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    Making What You're Worth Webinar

    in Entrepreneur

    Come join me, Sharon Michaels, Wednesday May 20 2015 for my Understanding Your MoneyMaking Attitude - Start Making What You're Worth FREE Webinar. You've missed the "live" webinar, but you can still register for the replay until June 8, 2015.

    Listen to the short audio message and click on this link to read all the details and register:



    Read Sharon's blog - http://WomenWhoWantToSuccessfullyWorkForThemselves.com

    Sharon's Newsletter - http://UnlimitedSuccessForWomen.com

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    Episode 1: What is a Webinar and Why Should I Care?

    in Business

    On our first episode we'll start at the very beginning with definitions and general discussion.

    Call in to have your webinar questions answered!

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    11th House Radio: Sun/Saturn Conjunction, Venus Via Combusta & Chiron Webinar

    in Paranormal

    On tonight's show, we'll look at the sobering combo of the Sun and Saturn conjuncting in Sag, which starts the week off in a sobering tone after the feel good and festivities of the holidays.  We'll look ahead at the celestial weather for the week ahead and explore the meaning of the Via Combusta as it relates to the last degrees of the sign of Libra.  Lastly, I'll have a special offer for all listeners for my upcoming webinar on Chiron.

    Please join me.


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    Ask the Expert – Nine questions critical to the future of procurement WEBINAR

    in Business

    Jon Hansen and Kelly Barner are the co-authors of ‘Procurement at a Crossroads: Career Impacting Insights into a Rapidly Changing Industry’ (November 2015) takes a close look at the field of procurement during a time of extraordinary transition. In the book, the authors identify nine key questions critical to those in the profession and then present multiple perspectives on each. The topics include changing professional demographics, technology, media coverage, public vs private sector, and finance without shying away from traditionally taboo subjects or points of view.

    In this webinar, the authors will review the nine questions and discuss what today’s ambitious procurement professionals need to do to seize the opportunity represented by our current time of change.

  • So You Want to Create an EFT Webinar?

    in Self Help

    If you are an EFT practitioner, the likelihood is good that you have been a student participating online for an EFT or EFT related webinar. In your mind you are thinking, "I could do that!." Or perhaps, the little voice in your head is saying, "I would love to do that but I am not tech savy enough to be able to put one of those on." Online webinar formats are skyrocketing via sites like WebEx, GoToWebinar, Maestro and others. Getting started can be intimidating but at the same time, offers an affordable and potentially effective method for reaching your target audience. We will discuss our personal insights and experiences with regards to getting started the easy way in order to help you demystify the process and give you the confidence to deliver your first webinar.

    If you are ready to hear some straight talking and make a real change, then listen in to Craig Weiner, DC and Alina Frank,the hosts of EFT Mastering Business Acumen Radio, creators of the affiliated EFT MBA Practitioner Success Program. They are professional speakers, authors and EFT trainers for EFT Universe (EFTU), the Alternative Healthcare Professionals (AHP) network and Matrix Reimprinting (MR). Further information can be found at EFTtappingtraining.com


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    Shrine and Altar Webinar Discussion-ANU Asafo

    in Spirituality

    Join KM for this episode of ANU Asafo where she will be discussing highlights from Phylecia Tarael-ANU's recent webinar, Shrine and Altars.  This will be a live show, so for those who were in attendance feel free to call in and share what you've learned. 

    The ANU spiritual Order is a way of learning that allows the student to place themselves at the center of the learning experiences as opposed to memorizing rituals, names, and protocol that serve little when it comes down to reality reconstruction.

    This class series is a hardcore spiritual initiation into the deeper truths of indigenous metaphysics and natural power.For classes, readings, and events with the Sadulu House please go to Saduluhouse.com.

    For all of your spiritual and self-developmental needs, visit www.alphaomegastore.com, where we offer one of a kind products and services.

    For monthly spiritual services that will bring you to a place of spiritual and holistic balance, visit www.osirislife.com.




