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    Parenting in a Technological World

    in Family

    "How can we balance our enjoyment of social media with our yearning to connect in our own home, eye to eye with our children, to model this for them so that they don’t practice a way of seeing that doesn’t require them to look up?" This is an excerpt from an article by Lu Hanessian.

    Lu is an award-winning writer and science journalist, educator, author of acclaimed book "Let the Baby Drive: Navigating the Road of New Motherhood" (St. Martin's Press, 2004), former NBC anchor/host (Real Life;Unsolved Mysteries) and Discovery Health Channel host of Make Room for Baby and Total Family Health, and active speaker. For five years, she hosted The Science Show, syndicated in 110 countries, translated into 17 languages. In 2012-13, Lu co-hosted an educational television program in NYC called Liberty Treehouse. She is a frequent guest contributor on FOX5 Live in New York as an education and parenting author, expert and advocate.
    Lu's essays and articles have been published in The New York Times,Mothering, Parenting, Fit Pregnancy and Redbook. She has been a guest on The View, CNN, NPR, FOX, MSNBC, Life & Style, the Today Show, WABC and more.She is an award-winning newspaper columnist.

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    Officer Throws Female High School Student Across Classroom

    in Culture

     Officer Throws Female High School Student Across Classroom

    A video of a "school resource officer" at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina throwing a female student out of her desk to the ground and across a classroom

    Roy Paul is a highly sought after commentator specializing in the areas of education, social and economic justice, and the advancement of African Americans in modern pop culture and politics. Paul made history when he became the youngest African-American to ever be elected to public office in New York State when he was just 19 years old.  He served 5 years as a School Board Member in Middletown, NY.

    He contributes political commentary on a number of networks including WABC 7 in New York and is a contributor to NewsGenius.com (part of Rap Genius).

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    Morning Moments With Maia- Nick Mosca; Humor, Religion and World Peace

    in Comedy

    Maia Aziz P.S.W., social worker and certified laughter yoga leader, writes and speaks on living a life of love and laughter. President-Elect of The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, Maia is joined each week on Morning Moments With Maia...Conversations of Love and Laughter by an eclectic lineup of guests who live their lives with love and laughter and work to help others do the same.


    Nick Mosca holds a Master of Divinity degree from Harvard University where he won The Billings Preaching Prize Competition for his work at the intersection of humor and theology. He is an avid speaker and writer about this and other inspirational topics through WABC Radio, The HealthCare Chaplaincy Network, The Milken Scholars Program, The Madison Avenue Baptist Church, Judson Memorial Church, and Toastmasters International. Moreover, Nick served as a co-host for WABC’s longest-running program, “Religion on the Line,” and was featured on The Religion News Service website.

    This week, Nick joins Maia on Morning Moments to talk about the place of humor in faith, the place of religion in comedy and how finding the hilarity in the holy might just be the key to world peace.


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    Shawn Robbins~Author/Psychic/Paranormal Researcher

    in Paranormal

    Shawn Robbins

    Shawn Robbins, noted author/psychic and paranormal researcher has been ranked one of the top ten psychics in the world. She was a special consultant for the New York City Police Department, (murder and white collar crime cases) United States Navy, (psychic spying) and numerous leading corporations. She is an expert in the field of mystical, spiritual and psychic sciences, having lectured extensively on these subjects throughout her career. Shawn was one of the first three original psychics in the CIA Stargate program trained to spy on the Russian Government. Her code name was Madame Zodiac. Shawn is the author of four highly successful books, including the newly released hard back book Wiccapedia, (Sterling Publishers) now in its second printing, as well as “Shawn Robbins Prophecies For The End Of Time,” (Avon Publishers) “More Prophecies For The Coming Millennium.” (Avon Publishers) ,and “Ahead Of Myself,” (Prentice Hall). She is the ghost writer for many of the top Internet Astrology sites, both for adults and teenagers. And was a former radio talk show host on WABC radio New York City on the paranormal. Shawn lives in New York City. She is an avid collector of rare occult books, board games, Tarot and Astrological books dating back to the early eighteenth century. Currently, Shawn is working on a new book proposal “Into The Mystic” with noted best-seller author Shelly Hagen. Her recent 2015 predictions just appeared in the Examiner newspaper. Shawn Robbins main mission in life is to inspire and empower people to become the best that they can be - by using their innate psychic powers to take charge of their destiny!

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    Talkin Law with Dan Hochheiser: Guest -Radio Host/Attorney Ron Kuby & Beth Karas

    in Legal

    "Talkin Law" Radio with Dan Hochheiser analyzes criminal cases in the news, trends in the law, & covers all legal current events.  Attorney Daniel Hochheiser is a Criminal Defense Attorney in NY & host of this show. Each week "Talkin Law" with Dan Hochheiser features newmakers, attorneys, media personalities, celebrities, politicians, business people & so much more.  "Talkin Law" with Dan Hochheiser has a straight talk with a no nonsense edge & engages attorneys and laymen alike.


