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    The Myth (and Science) of Willpower

    in Entrepreneur

    There is a muscle that you may not even know you had, that when strengthened, can help you conquer huge success in your business and life. The muscle we’re talking about is willpower, and believe it or not, it can be strengthened just like a muscle.

    Listen in as JT shares some compelling information (backed by science) about how willpower works, and 5 strategies you can implement right now to build it to rock-solid strength.

    Fly High. Fly Fast. Fly Far!

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    When Willpower Isn’t Enough

    in Books

    Sure, we all want to make good personal decisions, but it doesn't always work out. That's where "temptation bundling" comes in.

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    Why Not Willpower?

    in Self Help

    You’re not alone if you’ve ever said or thought, "I just don't have any willpower!” Nearly everyone has the same problem simply because willpower fails nearly 97% of the time. 
    Tonight on Bust Your Ruts Radio Deb will share the newest research demonstrating that the conscious mind is only able to focus for about 8-10 seconds before it becomes distracted. That distraction is what causes the mind to lose focus and weaken your willpower. If you want to learn a tool that can support you in achieving your goals 97% of the time, this show will help you unlock the power of your subconscious mind and move beyond willpower. 
    Wednesday, October 3, 2012
    6 pm PST, 7 MST, 8 CST, 9 EST

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    Kyle Discusses Willpower, and the Top 10 Bodyweight Exercises

    in Nutrition

    Kyle talks about will power, and some things you may not know about it! He also goes through T-Nation's top 10 bodyweight exercises. 

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    The Magic of Optimism & Willpower

    in Motivation

    Call In (646) 929-0300 Sunday Night @ 7:30pm Eastern  // Have you experienced the MAGIC of OPTIMISM & WILLPOWER? Tonight Ms. Controversy Byrd and Zahra Marie will be dropping science (as always) on how to activate, use and master the tool of optimism and how work your WILLPOWER! Tune in, Call in, and Turn up with Vibrate and Elevate. 

    We would love to build and connect with all our supporters and listeners, so check us out on Facebook: VIBRATEand Elevate and also visit www.pncconsultingfirm.com or call 786.972.8695 

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    Focus, Willpower and Adult ADD / ADHD

    in Self Help

    Tara McGillicuddy welcomes Dr. Thomas E. Brown to ADHD Support Talk Radio. Tara and Dr. Brown will be discussing important issues related to Focus, Willpower Adult ADD / ADHD.
    ADHD Support Talk Radio host Tara McGillicuddy is an internationally recognized ADD / ADHD expert. She is also a top ADHD Coach and the founder of ADDClasses.com.

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    Vishuddha- Throat Chakra

    in Lifestyle

    The Throat Chakra covers the area of the external and internal throat and neck

    as well as the mouth, teeth, and jaw.

    It is often blocked with suppressed feelings, revealing unspoken emotions and unexpressed ideas.


    When the Throat Chakra is blocked, it prevents energy from rising to the upper centers.  Clearing this center requires a deep commitment to the truth, as well as living from integrity.  When it is healed, strength flourishes and directs the life force toward creativity and self-expression.

    The qualities expressed by the Throat Chakra are creativity, willpower, the truth, communication, and personal integrity.  This center governs the thyroid and controls our ability to communicate our thoughts, feelings, and ideas clearly.  When the Throat Chakra is functioning optimally, people will take stands for what they believe in.  They are seldom dependent on others to give them permission to express their feelings

    This chakra develops later in life when a person has maturity to know what really matters.  Clearing out family suppression and unexpressed emotions takes many years of inner work.  This chakra holds memory and energy of all that went unexpressed.  It is deeply affected by substance abuse, gossip, lying, and lack of personal integrity.

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    in Lifestyle

    Solar Plexus Chakra - Manipura

    The Solar Plexus Chakra is a center of personal strength, learning and comprehension. It guides you through life by creating a strong sense of self, setting personal boundaries and building self esteem and willpower. The ability to bring change into your life and to the world is born within this Chakra.

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    "Getting It All Done" with Jory Fisher and Julie Fleming

    in Women

    Even the most purpose-driven person will, at times, find herself dragging. When you make promises to yourself but don’t keep them, you know you need a dose of something… Motivation? Discipline? Willpower? A stronger vision or purpose? Join Jory and Julie as they discuss what it really takes to accomplish your objectives, especially when those objectives include interim steps that you don’t enjoy but recognize as necessary to achieve your ultimate goal.

    Jory and Julie discuss the extent to which willpower is ego-based and what that means for the wisdom of relying on willpower to achieve goals, to extent to which discipline draws on the strength of a higher power and how that helps us bring vision to fruition. We’ll discuss the instances in which each is useful, along with discussing Stephen Pressfield’s concept of Resistance as the key block to purposeful accomplishment.  Finally, Jory and Julie explore how to harness motivation and develop discipline to continue our vision- and purpose-based work even in the midst of significantly competing demands.

    Julie A. Fleming, principal of Lex Innova Consulting, helps lawyers and other service professionals to create and implement innovative business development plans. She is the author of three books as well as numerous articles on topics such as business development, practice management, work/life balance, and leadership development. You can find out more about Julie at Lex Innova Consulting.

    A professional coach and former attorney, Jory Fisher specializes in helping Christian leaders and entrepreneurs make the difference they're called to make and glorify God through success. Visit www.JoryFisher.com for more info, inspiration, and guidance.

    Piano solo by David Nevue.

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    Willpower FAILS! Try God Powered Weight Loss for 2014!

    in Weight Loss

    Repeated weightloss failures despite valiant efforts happen every day, and is magnified every new year when resolutions to lose weight are decided by the global population.  

    The problem is not willingness - we are all willing, but the flesh is weak.  Willpower will generate massive momentum initally; but that momentum loses steam really quickly, fading into weightloss oblivion.

    Pastor Rick Warren started the Daniel Plan at his church a few years ago, and the success measured more than 15,000 members losing in excess of 250,000 pounds.  The lighter, more confident congregation is also reputed to have more vibrancy for doing God's work.

    He has tranferred this plan and its success formula to his latest book, The Daniel Plan - 40 days to a Healthier Life.  Join me in a HYBRID (Live/online broadcast) Bible Study (Starts October 2, 2014) using this curriculum.

    In this show, we discuss the desire to lose weight, the challenges we constantly face, and how using God Power, as outlined by Pastor Rick Warren; instead of willpower - the tried and failed method.may be the ticket to weight loss success in 2014.

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    Treating depression and anxiety--can we get past the trial and error approach

    in Health


    Patrick J. McGrath, M.D. Professor of Clinical Psychiatry

    Sarah Fader, Founder & CEO, Stigma Fighters

    Despite years of progress, the stigma of having a mood disorder like depression, or an anxiety disorder like panic disorder is still considerable.  People experience disbelief from family, co-workers, and friends that this is a medical problem rather than a matter of needing to exert willpower and fortitude.  Sarah Fader and her organization, Stigma Fighters are working hard to address this issue for people with these disorders and will discuss her advocacy work in this regard.  Even when a mood or anxiety disorder has been diagnosed and is being treated, unfortunately selection of the correct treatment is still a matter of trial and error, with the attendant delay and frustration.  Dr. Patrick McGrath is engaged in a pioneering study, funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, called EMBARC, which seeks to make the first steps toward a future where testing will help predict which treatment will be most effective.  Ms. Fader and Dr. McGrath will discuss these efforts to assist those having these disorders."

    Sarah Fader can be reached at www.stigmafighters.com