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    Willpower is defined as the strength to act, or forbear from acting, in the pursuit of a goal, to have self discipline, training and control of oneself and one's conduct, usually for personal improvement, and to have self control which is the ability of a person to exert his/her will over the inhibitions of their body or self. Join me for an avid discussion on Willpower.

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    What happens when your willpower is not enough?

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    (Note:  This will be a LIVE simulcast on Periscope (www.periscope.tv/LaKishaRiddick) TONIGHT (10/6/2015) at 11pm EST.  Catch the video replay on Periscope within 24 hours the show aired or watch on my YouTube Channel Share My World Show.)

    For every trial we face, WE must do the work to overcome it.  Everyone will tell you to work harder like it ALL depends on our strength.   But are we expected to overcome our trials based only on our willpower?  What happens when we've exhausted all of our physical resources?  What happens when we simply have no more willpower to give?  How do we keep moving forward? 

    Listen as LaKisha share's how she's able to keep moving forward when she has no more willpower to give.  Be encouraged as she shares tips on how you can keep moving forward too.

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    The ONE Thing: 2 More Lies-A Disciplined Life & Willpower is Always on Will-Call

    in Real Estate

    There is this pervasive idea that the successful person is the "disciplined person" who leads a "disciplined life".  This is a LIE.  The truth is, you don't need anymore discipline than you already have. You just need to learn to redirect it and manage it a bit better. This will be discussed in this coaching session.

    The next lie is that willpower is always on will-call.  When you tie your success to your willpower without understanding what that really means, you set yourself up for failure. And you don't have to. It seems like we should just be able to invoke your will at any given time and we will find success.  Willpower is always on will-call is a LIE.  Most people assume willpower matters, but most don't realize how important it is.  Once you understand more about willpower, you will be able to use it to find success.  This is what we will discuss in this coaching session.

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    How Much Willpower Do You Have?

    in Self Help

    BEYOND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION TALK RADIO- Get ready to become inspired and live the life you deserve to live. This 30 minute internet based radio show will inspire you to take inspired action. Listen each week to Chaney Weiner, inspirational speaker and founder of the Chaney Institute of Human Potential as he discusses the topics that matter most to you in any of the 7 areas of life (financial, relationships, career, spiritual, mindset, health & well being, and social). If you wish to receive regular updates on upcoming show topics please register for the Attraction Secrets newsletter at www.ChaneyWeiner.com

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    The Myth (and Science) of Willpower

    in Entrepreneur

    There is a muscle that you may not even know you had, that when strengthened, can help you conquer huge success in your business and life. The muscle we’re talking about is willpower, and believe it or not, it can be strengthened just like a muscle.

    Listen in as JT shares some compelling information (backed by science) about how willpower works, and 5 strategies you can implement right now to build it to rock-solid strength.

    Fly High. Fly Fast. Fly Far!

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    Why Not Willpower?

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    You’re not alone if you’ve ever said or thought, "I just don't have any willpower!” Nearly everyone has the same problem simply because willpower fails nearly 97% of the time. 
    Tonight on Bust Your Ruts Radio Deb will share the newest research demonstrating that the conscious mind is only able to focus for about 8-10 seconds before it becomes distracted. That distraction is what causes the mind to lose focus and weaken your willpower. If you want to learn a tool that can support you in achieving your goals 97% of the time, this show will help you unlock the power of your subconscious mind and move beyond willpower. 
    Wednesday, October 3, 2012
    6 pm PST, 7 MST, 8 CST, 9 EST

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1223

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    Tonight's special guest is Judy Baldaccini from Pennsylvania, a returning NAASCA family member who's survivor of abuse and author of a book called "Not One of Them" A Story of Adoption, Alcoholism & Abuse. She and her brother, both adopted, were both severely abused by a drunken, enraged father and a mother who hated them. Judy writes, "My case of child abuse was so severe I required over 10 surgeries to repair childhood damage." Her brother, Jim, wasn't as lucky. He suffered permanent brain damage. She explains, "I often jumped in front of Father to try and stop him. My brother has been confined to a mental facility in NJ since age 17" As bad as the physical abuse was for Judy, the psychological and emotional abuse, which continued for several decades, was even worse. From childhood her parents taught her to believe she needed to "pay them back" for having adopted her. But Judy's story is not just about abuse and hatred. Its also about her immense willpower and strength to not let her childhood define her. Its about the miraculous recovery she made to take back her own life and acquire true freedom. As a returning NAASCA family member, Judy joins us tonight to share the strides she's made and the success she's experienced since she was last with us over a year and a half ago.

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    the Power Hour with Daiva MacKenzie

    in Self Help

    The Power of Mindset – Willpower, determination, and perseverance are all part of weight loss success, but even with the greatest of intentions, the realities of life can take you off track. When you get discouraged or sidetracked it’s your mindset that will help you get back on and stay the course. Email DaivaFit@gmail.com or tweet @DaivaKE #DaivaFit #PowerHour

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    MWR Life's Tom Cunningham interviews Former FBI Agent LaRae Quy

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    MWR Life Inspiration Ambassador & Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor, Tom Cunningham (too tall) interviews former FBI Agent LaRae Quy.

    LaRae Quy was an undercover and counterintelligence FBI agent for 24 years. She exposed foreign spies and recruited them to work for the U.S. Government. As an FBI agent, she developed the mental toughness to survive in environments of risk, uncertainty, and deception. 

    LaRae spent the last four years of her FBI career as the spokesperson for the FBI in Northern California. 

    As a former FBI agent, she speaks and writes about other can develop the mental toughness to move through the roadblocks and adversity they face in both business and life. She is passionate about sharing no-nonsense FBI practices to help others develop strengths and qualities such as tenacity, persistence, willpower, determination, and positive thinking.

    Her clients are diverse but they share the same desire to empower themselves to  build the mental strength needed to keep moving toward their goals and calling in life. Their shared belief is that they have the power within themselves to achieve greater personal accomplishments. 

    LaRae is the author of Secrets of A Strong Mind and Mental Toughness For Women Leaders. She has formed her own company and is Director of the Mental Toughness Center.

    She has also completed graduate studies at San Francisco Theological Seminary.



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    Couch Conversations ... Will Power

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    COUCH CONVERSATIONS is back, live 7 a.m. EST. Every Tuesday and Thursday. Couch Conversations is a leader in the online Self Help community and we can help you transform your dreams, desire and life around. We are kicking off our fall season talking about WILL POWER! That inner force that pushes us when didn't know we could go further.

    We have talked with some true down to earth people about their struggles with WILL POWER please catch all 6 episodes because this will really propel you to PUSH forward.

    COUCH CONVERSATIONS is hosted by #RevJ and is an outreach of

    Blessed And Know It Ministries.

    #RevJ #CouchConversations #WillPower

  • Couch Conversations ... Will Power

    in Self Help

    Welcome to our FALL Season.  

    COUCH CONVERSATIONS is back, live 7 a.m. EST. Every Tuesday and Thursday. Couch Conversations is a leader in the online Self Help community and we can help you transform your dreams, desire and life around. We are kicking off our fallseason talking about WILL POWER! That inner force that pushes us when didn't know we could go further.

    COUCH CONVERSATIONS is hosted by #RevJ and is an outreach of Blessed And Know It Ministries. #RevJ #CouchConversations #WillPower