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    Genocide and South Africa: The Calculated Annihilation of the White Race

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     After only 20 years of African National Congress (ANC) rule, a horrible yet indisputable truth has emerged out of South Africa - it's now the Rape Capital of the World, where a woman is raped every 4 minutes and at least 19K people are murdered every year. There's organizations everywhere offering aid to people and countries, even helping keep certain animal species from becoming extinct, but NOT ONE single internationally recognized organization has ever offered or given help, assistance or aid to the white Afrikaner Ethnic Minority, who have become the victims of racial killings that continue to spiral out of control.

    The brutal slayings are most often carried out against the women, elderly and young. Political parties and organizations have called on the SA government to put an end to this genocide, yet their pleas go ignored. The former President of SA even accused the government of deliberately annihilating the whites there.

    This first show, in a Special Series of AWHM Shows, we'll welcome a VERY SPECIAL guest, the famous and beloved Sunette Bridges: 43 year old mother of 5, Afrikaner, Artist, Singer/Song Writer and Human Rights Activist. We'll discuss ways in which we can help our fellow Brothers and Sisters. Also joining me will be Marshall Nicely, Founder of American White History Month, as well as Roxy Ladie, Manager of Prepare To Take America Back.

    Join me, James Royster, your Host and the Voice of the American White History Month, this Sunday, Jan.18th at 7pmCST. Sunette will share with you the TRUTH about what is really happening in S. Africa and expose what the media is hiding from you, all at grave risk to herself and to her family. This is a CALL-IN SHOW, so call (347) 637-3768 to get YOUR voice heard!

    Learn About Sunette Bridges:  http://www.sunettebridges.co.za

    Get Involved in Helping:  http://www.kleinvallei.co.za

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    South African Activist/Author WHITE GENOCIDE SOUTH AFRICA

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    Please join American White History Month Radio Talk Show this Thursday, February 26 from 7 PM CTR to 9 PM, for our series on White Genocide in South Africa

    Our guests this week are Dan Roodt is a South African activist, literary critic and writer. Roodt is the deputy leader and spokesperson of South African right-wing political party Front National formed in late 2013 which promotes separatism and Afrikaner self-determination.

    Cuan Elgin worked most of his life as a South African Tourism Manager and is now an accomplished historical author. His book 'BULALA' was written from a "Boer" perspective.

    This will be a call-in show where your questions, comments and conversation are welcome.  Call (347) 637-3768 and join us, your Hosts, Marshall Nicely, Roxy Ladie and Karin Smith.

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    The Solar Storm: Karin Smith - White Genocide in South Africa

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    Kyle speaks with South African activist Karin Smith. Topics include: a brief history of South Africa, what life was like during apartheid, Communist agitation against Whites, terrorist Nelson Mandela, the fall of apartheid, extreme violence committed against Whites, economic hardship due to affirmative action against the White minority, parallels to the situation we face in the United States and elsewhere in the Western world, and what we can do to bring an end to White genocide in South Africa.

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    South Africa Series Presents - Jack Sen

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    On Saturday 13th June at 2 pm CT - 9 pm SA time - Don Deon will interview Jack Sen.

    Jack Sen, UKIP’s parliamentary candidate for West Lancashire, has claimed that other governments have ignored “the ethnic cleansing” of people of European descent in South Africa.


    When asked in the interview whether the “white South African” was under attack, Sen said this group had become “an endangered species”.


    “It is being systemically hunted into extinction by a people we were told wanted to live in democratic harmony back in 1994,” the UKIP candidate said.

    “Remember the Rainbow Nation propaganda campaign? Hard to reach that lofty ideal when people are being gunned down for sport from Joburg [Johannesburg] to Capetown. It’s still hunting season from what I can see.”

    Sen added that the international community has “[ignored] the ethnic cleansing of the South African of European origin”.

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    South Africa Series Presents - Francois Cloete

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    On Saturday 20th June at 2 pm CT (9 pm SA time) we will have the privilidge of talking with Francois Cloete - Treasurer and SA Spokesperson for Front Nasionaal.

