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  • 02:50

    The Solar Storm: Dennis Fetcho

    in Politics

    Then Kyle interviews Dennis Fetcho, host of Inside the Eye Live, about a number of important topics, such as: Fetch's long history exposing the subversion of Western civilization by the "Chosen", the alternative media scene, White Genocide, his experience with the troll Weev, National Socialism, and much more. Note: Dennis Fetcho comes on at the 80 minute mark. Kyle's talks to a female caller, Pajo, and Shaun Surplus for the beginning of the show. 

  • 02:04


    in Dreams

    Tonight Vince welcomes guest shokufeyesib to the show! We will discuss her recent visit with imprisoned internet troll/hacktivist Weev. She has posted a pastbin detailing the account of her visit with Weev. She will give the details and update us on his condition.
    Other show topics include: Geraldo's chest, ceramic pottery, NBA summer league, Black Twitter, cool refreshing beverages, the Laws of Physics, Ornette Coleman and how zim zam avoided the flim flam. Plus, your calls!

  • 02:07

    DISORDERLY CONDUCT - Cyber Cryme Sexy Tyme

    in Dreams

    Tonight Vince welcomes Nicole Powers of Suicide Girls radio! She will be joining us to talk about her recent visit with Weev in prison, where she had to borrow a bra to see him. LOL! Also, Miss Anon Fatale has been in labor all day and expected to give birth to a baby boy. The entire internet waits with eager anticipation. Meanwhile, Vince has been busy fighting two fronts on the Internet. #AntiBaconSec scored a huge victory with the closing of a San Francisco Bacon themed restaurant due to complaints of excessive bacon smell. Also, the war on the "L" word continues. Other topics covered will include: VITB gets citation for riding bicycle wrong way down a one way street and is hassled by a SFPD motorcycle cop who needed to exert his authority. Yahoo buys Tumblr. Disaster in Oklahoma. Methadonna thinks homophobes are "ignorant." 213 is wrong about bitcoin. Anonymous attacks Honda. John McCain is a salty curmudgeon. Jose Canseco allegedly rapes a woman in Las Vegas. New XBox unveiled. Dwight Howard hints at wanting to join Warriors.
    Also, your calls!

  • 02:02

    DISORDERLY CONDUCT - Wacky Wednesday

    in Current Events

    Join Vince and guest ChannelZeroYT as they explore the news of the day. The US Supreme Court ruled on gay marriage in California, Mike Huckabee says Jesus cried, more KY drama, Aaron Hernandez arrested for murder, Snowden/Greenwald/Wikileaks saga contnues (is he really a "traitor"?), Michael Hastings death still a mystery, Weev tweets from prison (or does he?), Nelson Mandela pulled off life support, Texas executes 500th person since reinstating the death penalty, apparently you can now smoke beer, and more!
    Callers included:

  • 00:46

    3/21 Tor Ekeland: “Hackers” The New Communists? With Matt & Michael

    in Politics

    Tor Ekeland, attorney for Andrew “weev” Auernheimer and Matthew Keys, joins us to discuss each of their two cases. We discuss how neither defendants actually did any “hacking,” how weev found the information he was found guilty of taking on … Continue reading →