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    A Kind Voice on Music -Quiana Lynell

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    This edition of A Kind Voice on Music  features Quiana Lynell, certified southern girl, who infuses her classical training and gospel upbringing with her love for jazz. Embracing her four-octave range, she is able to perform a limitless repertoire.  Her style, Jazz, Classical, Soul and Funk, or as she has coined "Jazzicalsofunk," has been described as nothing you have ever heard. Her personality shines through as she delves into the true meaning of well-known songs and exposes hidden tips and secrets to true happiness.  Captivating the audience with her voice her smile lights the way, as she shares with you her soul through song. Listen in as host, Mitch Ruth asks about her LOVEME initiative, sending a postitive message with music and, if we're lucky, he'll ask the burning question, "Sugar or salt on the grits?"

    Quianna's Webrpage www.quianalynell.com

    Quianna's Kickstarter http://kck.st/1FbJ9Rg

    Quianna on Twitter @quianalynell

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    Gov wants your inheritance - 13 year old raped twice no report - Campus rights

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    Hr1 … Joe Rant, True equality means you stand up for everyone?
    Brad Dacus President of Pacific Justice Institute in to discuss your child’s rights at school. What is happening with our
    administrators banning the American Flag from campus, pushing the kids not to have an American themed dance?

    Children of Same sex parents speak out in a LOVING way about their upbringing and environments. One writes of a change of heart and feel that kids need to grow up in homes with both mom and dad. the LEFT beats them up, WHY?

    Hr2  No Drug Testing for Welfare recipients but Dems say Heirs Must “Earn” Inheritance from Parents and pass a drug test to receive money, REALLY? 
    Steve Patten -  Journalist - Book out this summer - "Foreign Correspondent." 40 years in the middle east, Worked for CBS News, Far East,  MIAs, POWs, CIA, War on Terror get the inside.  
    Lets ALL vote?

    Hr3  SF nuts at it again want to lower voting age to 16, We all know what good reasoning skills most 16 year olds have!
    Pete Sepp, President of National Taxpayers Union, believes Congress has to work together to accomplish comprehensive tax reform NOW! or else!

    Planned Parenthood twice performed an abortion on a rape victim, raped by the same person twice. WHY haven't they been closed down?

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    "Dating Differences: White Women vs Black Women" *LIVE*

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    Whether it’s style of dress, hairstyles, makeup, cultural upbringing, dating preferences, mentality regarding life/love or how they’re perceived by black men…. There are MANY differences between women of African American descent and other races. Tune into “The Dedan Tolbert Show” LIVE TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST as we discuss “Dating Differences: White Women vs Black Women”, where we’ll discuss the ways women of various cultures differ and what things can be learned to improve building and maintaining strong relationships. Feel free to call in questions/comments to 646 200 0366 or listen LIVE online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com... REAL Radio that Matters for over 10 Years”.


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    Sunday on the Front Stoop

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    All these years when 

    America had free grade school and free high school, why has 

    college been SO expensive?  When a student graduates high school 

    the average age is 18.  That's the same age when he or she can 

    become a military soldier.  If they could not afford that 

    expensive college, they've been told to just go overseas for a 

    few years and they will afford higher education.

    The sad news is that some of these teenagers never returned home 

    and died in the army or navy or air force.  Even some that were 

    lucky enough to return home, committed suicide after leaving 

    these wars.  When they return home, they are reminded of their 

    loving religious upbringing.  They had been taught to "love thy 

    neighbor" or "thou shalt not kill".  If they were told overseas 

    to "go in that house and kill whoever you see" they now mourn 

    for all those innocent men or women or children that they killed 

    under military order.  

    Fortunately, President Obama is now recommending that college 

    becomes as free to our students as was their grade school and 

    high school.  Instead of learning to kill, high school grads can 

    now continue to learn the truth on how to save our planet.

