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    Did Hitler Escape To Argentina After World War II?

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    Hunting Hitler challenges the the biggest story of World War II - the suicide of Adolf Hitler. Is it possible that Hitler faked his own death and lived out the rest of his life in Argentina? Author Jerome Corsi shares why it is not just plausible, but likely. With no physical evidence, corpse, photos, or even documentation to prove that Hitler committed suicide, there are far more questions than answers.

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    The Secret History of World War II

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    Do you think you know about World War II?  You don't know anything!  There is a vast "secret history" to what went on that will shock you!

    To discuss this we have on Deanna Spingola.Deanna Spingola has authored two books on quilt designan activity that required methodical analysis and mathematical exactness. She has also engaged in extensive family history research through which she acquired an understanding of public and private records and an appreciation for accurate documentation and history.

    An understanding of our past is essential to our comprehension of contemporary events. She Investigates government and corporate corruption as it relates to the faltering liberties of American citizens and the war-targeted population of other countries. She is not afraid to address controversial issues. She has been working on a trilogy since January 2009. She published the first one in April 2011 and the second one in June 2012.

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    Ghosts of World War 2.

    in Paranormal

    In this Jay's Dark Zone, we talk about the history of ghosts, in world war 2.

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    World War II

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    The November 23, 2013, episode of American Heroes Radio features a conversation with Captain Jack Woodville London, USA, World War II historian.
    Captain Jack Woodville London, USA is “an internationally acclaimed author, WWII historian and trial-attorney in Austin, TX. He is a graduate of the University of Texas Law School, and a former captain in the US Army Quartermaster Corps. Jack’s foundation began when he was elected managing editor of the U.T International Law Journal in 1970. Since then he has authored numerous technical articles and papers on various legal topics, and has spoken at many legal programs both nationally and internationally. In 2003, Jack put aside legal writing to enroll in the prestigious writing school of St. Céré, France where he graduated from among other esteemed writers. Jack has spent much of his life exploring a deep interest in WWII and its effects on the home front—particularly small towns. His love for writing and history united to produce his French Letters series of novels which have been internationally praised for their meticulous historical research and ability to capture the language, attitudes, and moral culture of their setting.”  Jack Woodville London is the author of French Letters Book One: Virginia's War and French Letters: Engaged in War.

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    World War Radio Hiphop and R&B morning show

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    Tune in every Friday 9am est to 11am est for our morning show with host Adonis Da Certified Specialist and co-host Block Pharoah. Topics for discussion this week will include Hot topics in music, sports,and other forms of entertainment.The levels of importance on the mixing quality of music and which would you rather have and why?loyalty or money? Call 760-542-3911 to chime in or just to listen!

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    World War Radio Hiphop and R&B morning show

    in Entertainment

    This week we will be discussing Hot topics in news,sports, music and politics. Pet Peeves and what Girnds your Gears, the election results and legalization of Mary Jane in DC, And I will be spinning hottest underground artist around!! Tune in Every Friday 9am est to 11am est with you host Adons Da Certified Specialist!!

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    World War Radio Friday Morning HipHop and R&B SHOW FERGUSON VERDICT

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    Tune in this "Black Friday" For our morning show at 9am est to 11am est where we discuss the hottest topics in music, sports, entertainment, ect with your host Adonis Da Certified Sepcialist and Boss Luciano with co-host Block pharoah. This Friday we will be speaking on the FERGUSON VERDICT and officer Darren Wilson and the protest and riots that went on after the news broke on him not being indicted on charges against Mike Brown! Tune in by calling 760-542-3911 to listen and press 1 to chime in!!

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    World War Radio Morning HipHop and R&B Show

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    Hot topic  on the latest topics from music, sports, news, to what's going on in your hood. This Friday is Holloween, so we will be discussing ratchet costumes and traditions. Also Voting polls are open and who will you vote for and why? We will also be dicussing Pet peeves and what ticks you off easily!! So if you want to talk to the hostess Adonis Da Certified Specialist or just listen call in at 760-542- 3911 or listen at www.blogtalkradio.com/worldwarradio.

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    Hot topic are discussions on the latest topics from music, sports, news, to what's going on in your hood. We will also discuss more about the Ebola virus and how it affect us, NBA shortening the season, B.E.T Award show winners and performances, A3C festival and performances and so much more. So if you want to talk to the hostess Adonis Da Certified Specialist or just listen call in at 760-542- 3911 or listen at www.blogtalkradio.com/worldwarradio.

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    World War lll/Civil War coming to American soon

    in Religion

    Society will soon fall apart. The Men who control the world will soon give the population a pick between pells. The blue one or the red one. Problem reaction solution. They will bring panic and not clam they will bring up evil not peace. Riots will be the less of our worries. curation99 against Citizen. What is on the horizon for the coming weeks months and years. We are on the edge looking over the cliff. We need to shout to our neigbors that Judgement is coming to this country and fast. Listen to this episode of the Prophecy Zone with your host Phil Armstrong.

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