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    Yammering Lew: AB, OB and a Vin

    in Entertainment

    Lew is joined by Gavin and a new face to the show, AB.  AB is a nice, funny lady that is friends with Gavin and Lew.  We will talk about dating in general, online dating, random BS, tech stuff, Lew's SUPERIORITY over VIN in all things tech.  Vin will probably come back and talk about how Lew doesn't use his tech very much, especially his computer.  AB will provide much needed buffer at times to these NLBs (Next Level Ballers).

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    Vin Diesel kisses John Campea's ass & other news

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    John Campea and Movie Talk can give positive reviews for movies AMC shows in its theatres but they don't review movies they don't like so AMC can still make money from you.

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    in The Bible

    Daniel 1:8-9 // Daniel 3:16-18 // 2 Corinthiens 6:14-18



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    REEL Talk : Top 5 Best Car Movies EVERRRRRRRR !

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    REEL TALK  with Da Director


    Show order

    8:05 – weekend recap


    Show Topic(s) Top 5 Best Car Films EVER


    Fast and Furious
    Gone in 60 Seconds
    The Wraith
    Vanish Point





    8:15pm Previews/Review

    Film – Fast and the Furious 7

    Star(s)- Paul Walker , Vin Diesel , The Rock

    Director: James Wan


    Deckard Shaw seeks revenge against Dominic Toretto and his family for his comatose brother.



    Break (song)



    9:00pm – More topic



    9:15pm TV Shows Recap



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    Episode 6: Top 10 Movie Franchises featuring Joe Diesel Part 1

    in Entertainment

    Join Tim and Tom as they join forces with Joe Diesel from the Half Hour of Power to discuss their Top 10 Movie Franchises of ALL TIME!  Can it be done?  Join us and find out!

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    That's Entertainment

    in Entertainment

    What was the real reason that Zayn Malik of One Direction quit the band?  Why is Cissy Houston already at peace with her grand daughter health?  What has Mad Men star, Jon Hamm been up to for the past 30 days?  Is Vin Diesel making Oscar predictions for "Furious 7?"  Which former basketball wife is making a return to reality tv?  And is Bradley Cooper adding director to his resume?  Tune in to That's Entertainment!  Your #1 source for entertainment news and pop culture, every Wednesday afternoon, with your host Tammy Jones-Gibbs, today at 1pm ET on www.blogtalkradio.com/tammyjones-gibbs.  

    Like that's entertainment on fb at - facebook.com/thatsentertainment.radio

    Follow us on twitter at - thatsentertain1

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    Beyond The Velvet Rope with Diesel

    in Entertainment

    Hear about real societal issues we face in our society. Informative, Motivating and at times hilariously funny. Life Coaches, Experts, Comedians and everyday people are live on the air each week. Lifting up our Youth and finding solutions to the problems they face daily. Our children is a Nation's Problem, coming together for the betterment of society as a whole. The show for the people it's Shay-Renae & Friends! Call in each week and join in on the conversation 917-889-8224 and make sure you sign up and follow the show so you don't miss and episode.

    DIESEL is an Atlanta based personality, Host, Red Carpet correspondent, and interviewer. He has been seen on hit reality shows Braxton family values, Hollywood exes Atlanta, R&B divas Atlanta, and Married to Medicine to name a few. Diesel is the founder and Ceo of one of the most premier Media sites. TSLEXCLUSIVES.NET is the source of current industry information and news. Since the launch of other popular media sites and false information “Diesel” decided to create a virtual home that would bring the real facts from direct connections.  With several invitations to some of the most upscale and exclusive events from Album release parties, fashion shows, charity events, movie premiers and exclusive sit down interviews.  “TSL” makes their virtual audience their plus one while  putting their signature media take on every function.
    “TSL” takes you "Beyond The Velvet Rope", granting viewers access and answers to their favorite celebrities, athletes, models, reality stars, and prominent figures in the world while asking the questions viewers want to hear, taking you "Beyond the Velvet Rope".

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    DJ Nothin Nice Live With Young Diesel On Nothin Nice Radio

    in Entertainment

    DJ Nothin Nice sits down with Young Diesel of Big Bang Musik Inc and talks about Mix Cd on LiveMixtapes, the brand of BBMI past and present topics and a whole lot more for more infomation follow Dj Nothin Nice on all social media outlets at @DjNothinNice @YoungDiesel @L3CEO @bcmusicgroupllc. To get your exclusive interview text 910 723 0794 or email l3ceopromotions@gmail.com

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    Furious 7 Review

    in Movies

    AreYouScreening.com and BFCA critic, Marc Eastman, and co-host extraordinaire, Shane Leonard, review Furious 7. This is going to be a lively show, as Shane is something of a fan of the series, and Marc can barely remember which ones he's seen. On the other hand, you may not need a lot of help figuring out if you're interested in taking this one on.

    We'll also be answering listener questions, giving previews of upcoming films, and sharing interview clips with the cast and crew.

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    The Female Superhero Movie Dilemma Part II

    in Entertainment

    In this episode special guest Landon join's us as we take on the Female Superhero Movie Dilemma!  We found the topic too big for just one show!  We will discuss the Supergirl movie, the Catwoman movie, and the Elektra movie!  We will also take turns pitching our ideas for a Wonder Woman movie!  The Female Superhero movie Dilemma!  What's wrong with female superhero movies and how to fix them!

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    Mad Max, Apple Watch and Furious 437

    in Entertainment

    In this episode of the True Chat show Justin and Camden will discuss the new Mad Max movie as well as sequels to movie franchises that just need to die out already.  These topics and many more on the True Chat show.

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