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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio ~ Lost and Found

    in Women

    At the end of a very intensive Business and  Personal Leadership Mastery with beautiful ambitious participants and I'm now looking forward to seeing where all of this new and revised knowledge will land once I get home.  What’s new?  What’s no longer needed?  What have I lost and gained from this experience?

    It's Wednesday, and I'm due to connect with you, yet I'm running on adrenaline and needing to follow my own wisdom.  

    The morning hike today up into the foothills in Golden, Colorado was breathtaking, literally and figuratively!   Yet, it took e a while to enjoy it as I was walking fast, looking down at the path so I wouldn't slip on ice/snow and I was annoyed.  My new pair of gloves, bought just weeks ago, now was missing the left hand.  AARGH!  Not the way to start my busy day, retracing my steps and calling the places I'd been over the past 5 days.  Whole Foods hadn't seen it.  The hotel checked their lost and found, 2 other gloves, neither mine.

    Yet, I breathed deeply, partly because of the thin air due to the elevation, and partly to calm myself. I found my center, felt the Mother Earth magnetic pull holding me and realized that the morning's agenda of packing, eating, showering and dressing, checking out, as well as prepping for my time on stage, was a bit ambitious of a plan.  And, I got the clear message, that this is not anyone else's stress, the day will go just fine, and to be in this moment.  What a gift!

    Listen in for this brief message and let's talk soon if you are ready to learn some quick tips and tricks to regain your center, composure, confidence and connection to Self.  I promise I wont' waste your precious time and that there will be at least one FREE resource you can put to use immediately!  


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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio ~ Boundaries, Are they Holding You Back?

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    Healthy Boundaries are knowing where we stop, start and how much of our energy is being expended at a given time.  Since we are human and spiritual beings, we are always giving, receiving, allowing, blocking, breathing in and breathing out. 

    Often our Boundaries are set by reactive and subconscious patterns, learned early in our childhood.  We learned to Comply: following rules to be loved or seen as the good one.  Another is to Protect: fearful to let others see our truth and light.  The other one is a big one...Controlling!  And, many of us have forms of that which show up today in our lives as Perfectionism, Autocratic decision-making, or needing to be right. 

    Which ones come into play for you?  Do you know which ones are your underlying programming that are keeping your energy bound up playing Reactive games versus flowing for more Creative types of Leadership in your life?

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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio ~ Seasons and Cycles

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    It's a full circle, all of it.  Remember the movie Lion King?  About the Circle of Life?  We are beginning again, creating and recycling, renewing, growing and dying ALL AT ONCE.  How do we manage it all?  How about Letting Go?  Trusting?  Allowing?  Receiving?  And why is it so difficult for us to do that?  Ahhh, join me, take a breath, receive the gift of Presence and let's take a look!


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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio ~ April's Topic? Boundaries!

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    The more I have learned about Boundaries, the more authentically I've been able to connect.  On video with clients and listeners, in personal and romantic relationships and even with my family!  This is a great way to shine your light with truth and love while not stealing from others or leaking your power.  For women of influence, this is an essential life practice to master!

    This sounds like the opporsite, doesn't it?  By creating a physical, emotional, energetic and mental separation we create an even deeper, more intimate and true relationship with others...and our self. 

    Let's begin the month of April with redefining Boundaries and build each week on the symptoms of poor boundaries, what healthy boundaries look like, how to incorporate simple daily practices to support boundaries on all levels (mental, emtional, physical and energetic) to support these for yourself, and the benefits of doing so.

    Let's get started!  This is Spring, the time for new beginnings right? 

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    Wednesday Wisdom with Deborah LeeAnn - Ready to Shine?

    in Women

    Are you ready to be a magnetic and impactful leader?  One who inspires and makes a difference?  Check out weekly wisdom shared by Deborah LeeAnn on how your Presence is your own radio broadcast signal...and how to turn your's up! 

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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio ~ Balance, Part 3, Winging It!!

