer investments than small caps. Many people believe that a large cap company is... more

In this radio show, Martha Stokes CMT takes the complex world of the stock market down to simple terms that anyone can understand. By using examples and analogies everyone knows and understands, Martha teaches people that the... more

In this radio show, Martha Stokes CMT demystifies the stock market trading called "Selling Short" or "Short Selling." This confusing term is often misunderstood. Is Selling Short bad for the stock market? Why is it allowed? How long has Selling... more

The Questions Investors Should Be Asking In this radio show, Martha Stokes CMT talks about the wrong questions investors and traders tend to ask. She explains why these questions lead to investors making the wrong decisions and... more

Many people believe that the economy, jobs and the government control the stock market. However, that is not the case. Find out what really drives the stock market in this fascinating viewpoint on how and why the stock market has bull and... more

Find out what is really going on with the Stock Market and the Economy. Martha Stokes CMT cuts through the jargon and hype and gets down to the facts at hand, explaining them in terms that everyone can understand. Learn what you need to... more

Martha Stokes CMT explains what Binary Options are and whether they are right for your trading style and goals. This is a new trading instrument that is high-profile with plenty of media hype and get-rich-quick schemes. Find out from... more
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