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    Broward LifeStyles Magazine +Dining/Fashion/Health/& More

    in Lifestyle

    Greetings, welcome to Radio Time Productions with host Valerie Jarrette Bass broadcasting live @ 4pm from beautiful South Florida. Call-ins welcome 347.857.245

    We have special guest Victoria Hagendorf, Publisher of "Broward Lifestyles Magazine". Restaurant Reviews, Health Spas, Gift CertificatesHoliday Ideas!

    0ffice: 954.771.4407 / Cell: 754.246.7774



  • Chatting With Sherri is so happy to welcome back Gary Williams and Vicky Knerly!

    in Entertainment

    Chatting With Sherri is proud to welcome back best-selling and award winning co-authors Gary Williams and Vicky Knerly to chat about The GOD TOOLS series. The final installment in the trilogy, END IN THE BEGINNING (THE GOD TOOLS: BOOK 3), will be released in September. Listen in as we will discuss all the exciting things that have happened to them since the last time we chatted and get insight into their next project!

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    WAR part 2-Supreme the VOODOO King,Save-A-Hoe ALI,Oral Hoe Oracle,Sticky Vicky

    in Politics

    Supreme say he God But do voodoo, Ali trying to save that HOE vicky, I know he really want to use her nasty ass trick mouth, Oral Oracle keep running her mouth cause she want some vice lord in it, the HARD way, know what Im talkin bout? All yall Dead, you got the wrong one...shoulda never popped slick to a vice lord 55 hoes

    Tonight I break down the shit, I got yall asses, snitch ass supreme,and nuben you a hoe ass nigga and you dead too, path1 I know you plottin on me so you gone too BOY, VICE LORDZ NIGGA

  • Out of the Darkness walk for suicide prevention

    in Sports

    Vicky from OOTD walk joins the show to talk about the stigma of suicide and the Out of the Darkness walk for suicide prevention this weekend right here in #BeerCityUSA, Grand Rapids MI

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    When's the last time you flew over 450 miles per hour?

    in Business

    ~ I want to get into the mind of whats goes through her mind because car is great and fun, they're going about 200 miles a hour max usually, air racing she's going about 400 plus, and it's wingtip to wingtip around these pylons in the air with these guys testosterone just blowing out of the cockpit. It's just so exciting, It's so AMAZING! Skychick, Ramona Cox.

    CLICK HERE to watch the video!

    Watch the Darkstar Team of women pilots, make history this weekend!

    More about the Darkstar TEAM.


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    War 3-SUPREME the SELLOUT/White Man ALI/Sticky Mouth Vicky/Transexual Nuben

    in Politics

    Tonight I expose Supreme for the sell out nigga white man lover he is, this even surprised me a damn VICE LORD....I have a clip of the nigga telling the white man that the black man aint shit and should be killed and shot. That the black man never did shit, Nigag NUBEN youw as right about this nigga, I mean you a bitch ass nigga too but this nigga is ...ALL YALL IS SOME BITCH ASS NIGGAZ....vicky come holla at a vice lord dont worry where i put it you wont get pregnant again, i know you got like 8 kids BIOOOTCCHHHH

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    Sunday Segue Wrestling Podcast Ep #129 - Monday Night Rollins

    in Entertainment

    Kinny Killa is joined by Steve Dawson and Vicky Earls as we talk Monday Night Raw, NXT, Rollins, Sting, New Day, Progress chapter 21 and much more!!

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    Leslie Sloane~Author/Auracle’s Color Therapy/Certified Color Metaphysician

    in Paranormal

    Leslie Sloane is the founder and developer of one of the only natural color therapy lines known worldwide called Auracle’s color Therapy. Author of the book Auracle's Colour Therapy - The Power of Love Through Colour. These high frequency colored water misters contain specially blessed waters, colors from the earth creating the rainbow spectrum, ancient oils, and essences of all Angels and Masters from every culture, and other archetypal energies, which play a great role in influencing our lives and the paths we choose. “I always work through and from my Heart, really ‘tuning in’ to the soul on the table. My levels of compassion for humans and life go extremely deep, as does my Love for mysticism and the wisdom of the ancients. Because of this my clients and students ‘feel’ the Love and passion I extend to them from the very depths of my soul. And for this, they know they are cared for and feel very safe to explore their shadow, or ‘dark night of the soul’, from which most people run and avoid facing out of fear. This is what healing and the healing arts are all about…unconditional Love. I absolutely Love what I do, and the gift of the universe allowing me to see the miracles each time they occur…it’s magick.” Leslie is a native Californian, born in Los Angeles. Leslie began her color therapy training nineteen years ago, became certified as a color metaphysician, through a system called Aura-Soma developed by Vicky Wall, and has been administering color energy treatments for eleven years. Leslie has done extensive studies regarding mystic teachings incorporating color therapy, and their ancient roots, which lie in Egypt and Greece. Leslie has been teaching color therapy classes to professional healers, showing how deep, profound and mystical the effects can be. Go to her site at www.auraclescolour.com

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    THE MAN UP TALK SHOW - The Interviews

    in Radio

    Join Mr. Naz as he goes one on one with Ms. Vicky Martin. we are talk about life career and family with a woman who we thought we knew? talke the ride with the Man Up Crew!!!

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    Nancy Lombardo has performed her unique comedy from coast to coast.  Credits include The Colin Quinn Show NBC, Saturday Night Live “All my Children” PBS, network, Comedy Tonight, Nickelodeon and Comedy Channel. THE NANCY LOMBARDO SHOW 7PM FRIDAYS WWW.MNN.ORG. NYC TV 34/56/83 Kendra Cunningham  finalist Boston Comedy Festival and performed in the Montreal ComedyFestival,  Glasgow Comedy Festival, She Devil Festival, Ladies ofLaughter and Women in Comedy festival. She recently performed on 2014 Last Comic Standing and on Nickelodeon’s Stand up Showcase with Sherri Shepherd. She has appeared on the Jimmy Fallon Show, Saturday Night Live, The Tyra Banks Show and utilized her Masters Degree in Forensic Psychologyon Fox News Online- Cops and Crimes Hour. She recently completed a mock self help book tentatively titled “How toGet to Regular Status– a Drinkers Guide to Social Acceptance” and blog “Blonde Logic” was featured in the New York Times and Huffington Post. Kendra filmed her first lead role in a feature film in Rio De Janiero in March 2010. Lonelygirl48, a comedic short she wrote and acted in, won the Boston Comedy Festival and the Palm Beach Women’s International Film Festival. She has since turned into a web series with Vicky Kuperman. She has written almost half a dozen short films and a web series “Why’s Everybody Always Hitting on Me?” Last Comic Standing 2014 listed two of her jokes in the  Top 100 Jokes of the Season. She is appearing again on Last Comic Standing in 2015. Time Out New York has featured her twice as Joke of the Week and Huffington Post featured her as Joke of the Day. Kendra’s biggest struggle is getting out of her $3000 dollar bed.www.kendracunningham.com Creator Blonde Logic BlogTwitter @theotherkendra

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    Relationship Do's & Dont's - The Great DeBaTe??

    in Relationships

    Ok setting the stage for you Vicky has a debate going on so we're going to put it out on the air!!  All week here, in Levittown, PA Matthew will be live at 6800 new Falls Road at phantom fireworks giving a bunch of stuff away including - Concert tickets, Gift Cards, Tee shirts and more!!  Sorry no free fireworks...gotta help support Vicki!!  So call us LIVE 516-387-1513  stop by, say HI and give Matthew your thoughts on these tough questions:

    1. How long should you date before moving in together?

    2. Is there a must be dating for "this" long before marriage consideration??