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    Whatever We Do, We Must Do It With Prayer!!!

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    It is clear that in these days, we must stand firm for the faith. In our 2015 focus of being truth tellers, it is important to realize that we will impact more lives, bring more people along the journey of faith, and be REAL agents of change if we immerse everything in prayer. God is a God who sees all situations; Biblically we see His urgency to help and restore. He is a God who rewards faith and faithfulness!!! While a lot of teaching in the Scripture is about "His people," which would be the Jewish people and the nation of Israel, all truth applies to us because as we see in the new covenant we are all heirs of the greater promise through Christ Jesus. And it is in that faith that we can come boldly before the throne of grace- if ever there was a time to do so!!! We will look quickly at some Scriptures, and then hear a quick overview of some of the names of God by Dr. Tony Evans. We will gather faith not in anything we intend to do for His kingdom, though we should, but rather in His name and His name alone!!! As we exalt the Word, we exalt the God that Word is about!!! Be blessed. The J Man.

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    Spirituality and Sexuality: Where Do We Stand

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    Can We Talk for REAL welcomes Joi Rhone as we shift the conversation in Black History Month to Spirituality and Sexuality. Joi Rhone is a powerful, inspirational speaker that will join co-host, Ina, Michelle and Terry, Wednesday Night Feb 18, 2015. Joi is Founding Minister of Healing Hearts Ministry, a ministry under Bishop Yvette Flunder at City of Refuge UCC in Oakland, CA. We will discuss how far has the black church come with issues of sexuality and homosexuality?  Our discussion will also go into the pulpit when we discuss what your thoughts are when as part of the LGBTQ community you keep hearing the following message: “You are going to hell and damnation because of your sexuality”. Joi will talk to us about why over the last 5 years, love and healing has become a large part of the ministry conversations. That is only the beginning of her conversation. In addition, Joi is Founding Minister of Healing Hearts Ministry, a ministry under Bishop Yvette Flunder at City of Refuge UCC in Oakland, CA. Question to the audience how have you been able to align your own spirituality and sexuality? Conversations being heard all around, “Can You HEAR us NOW”! Joi is excited that 2015 will see the publishing of her book “Joi In The Morning – Meditations For Finding Your Way Back To God”.

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    The Truth About The Economy & What We Can Do About It

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    There are a lot of dire warning about the economy but few solutions are offered.  On this show we are going to be intervieiwing John Perkins, author of "Confessions of an Economic HitMan" and “The Secret History of the American Empire: The Truth About Economic Hit Men, Jackals, and How to Change the World”.  His web site is http://www.johnperkins.org/ .  We will be talking about HOW we cretaed this situation and WHAT we can do to get out of it.

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    We have to get rich so we can show folks how to do this!!!

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    I can't take it anymore these jobs treat good people like shit.  Did you see that 20/20 on truck drivers. If you missed it was another story about how manipulative people in this case the dispatchers, put, tremendous pressure on truck drivers to drive hours on end with little sleep. Un freaking real and if the drivers don't comply the dispatcher threatens to lower his wages. Real talk this goes on at almost everyplace of employment. This is just one of the games that gets played. It's time for us to take control. We must have ownership now we should go to bed everynight thinking about it

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    Whatever you do, do it for Jesus.

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    Interesting how lives would change if we did this...

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    Can We Praise Him w. Trinisa Pitts

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    Latara Bussey I would like to say that she TRADED IN HER LIFE for the FAB NEW ONE. A woman that has been there done that and now wants to travel the path that God has set out for her.

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    Saturday Tea with H-Town MC Nick Pratt

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    "Saturday Tea at 3" H-Town MC NICK PRATT stops by How We Do It Radio to spill the tea about his newest project: "Dark Matter: A Space Age Odyssey"


    For many of us, we are drawn to certain artists or genres of music as they seem to fit our natural rhythms, and provide a glimpse on how we may be able to live out our lives. This is especially true for young artists who take influence from the soundtrack of their environment, and aspire to create their own sonic blueprint for life. But what happens when an artist strives to create a body of work that not only directly connects with an audience, but takes their mind to a higher plane? It requires a certain level of intellect, imagination, observation, and drive. These traits are displayed in force by collaborators, emcee Nick Pratt and producer Lazy J on their full length project Dark Matter: A Space Age Odyssey.

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    Can Do! What's that about?

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    As a person with disabilities that are not visible, I desire to bring to life the stories of those who live with disabilities.  Can Do! Is not about Inspiration as much as it is in sharing truths.  Truths about bullying, truths about employment, truths about life in general - including the Sex word (If that makes you nervous... well, you can skip that episode.), and just plain truths about discrinination in community living choices... And much more. 

    If after pointing out what this show is about makes you interested in more... sit right down and listen in :-)

    We are people with disabilities and we CAN DO!

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    What Do We Do at the Retreat Center?

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    Episode begins with the Power of Humility and Obedience Broadcast. Afterwhich, we will go into the Church Development portion of the Episode: Prayer Summits: Seeking God's Agenda for Your Community. We will look into the subject of: "What do we do at the retreat center?" 

    In the personal development series: Empowering People is the subject matter.

    You can call toll free 877-217-5375 opt 2 or studio direct 646-716-5216 or locally 954-554-6755.



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