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    Satan is using sex as a powerful tool to destroy the human race. Aids, some Cancers, premature death, illness, a morbid desire for oral and anal sex has just about destroyed the human body.......making it difficult to serve God in spirit and in truth!

    What is the answer to this diabolical plot to taine and destroy humanity, all for a mere fleeting moment of joy? How can one put the sexual union in its rightful place and the rise up to do the will of God? Grandma used to say that THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL LIE BETWEEN A MAN'S LEGS!  Is this really so?

    This weeks hour for power show will share valuable insights that may save your life....and the lives of your children!

    NOTE: Also read the book, "21Days With The Mistress of King Midas" at amazon.com, $19.95 plus shipping/tax

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    "I Find No Fault In This Man."A Study Of Luke Chapter 23.

    in Christianity

    23 Then the whole multitude of them arose and led Him to Pilate. 2 And they began to accuse Him, saying, “We found this fellow perverting the[a] nation, and forbidding to pay taxes to Caesar, saying that He Himself is Christ, a King.”

    3 Then Pilate asked Him, saying, “Are You the King of the Jews?”

    He answered him and said, “It is as you say.”

    4 So Pilate said to the chief priests and the crowd, “I find no fault in this Man.”

    5 But they were the more fierce, saying, “He stirs up the people, teaching throughout all Judea, beginning from Galilee to this place.”

  • Soulman and Omega Man

    in Spirituality

    Soulman and Omega Man


    in Politics Progressive

    We return to address the internet trolls who criticize for the sake of criticism.

    My question is all Black conscious groups "SAY" that thier end game is either LAND, INFRASTRUCTURE OR NATIONHOOD!

    I've seen 1 or the combination of 2 but never 3 all together!

    My question is why cant we have all 3?

    Also is a plan without all 3 even a viable plan in 2015?

    I have much to say on this topic. Please hold your comments to the 45 to 50 minute mark


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    Why Burning Man? T's Experience, EP.60

    in Women

    T&A talk about T's first experience at Burning Man and how it's not all drugs and sex!  Hear her stories and what made Burning Man so unique to her, her challenging assimilation back into society, and what made it such a stress free environment- despite no showers and dust storms.

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    WHY !!!

    in Entertainment

    Lots of why and want answers well what I think about it and my take on subjects


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    This Can't Be Happening


    See: http://thiscantbehappening.net/


    (TCBH) is a five time Project Censored award-winning online news writer collective.


    From their web site: "Our goal is to give you the stories you aren’t getting from the corporate media, or to give you the stories you are getting from them, but from a different, and more honest, perspective."


    Program Summary: date


    1st Hour - a pre-recorded segment of TCBH radio from the Progressive Radio Network (PRN.fm) hosted by Dave Lindorff which airs every Wednesday 5pm (Eastern)


    2nd Hour - RFK goes live with TCBH contributor John Grant. John Grant is a writer/photographer/filmmaker living just outside Philadelphia’s city limits. He has worked as a newspaper reporter and has published both fiction and non-fiction. Starting in the 1980s, he traveled to Central America and other places as a documentary photographer for publication and for exhibits of his own large prints. He shot and edited an 80-minute documentary film called "Second Time Around" about a seriously wounded Vietnam veteran who chose to live and work in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 35 years after his first tour there. John has been to Iraq twice during the war, once as an observer critical of the war and once as a cameraman on a documentary film.


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    Episode 2884 - The Rich Man and Lazarus - David Measures

    in Paranormal

    Episode 2884 - The Rich Man and Lazarus - David Measures
    Pastor David Measures www.dwmmi.org
    Recorded 10-13-2015 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com

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    Incarceration or Unemployment, Which Comes First? Why?

    in Politics Progressive

    Being an American is not enough anymore. When it comes to becoming old enough to get a job that pays, once upon a time, being an American was the only requirement. Today, being an American is not enough to expect to get a job. What is not being realized is that people are going to be counted in statistics somewhere, at all times. Why not follow the order as set forth when we began to organize the free enterprise system in America as we know it. Captialism. Once was, area business owners felt obligation to hire Americans, their neighbors, their customers. Today, area business owners, franchise owners, & CEOs of F500's only obligation is to their profits.

  • Man Talk 101: Is there Life After Infidelity?

    in Relationships

    Join The Softer Side of #ManTalk101 this Saturday as she shares the stage with a Guest Host.  This Saturday they will explore why men hurt so deeply when infidelity happens within the relationship or marriage. But they are not gonna stop there. They will provide a couple of solutions to get you moving forward. Let's see who's in the Vault as well.  It all goes down this Saturday Oct 10, 11 am eastern. Dial 845-241-9898 or listen at blogtalkradio.com/Iammeradio 


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    Why can't I?

    in Current Events

    I titled this broadcast after an incident in where I was accused of something that I simply did not do. My character speaks for itself and it was by a person who was not secure about themselves and made some assumptions. I also posed this question because everytime I think about Rachel D. who posed as a black woman it makes me wonder did she bear the full brunt of what we deal with on a daily basis. If you are assertive you are classified as a you know what. If you are direct then your rude. If you do not speak your mind your seen as weak. Common sterotypes: Loud, neck rolling, eye rolling, finger in the face and the list goes on. Viola Davis spoke to lack of diversity regarding women of color in Hollywood and before the night was over a soap opera actress had spoken out. I do not understand why I can be sure about myself and what I am talking about. It does not make me a witch or whatever else you make think of me. Why can't I raise my voice at times to get my point or across or check you if need be. This is not me being intimidating or threatening. Why can't I not have to think about always being politically correct? Why can't I support other women of color without someone feeling slighted? Michelle Obama has even been negatively sterotyped and she spoke about it. Melissa Harris Perry spoke about trying to stand up straight in a crooked room in her book Sister Citizen. Again I ask the question Why can't I?

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