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    Why You Should Become a Guest on WCU Excellence Radio

    in Education

    Do you want to help employees help you to be more successful at what you do for WCU? Do you have knowledge, talents, and strategies that help employees get their job done easier and faster with less frustration and increased job satisfaction? Then we need you to be a guest on the WCU Excellence Radio Show. In this 15 minute episode, we will teach you how to best prepare to share what you know with WCU employees.  It's an easy and fun way to build on excellence!

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    TSL Podcast: 2015 NFL Draft Prospect Christon Gill

    in Sports

    On today's special edition of the Total Sports Live podcast, Jovan Alford will be joined by 2015 NFL Draft prospect linebacker Christon Gill from Western Carolina University. On today's show they will talk about his career at WCU, what he is doing right now to get prepared for this year's draft, and his journey from Bridgeport, Connecticut.

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    Six Cornerstone Stress Management Techniques

    in Education

    Stress is a part of everyday living.  What you do with it makes all the difference!  Dr. Jeff Harris, a valued WCU faculty member for 29 years and chair of the Department of Nutrition, specializes in stress management, medical nutrition therapy and counseling techniques, among other vital areas, will teach listeners how to journal for stress management, complete a worry worksheet, practice belly breathing, and write irrational beliefs and rational alternatives.  Listeners will also learn the basics of active listening and the power of humorous storytelling.  Can we cover it all in 20 minutes?  Yes, we can!

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    Sports Q&A September 4th Edition

    in Sports

    Tune in as we discuss all the hottest topics in sports:

    National News:

    We honor you as a former player... what are your thoughts on former players like RGIII and Ray Lewis having statues erected in their honor while alive?

    Week one of college football

    Who impressed you? (conference or team or player)

    Who disappointed you? (conference or team or player)

    New segment: More questions or Answers


    MSU vs. Jacksonville St


    U-M vs. Ap State


    USF vs WCU


    SMU/N. Texas



    Michael sam signed to the cowboys practice squad.

    Molly popping Welker.

    FANTASY BREAK: (quick opportunity to talk about your draft how your team looks etc,) has the running back by committee forced you to change how you draft?

    Back to Season talk

    Quarterbacks in the NFL: 

    Definition of elite? 

    Division breakdown: winners and whether each team will have less, the same, more wins than last year

    AFC West:

    AFC South:

    AFC East:

    AFC North:

    NFC West:

    NFC South:

    NFC East:

    NFC North:






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    What Did You Say? Hearing Loss and What to Do.

    in Education

    Dr. Judy Curtin, WCU’s Board Certified Audiologist and professor, shares her wisdom about hearing loss and noise exposure and what could happen if hearing loss goes untreated.  Also, learn how to cope with the older parent and navigate the cost of care and the limitations of hearing aids.  Lastly, gain insight in how to access the free clinic for staff, students, and community members who are 70 years of age or older.  

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    Interviewing Skills that Lead to Success

    in Education

    Ashley Reichenbach, WCU's Assistant Director of the Twardowski Career Development Center, helps you to understand different interview formats and how to best prepare for them.  You also learn what to do and never do in an interview and gain insight into some of the most common questions interviewers ask.  Discover how to handle tough questions with ease and explore the post interview process and how to increase your chances of landing that job.

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    Forgiveness Therapy and Hypnosis with Dr. Mackey

    in Education

    Dr. Ed Mackey shares with listeners how the mind and body can benefit from forgiveness therapy and hypnosis and what you can be doing in the comfort of your own home that improves mind/body interaction.   He and his team at WCU's Mind-Body Institute of Applied Psychophysiology not only provide valuable services to our communities, but also feed research into the coursework on Forgiveness Therapy, biofeedback, hypnosis, brain wave studies, and other mind/body interaction.  Come learn what is in it for your mind and body!

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    About Us: HR Training & Organizational Development Office

    in Training

    Learn what the Office of Training and Organizational Development has in store for you through their training, consulting, coaching, brokering, train-the-trainer, wellness, and retreat resources and services.  It is all free for WCU faculty and staff, and most services are at a moment's notice!
    Also, learn what is new, fun and exciting coming up this year, including opportunities for you to be on blog talk radio or video, earn badges for course completion, conferences,  leadership development programs, and mediation skills training.
    One of the most common misconceptions about this office and its services is that its a place where people go when they are having a problem, or because they were told they need "professional development." 
    Only a quarter of their time is spent in this area.  Most of their time is spent on taking faculty and staff from where they are to where they would like to go in the future both professionally and personally!
    Don't delay!  Take a sneak peek into what is free to you.  They look forward to helping you launch into further greatness and enhance your WCU experience!

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    Influencer: Do you have what it takes?

    in Education

    Learning how to motivate others to action may seem easier said than done, but Terry Welford of the Welford Group has had 20+ years of putting her influencing strategies to the test. Through her five tools, she will help you achieve success in influencing by understanding two fundamental goals; the motivation factors of reason vs. emotion; assessing push/pull energy behaviors, and how to handle objections and concerns and move towards options and alternatives.

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    Fighting the Fear behind Public Speaking

    in Education

    Public speaking is the second worst feared thing besides snakes.  Learn from Professor Dawn Pfeifer Reitz how to combat that fear and speak with ease.  After teaching numerous public speaking classes for WCU and receiving the prestigious “WCU Legacy of Leadership Award,” she’s got what it takes to make you an incredible, credible speaker.  Face your fear and watch you shine!

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    The Ins and Outs of Resume Writing

    in Education

    A resume's main purpose is to get you an interview.  Becky Ross, WCU's Director of the Twardowski Career Development Center, teaches listeners about the three resume format choices and the guidelines behind writing a well-polished resume.  With over 17 years of experience, she shares what not to do and how to best present themselves in a cover letter.