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Moon Landing A Hoax

  • Broadcast in Paranormal
Redneck Radioman

Redneck Radioman


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Was there a moon landing hoax conspiracy? What was NASA hiding? We believe, among many evil things to hide here on planet Earth such as the importation of addictive drugs into the U.S by the CIA, the full impact of the Vietnam War and covert operations in Laos - they were also hiding the REAL space program: Massive Black Op Weapon/Spy Machines in space.
MOONMOVIE.COM has subjected the six manned moon landings of NASA's Apollo program to critical analysis, challenging the claim that under the Nixon Administration the U.S. government landed 12 men on the moon between 1969 and 1972. Not only do our DVDs prove the manned moon landings were faked, but we now offer two more great contributions to AMHIR (Apollo Moon Hoax Investigative Research) - What Happened on the Moon? and Was it Only a Paper Moon?
Own the DVDs that prove the moon hoax conspiracy, and show that incriminating evidence has been hidden from public view. Obviously Faked footage from the voyage of Apollo 11, violent or absconding Apollo astronauts, moon-meteor gathering in Antarctica by von Braun and his team, bouncing lasers [and later, fake EVA telemetry data?] off the moon successfully since the early 1960's, the pre-Apollo lunar orbiter's photography of 99% of the moon's surface, the inability to radiate heat away from the LM and the astronauts while on the moon's surface, the false dichotomy of an interdependent "arms and space race" between the the Soviet Union and U.S., as well as the insufficient protection from the effects of the Van Allen Belts, and much more