    As an example, Saudi Arabia is No. 6 on the list of 

    dictatorships in our world.  They get most of their weapons from 

    countries like ours and we get a low price for the oil from 

    under their ground.  Instead of sending our boys and girls 

    overseas to get that good price on their oil, why not switch to 

    solar or wind power?  That could also put an end to Climate 

    Change on our planet.

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    Life, Lies, And Sex - A User's Guide To Being In A Body

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    Interview Mikaya Heart

    Topics of conversation:

    Upbringing traumas
    Lessons Learned
    Sexual Energy
    Leaving everything behind to travel
    Her books and publishing

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    Clean Bills - Sanger the Hero - Ferguson Fools

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    Hr1  Christianity Today defends Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger.

    Newly approved Palcohol... a dry form of alcohol to mix with water. So that it's easier to get your alcohol on the go when you need it. Do we really need this?

    Why can't Republicans and Democrats agree on a bill to crack down on human-trafficking? Because they always want to add "other" stuff into the bills. Cracking down on human-trafficking should be a no-brainer. Why can't we have a CLEAN bill? 

    Joe Biden laments the Middle Class.

    Hr2   Sean Hannity asks Ferguson protesters their thoughts on the DOJ report. It didn't turn out the way they wanted it to, so they're going to keep protesting until they get their perceived justice.

    Christianity Today defends Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger. I guess they forgot her legacy of murder (abortion)? Margaret Sanger wanted to rid world of "the unfit." She didn't mean birth defects, she meant blacks. She's not a hero! Know your history!

    Hr3  Denzel Washington dishes on his religious upbringing and his faith in God and the Bible.

    War on Christianity (not all religions). You don't see the Quran and Torah being banned from schools, military, and public places like is happening with the Bible.

    Celebrities who "come out" vocal about their Christian faith.

    Are you looking for your blessing? When was the last time you blessed someone else?

    Ferguson police setup & got themselves shot to gain sympathy, according to neighboring city clerk. OMG! Really?!

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    Helen Woo-Self Aid with Scott Cluthe on Positively Incorrect ! Radio

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    Join Scott Cluthe on FACEBOOK

    FREE BOOK of Your Choice from Scott-1500 to Choose From


    Scott Cluthe joins Helen Woo Live Thursday to talk about her new book, Self Aid:Inspirations to Turn Struggles into Success.
    Call in:347-308-8478  8 PM EST_ 7 CST-6 MST-5 PST 

    Helen Woo came from a traditional Chinese family who immigrated to America shortly before her birth. Aside from a very difficult upbringing, Helen faced many physical challenges in addition to overcoming struggles with depression, abuse and addiction.As a single mother, life is just beginning for Helen Woo. Today, physically and mentally healthy, she is here to share her success stories.

    Through trials and tribulations, Helen Woo is finally in a good place. Helen helped herself overcome all the misfortunes in her life, and she hopes to make a positive difference, to help others as well, get through their own challenges. Both men and women alike can overcome any bad situation.Helen believes: “Positive thought in combination with positive action will lead to a positive outcome.”

    Author of the upcoming book, “Self Aid – Inspirations to Turn Struggles to Success”, Helen Woo wants the world to know that just because we find ourselves in a difficult situation doesn’t mean we have to stay there. We can always aid ourselves to a better life.

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    You want me to put that WHERE....................?!!

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    Calm down....no need to fret my friend, we're talking oral sex this time, your anus is safe. For now :) This Wednesday, join us as we chit chat in the studio about our 2nd favorite "O" word......yes, ORAL! Sex that is!