    We will discuss the Al-Bashir saga, the impact of BEE on white University graduates and much, much more.


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    White Genocide in South Africa

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    Not only does the world's media remain silent as White people are being slaughtered in South Africa, they actually hail the genocidal Communist Nelson Mandela as a hero.

    Clips are taken from:

    David Duke - White Genocide in South Africa
    Dr. William Pierce - The Lesson of South Africa
    The Truth About Nelson Mandela and South Africa
    The Truth on the ANC and South Africa
    No White in The Rainbow

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    Orania, South Africa: A Beacon of Light in a Dark World

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    If you have been following the American White History Month Radio Talk Show series on White Genocide in South Africa, you'd know all too well that there's not much good news coming out of that grief-torn part of the world.  After all, South Africa has earned the title of the 'Rape Capital of the World', where rapes, murders and torturing of whites are an everyday occurrence.

    We are pleased to bring you some GOOD news from South Africa, and, so, this coming Thursday evening, February 12th at 7pmCST, we'll dedicate our show to this topic:  

    Nestled in the heart of South Africa lies a community so rich with White Heritage, so steeped in White Pride and so full of love, that even us here in the USA would be green with envy.  There are few communities that are as proud of their identity and surroundings as the people of Orania, South Africa. One can sense a unique spirit of solidarity amongst Oraniërs – people are hard working, friendly and always welcome visitors with open arms.  When visiting Orania for the first time, people initially find it strange that passers-by are greeted and smiled at. Nevertheless, one soon realizes that everybody greets one another because it's good manners!

    It was said years ago that "we must bring together those who belong together - those of like minds and equal standards and values". If one values good manners, honesty and a healthy work ethic then one won't feel out of place in Orania. Here one finds almost no self centered individuals due to the fact that everybody feels a part of the greater group - a community that exists out of individuals that care for one another.

    This will be a call-in show where your questions, comments and conversation are welcome.  Call (347) 637-3768 and join us, your Hosts, James Royster and Karin Smith, for some good news out of south Africa for a  change - you will LOVE this episode!

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    South Africa Series Presents - Part 2 of Million Votes for Steve

    in Current Events

    On Saturday 30th May at 2 pm CT (9 pm SA time) we will be continue our discussion with the founders of Million Votes for Steve, Jaco Zaayman, Pieter Gericke and Amor van Heerden.

    Million Votes for Steve was started 7 weeks ago as a Facebook group supporting the quest of local celebrity Steve Hofmeyr for a better South Africa for its white minority, and all other minorities.  During the past 21 years minorities in South Africa have been marginalised, and the role of the white South African in the development of this country has been maligned. Our history, language, career prospects, schools and culture have been under constant attack, and a hatred towards us has been created by the ANC, by adjusting historical facts.  Our action was started to give our people back the voice they have lost, and to let the world know we are dying



    email news@miljoenvirsteve.co.za

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    Radio Free South Africa

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    On Saturday 22nd August at 5 pm CT (Midnight SA time)  I will share some important info from the John Birch Society, as relevant for Americans as for South Africans.  Also a round up of important events in SA this month.

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    Radio Free South Africa presents - Jean Kriek

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    On Saturday 3rd September at 12 noon CT (7 pm SA time) we will have as our guest Jean Kriek, Gauteng Youth Leader for Freedom Front Plus.  He is also a member of the South African Youth Parliament, has been in politics for about 6 years, does not like to call himself a politician, but prefers to be known as an activist.

    FF+ specialises in minority rights for the Whites, Indians and Coloureds (amongst others) in South Africa.

    He will talk about the protection of language rights in SA, and give an update of the last tumultuous few weeks in SA.

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    Radio Free South Africa Presents - Francois Cloete

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    On Saturday 12th September at 1 pm CT (8 pm SA time) we will have the pleasure of speaking with Francois Cloete - Treasurer and SA Spokesperson for Front Nationaal.

    Francois will share with us the experience of growing up in South Africa as a "born free" white youth and the challenges he faced to get a decent education and a job.  We will discuss the recent events at Universities in South Africa, the burning of school, destruction of the Afrikaaner heritage and much, much more.