    Dan will be talking to Civil Rights Attorney Ron Kuby who is also the host of "Curtis & Kuby" on WABC 77 in New York about all the latest news including the new marijuana laws. He will also bring in Beth Karas, Former Court TV/HLN Corspondent & Founder of karasoncrime.com to talk about the latest in the Jodi Arias Trial.

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    Crapitalism: Jason Mattera Knock Them Hard!

    in Politics Conservative

    This show is dedicated to: FDNY Lt. Gordon “Matt” Ambelas, 40, who died in a high rise fire in Brooklyn, NY on July 5, 2014

    Defending the Republic with Annie "The Radio Chick" and Dan, of Pundit Press Radio is an ongoing discussion of recent issues.

    Guest: JASON MATTERA is the author of the New York Times bestsellers OBAMA ZOMBIES and HOLLYWOOD HYPOCRITES. His latest book is called CRAPITALISM: Liberals Who Make Millions Swiping Your Tax Dollars. 

    Jason was the youngest editor of  Human Events, and as a broadcaster with the legendary news talk radio 77 WABC in NYC. His “ambush interviews” of top liberals, including Vice President Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, and comedian Chris Rock are Internet legends. 

    Currently he is the publisher of the news and entertainment site Daily Surge.   jasonmattera.com

    It's a battle of Conservative values and principles in defense of our Republic!


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    SSWAG - #1 Best Selling Author of "Rich Habits" - Tom Corley is here!

    in Entertainment

    SSWAG's special guest, #1 Best Selling Author, Mr. Tom Corley understands the difference between being rich and poor: at age 9 his family went from being multi-millionaires to broke in just one night.
    For five years, Tom observed and documented the daily activities of 233 wealthy people and 128 people living in poverty. He discovered there is an immense difference between the habits of the wealthy and the poor. During his research he identified over 200 daily activities that separated the “haves” from the “have nots.” The culmination of his research can be found in his #1 bestselling book, Rich Habits – The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals.

    Mr. Corley has shared his insights on various network and cable T.V. programs, such as CBS Nightly News, Larry Kane's Voice of Reason, Yahoo Financially Fit T.V. , The Dawn Show and many others. Nationally syndicated radio shows, such as The Dave Ramsey Show, Marketplace Money and WABC have had Tom share his research with their listeners. Tom's been featured in numerous print and Internet publications such as Success Magazine, Kiplinger's Magazine, CNN, MSN Money and the Huffington Post. 

    Tune in Thursday night, September 18, 2014 at 7pm central by logging into www.blogtalkradio.com/niacomplatform or call in to listen by dialing 323-693-3830, press 1 if you have a comment or question. God Bless!

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    One is a Whole Number: Black Women Redefine Living Single

    in Women

    Brown Girl Collective celebrates BOLD, Brilliant and Beautiful women and girls of African descent by paying homage to our past and sharing our present, while preparing for our future. 

    Hosted by BGC founder Marcie L. Thomas, this special show focuses on the ways in which Black women are joyfully claiming their season of being single and utilizing it as a time for personal growth and self-reflection, in spite of what society has to say about it.

    Special Guests include:

    Nika C. Beamon, author of I Didn't Work This Hard Just to Get Married: Successful, Single Black Women Speak Out, a compilation of stories by African American women who are embracing singleness in their own way. Beamon is a Writer/Producer for WABC-TV Eyewitness News in New York; the number one local news station in the country. She is currently awaiting the publication of her memoir: Misdiagnosed: The Search for Dr. House, the tale of a woman’s quest to find the correct diagnosis after years of chronic illness.
    Joshunda Sanders, author of Single & Happy: The Party of Ones, her personal tale of exploring online dating and coming to the conclusion that the person that she needed to date most was herself. Sanders is a veteran journalist, writer and scholar. Her writing has appeared in Kirkus Reviews, Gawker, Publishers Weekly and Salon among many other print and online publications. She is writing a nonfiction book about the impact of race and gender on traditional media scheduled for publication in 2015.

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    Geraldo Rivera thanks Blast

    in Social Networking

    News-Talk WABC-A/NEW YORK midday host GERALDO RIVERA is partnering with BLAST APPLICATIONS, INC. to establish audio and video streams of his show and an online store at www.Geraldo.com.

    BLAST CEO DINO LUZZI said, "It is incredibly exciting to announce our joint revenue agreement with the GERALDO RIVERA team to promote their popular radio show and online store.


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    FLOTUS binge watches the TV show "Scandal"

    in Politics Conservative

    Why is Michelle Obama's favorite show a show about a married President having an affair?

    MSNBC thinks conservatives have a problem with interracial famlies.  What conservative ever gave them that idea?

    TWITTER @briancraigshow


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    Blacks wake up and turn on Obama

    in Politics Conservative

    Blacks wake up and turn on Obama.

    ObamaCare takes insurance away from children.


    Twitter @briancraigshow

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