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    What will come out of my mouth?  When I don't have a well-crafted spiel, a specific plan, an outline or even a concept to discuss?  Well, let's see!  Not sure this will win any awards, but then again, how are we ever sure of anything?

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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio ~ Balance, It's Not Possible!

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    However, that doesn't mean we don't strive or dream of achieving it!

    What would your life look like if there was a balance of Personal/Professional items on your calendar?  If you measured your week in terms of Health, Work, Love/Partnership, Social, Spritual time?  Is there a way to assess when you're DOing too much or BEing too much?  When you are out of your ideal mix of operating in a masculine and feminine, doing and being, spiritual and physical way, it begins to take it's toll.  You might get snippy.  Or sick.  Or sleepy.  Or less motivated. 

    Do you know what is the right cocktail for you?  Let's explore and I'll share my story...and I'd love to hear your's!

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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio ~ Centering: A Balancing Tool

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    AND, it's dificult to not have our calendars packed with all the work, personal and home maintenance we're compelled to accomplish. 

    Yet, how much downtime do we plan for ourselves?  I'm fresh off a trip to the DC area, where I was immersed in a group of committed Leadership coaches, practitioners and trainers.  As wonderful of an experience that was, it took a toll on the things that needed doing back home.  So I dropped off my car to get the brakes fixed, had someone feed my pets, yet the house and garden chores, regular exercise routine and healty diet were not completed!   So do I rush around in an already overflowing week of scheduled activities to get them all done?  How do you squeeze one more thing into a calendar with no room?  Or, do you take a day to integrate?  A whole day? 

    Yes, that's what I'm doing.  A full day to catch up with me.  Center.  Be Still.  Take a Medicine Walk to get out of my head.  Ahhhh....

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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio ~ Sovereign Boundaries with Desires: Men, Money & Magic!

    in Women

    I"ve been playing with my own boundaries these past few years and talking about them in these past weeks.  In this last week of April, we explore Boundaries and Desire. 

    How much do I want to contain?  How much of me do I want to be transparent?  Is it safe to radiate my Brilliance?

    Energetic, emotional and psychological boundaries are something I experiment with on a daily, maybe hourly basis.  I love discovering what is more attractive and where and when I am repelling - especially around those areas of my life where I am most sensitive...

    Do you project your desires?  Or protect yourself from them?  Join me as I share a few of my tips to hold them, then let them go...

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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio ~ Authenticity, What is it?

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    Authenticity and "Being Authentic" are hot topics these days.  And, thanks in part to Dr. Brene Brown, we are beginning to not only define it, but talk about, experience it and notice it more and more.  In her words:

    "What is authenticity? We may not know how to define it, but we certainly know it when we see it. In fact, when we are in the presence of an authentic person, many of us can even feel it in our bones. We gravitate toward people whom we perceive as honest, real and sincere. We love women who radiate warmth and that “down to earth” feeling. We gather around the people who can “tell it like it is” and laugh at themselves in the process.

    Authenticity is something we revere in others and strive to maintain in our own lives. We don’t feel good about half-truths, disingenuous connection and fearful silence. We all want to have a clear sense of who we are and what we believe and to feel confident enough to share that with others. I’ve always liked the saying “We want to feel comfortable in our own skin.”

    And, as Women who are Leaders and wanting to create a bigger impact, be more successful, and make more money we are struggling with a narrow and confusing list of expectations.  How can we navigate these?  Tune in, let's discuss online and off...this is a deep subject!

    If learning more about being and Authentic Leader or becoming one, let's talk! 



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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio ~ Slowing Down to Get More Done

    in Women

    All successful people, have a morning routine.  Many women I admire deeply, operate with a full morning ritual, steeped in the grounding of their intentions for the day, the practices that tap into their Highest Self and/or Wisdom Circle, moving their body and soul into the rhythms that support their busy lifestyle.  Reviewing the calendar with a cup of tea and ruminating on how you want to feel at the end of the day can take only a few minutes.  We tend to let go of what our heart and soul asks for during this time of year when we need it most!  What is your morning ritual?  Do you have one?  Share it with me, via Twitter, FB, or here!