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    Wake the Hell Up Wednesdays w/Empress T, Kenya Jones & Dr. Yaffa Bey

    in Culture

    Join Empress T, Kenya Jones, and Dr. Yaffa Bey for a round-table discussion...WAKE THE HELL UP WEDNESDAYS round table. News with a Black Twist...THIS IS A LIVE CALL-IN SHOW..646.716.7572.......REVOLUTIONARY RADIO FOR REVOLUTIONARY PEOPLE!-

    Listen Live: blogtalkradio.com/dynastyradio1382
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    Our Youtube: youtube/zurispeaksradio
    Our Twitter: https://twitter.com/zurispeaks2u
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    Wake the Hell Up Wednesdays w/Dr. Yaffa Bey

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    Join us every last Wednesday of the month @ 8:00 PM MST, 10:00 PM CST, and 11:00 PM EST as we kick off our new show on Dynasty Network 1382 ""'WAKE THE HELL UP' WEDNESDAYS".  Join us for a round-table discussion as we scope out and dissect the different posts on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter (just to name a few)....This show is off the chain, and ANY TOPIC can fall victim to becoming the center of the discussion.  This is a live call in show so come engage with us in conversation as we discuss the most ridiculous posts ever seen.

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    Dr. Yaffa Bey: Our Story, Preparing for Change

    in Politics


    Dr Yaffa Bey Lecture on etymology, OUR-story, Preparing for Change and HIS-story There is a problem that is spreading all over the world. The problem is what you read, write, and speak. In other words, our problem is English. English is the result of word expansion, contraction, and modifications from every other dialect and language in the world. I call it a bunch of crap that was thrown against the wall and whatever stuck came to be known as English. Inspect and recognize what I’m about to show. When you call someone “nice,” is that a good thing? If a boy is called “bad” does that make him tough? Is “fun” equal to a wonderful time? Does being “fond” of a person mean that you like them? If one is “sad” does that mean they are depressed? To each of these I say ABSOLUTELY NOT! I was never taught in any school that, if I wanted to know the real meaning of a word, I must find the brackets, or square parentheses, like these [ ] and read EVERY SINGLE THING INSIDE. Now, that you know what to look for in the dictionary, the real definitions of the quoted words above are listed below as follows: 1. “Nice” = stupid, foolish, ignorant, unwise, and not knowing 2. “Bad” = an effeminate, or womanish man 3. “Fun” = to befool, fond 4. “Fond” = to be foolish, a fool 5. “Sad” = satisfied, full, have enough So, when you open your mouth, what are you really saying? What frequency are you vibrating unto the swirling ethers? Our oppressor speaks with fork tongue.

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    In Honor of Brother Mansur Ball-Bey

    in Religion

    On this program, we shall speak about the recent shooting of our dear young brother, Mansur Ball-Bey. Call us at 646-478-4713 at 6:30pm EST.

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    Sabir Bey....Out of the Darkness

    in Politics

    Sabir Bey joins Beverly D and Ron March tonight to discuss his movie (Out of the Darkness ) and the right to travel plus much more 

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    Zuri Speaks: Dr. Yaffa Bey

    in Culture

    Join Empress T, Kenya Jones and Dr. Yaffa Bey for Zuri Speaks Talk Radio

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    Zuri Speaks: Dr. Yaffa Bey

    in Training

    COMING UP SUNDAY, June 23RD, 2013 @ 8PM MST, 10PM CST, & 11PM EST ON DYNASTY NETWORK GLOBAL RADIO 1382..Dr. Yaffa Bey and Kenya Jones joins Empress T on Zuri Speaks Talk Radio To discuss REAL SOLUTIONS FOR THE FREE MIND....We don't want to just talk about the problems, but we want to offer solutions that will work if YOU work it.....Don't come to this show without Pen and Pad...This is a Live Call-in show @ 646.716.7572

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    Jonah Bey in Detroit..Cesti Que Qvie Act 1666

    in Politics

    Beverly D and Ron March live from Detroit Cesti Que Qvie Act...Jonah Bey in Detroit

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    Consultation Wednesday with Jonah Bey !!

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    Call in now and talk to your Jonah Bey on Consultation Wednesday !!!!

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    Long Tall Deb, Lucky Losers, Bey Paule Band

    in Music

    SHOW #283 – Live Uncut and Uncensored Conversations With “Musician You Should Know”

    Lazer Lloyd is known as Israel’s Blues-Rock King.  He is spreading that reputation around the globe.  His newest album, simply titled Lazer Lloyd is full of electric and acoustic material that will capture your soul. Lloyd will be in Israel, but agreed to call into the show to discuss his continuing journey in the Blues World and to speak in-depth about his newest release.

    The Lucky Losers are Cathy Lemons and Phil Berkowitz and they released the album Winning Hand earlier this year.  Co-produced by Lemon and Berkowitz alongside Kid Andersen, the album contains 6 originals and 6 specially selected covers. I will speak with the pair and find out how their musical paths intersected and where they are heading in the future.

    Couch Kid New Music #1 - Anthony Paule last visited to talk about his other project, The Hound Kings.  Tonight he visits to share the latest release from The Bey Paule Band, Not Goin’ Away, the third album for this talented pair. He and I will discuss all that is going on in his life and talk about the new recording.

    Couch Kid New Music #2 - Long Tall Deb returns to bring us the new album she and her band featuring Couch Kid Colin John will be releasing, Street Of Mumbai. This album was born after the band traveled to India last year.  Can’t wait to share this one with y’all.