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    Featuring The #1 Webinar Software On The Market For Churches and Ministries!

    in Entrepreneur

    Charles Harper, is a veteran internt marketer.  He has his BS in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania, his MBA from Syracuse and has completed doctoral work in Instructional Technology at Duquesne University. He partners wih a team of marketers to produce business software called Webinar Fusion Pro.

    As an accomplished Information Marketer on his own, Charles has produced and marketed over 30 information products.  His most recent is called The Authorpreneur Mandate and is a 30 day plan for creating and marketing a published work.

    Charles works at home with his wife and two daughters in Harrisburg PA,who blog under the name Harper Academy.


    An excellent product for churches and ministries alike!
    For more information contact

    Click Here For The Demo


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    SPECIAL: Immediate Reactions to MHASP Webinar on Mental Health Legislation

    in Current Events

    Yvonne Smith and Lauren Tenney host open lines for response to the MHASP webinar, "Murphy Bill in 2015". Not that they would put it this way, maybe, but the webinar will feature a discussion about three sweeping legislative efforts concerning the psychiatric industry and state power. The bills discussed will include the Congressman Tim Murphy's now dead H.R. 3717 and its resurrected evil twin, H.R. 2646, the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act of 2015, put forth by Congressmen Murphy and Johnson.  Meanwhile in the Senate, back in March 2015, Senators Bill Cassidy and Chris Murphy successfully swayed the Senate to unanimously pass a "comprehensive mental health reform budget" and just announced last week a new bill, the "Comprehensive Mental Health Reform Act of 2015", S. 1945. 

    S. 1945 is essentially an edited and plagiarized version of the Murphy-Johnson Bill (H.R. 2646), which also includes the spirit of the H.R. 2690 bill, the "Involving Families in Mental Health Recovery Act of 2015,"  put forth by Congresswoman Matsui. Like H.R. 2690, the new S. 1945 also slices at privacy going as far to say: “the protected health information of patients with a mental illness may be disclosed with and without patient consent” (p. 82).

    This show will be an open lines call in show for people to express their immediate concerns about information put out through the webinar about these bills, and of course, the bills themselves. 

    To read S. 1945 https://www.dropbox.com/s/x7eodspllgtrqmx/Cassidy%20Murphy%20Mental%20Health%20Bill%20Senate%20August%202015.pdf?dl=0

    Tenney reads S.1945 on demand: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/talkwithtenney/2015/08/06/talk-with-tenney-special-reading-the-cassidy-murphy-bill-and-open-lines

    (Registration for webinar: (THIS IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT.) https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/8129261578418685185)


  • Come Get a Sneak Peak-Child Support Webinar Sat 12th-Sister El Hosts Amen Osiris

    in Education

    Come join your hostess Sister El as Amen Osiris will give you a sneak peak on What you will learn during The Child Support Webinar.  If you or someone you know is having a Child Support Issue don't miss this event.  If you know someone that may be facing an upcoming issue, this is the time to have them listen.  If you listened to the past Prosperity Wednesday Shows where Amen Osiris was a guest, you got an earful.  Take notes tonight.  Get your questions prepared.  We want to see wholesome families and we advocate parents taking care of their children without unlawful third party intervernors.  Dial in 424-222-5250 press 1.  

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    Success For Domestic Violence Survivors Webinar

    in Self Help

    Join Mama Shirley as she live streams The Full Frame Initiative webinar event entitled: Success For Domestic Violence Survivors

    The Full Frame Initiative (FFI) is a national nonprofit organization that works to break cycles of poverty and violence through systems change. FFI has discovered the common DNA among the organizations that effectively serve people with multiple challenges — lasting change occurs when people are supported in the full frame of their lives - See more at: http://fullframeinitiative.org/

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    Episode 6: Webinar Horror Stories and How to Avoid Them

    in Business

    Over the past year, I've written a lot about webinars gone wrong. In this episode I'll talk about some of the more glaring examples and what you can learn from these nightmares!