    What's sex without oral? Can you be with someone who didn't enjoy receiving oral sex? Or worse, someone who didn't enjoy giving oral? And to be GOOD at oral sex, you have to actually enjoy it! Agree? Disagree? Are you willing to "try" it out, but not sure if you're doing it right? Can oral sex be taught? Do men actually cheat if they don't receive fellatio? What if he cums in my mouth? What if she squirts in my mouth? Or worse, what if they're not fresh?!.............................LOL I'v e been asked every single last one of these questions and MUCH more! Don't worry, this time I wrote them down, did a few screen shots (you're safe, no worries) and we're covering them all on the show! I really thought oral sex was a part of sex, like everybody was doing it; apparently I'm wrong. SO many women (and to my surprise, men) have hangups when it comes to oral sex. For whatever reason (religion, upbringing, lack of knowledge, sexual abouse, etc) we're here to talk about it! Hopefully by the end of the show, everybody will be eager to get on their knees! LOL just jokes, just jokes :)

    Who better to have on the show than Mr. #LivFre himself, Maurice Destined for Greatness! A South Florida native now living the LIFE in Amsterdam (can you sense my jealousy in the text)?! Determined to live life without limits, Maurice believes "no matter who or what, one should live true to their personal destiny. Life is about the experience of living it." #LivFre Be sure to tune in with an open mind!



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    "The Song of Solomon....Let's talk about Sex!"

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    Patsy Rae Dawson author of "21 Reasons God wants You to Love Passionate Sex" said in one of her blogs that "God inspired the captivating Song of Solomon to bless the lives of every man and every woman regardless of their age or upbringing by teaching them how to find true love, enjoy a lifelong sexual partner, and build a successful marriage. Lovemaking originated within the mind of God along with beautiful sunsets and undersea wonders, and this beautiful true love triangle demonstrates his love for Christians."  

    What do you think? Is learning about love making all that important to your walk as a Christian?

    Let's talk about it.  Tune in tonight as "Reflections With Lynne" opens the discussion on "The Song of Solomon....God's view on Sex".

    Call in to be a part of this intense discussion.

    (3470 215-9556


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    Keion Carpenter

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    Keion Carpenter joins Joe Lisi on The Weekly Blitz. Carpenter was a standout form 1995-1998 for the Virginia Tech Hokies. He had 10 career interceptions in Blacksburg and 2 touchdowns. In 1996, Carpenter had a memorable 100 yard interception against the University of Miami.

    Carpenter was a physical safety who was excellent in run support. He excelled in taking aaway the field from opposing quartebacks and led the team in interceptionns in 1997/1998. 

    Carpenter became an undrafted free agent in 1999 with the Buffalo Bills and made the team because of his ability to play special teams. Carpenter played with Buffalo from 1999-2001 and with the Atlanta Falcons from 2001-2005. In his NFL career, Carpenter recorded 206 total tackles with 14 interceptions and 1 touchdown. 

    After his playing career concluded, Carpenter created the Carpenter House which allows underpriviledged familes the opportunity to purchase affordable housing in the Balitmore, Maryland area. Carpenter is a positive role model for atheltes of all ages and is giving back the community after his playing days. 

    Keion has also written a book called: Covered in which he discusses his upbringing and the role of fathers in their child's lives. He speaks about Fatherlessness and the epidemic in the country today of dads not being a part of their children's lives. To purchase a copy of the book-click the link below:



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    Live:Tribute to the Life & works of Legendary Reggae Music Icon Desmond Dekker

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    Desmond Adolphus Dacres was born in Saint Andrew ParLive:Trubite to  Life and works of Ledgendary Reggae Music Icon Desmond Dekker (Greater Kingston), Jamaica, on 16 July 1941. Dekker spent his early formative years in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica. From a very young age Dekker would regularly attend the local church with his grandmother and aunt. This early religious upbringing as well as his enjoyment of singing hymns led to a lifelong religious commitment. Following his mother's death as a result of illness, Dekker moved to the parish of St. Mary and then later to St. Thomas. While at St. Thomas Dekker embarked on an apprenticeship as a tailor before returning to Kingston where he secured employment as a welder. His workplace singing had drawn the attention of his co-workers who encouraged him to pursue a career in the music industry. In 1961 he auditioned for Coxsone Dodd (Studio One) and Duke Reid (Treasure Isle) though neither audition was successful. The young unsigned vocalist then successfully auditioned for Leslie Kong's Beverley's record label and was awarded his first recording contract www.crsradio.com

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