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    EBOLA IS MURDER: The Who, the What & the Why

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    GLOBAL PEEKS talks to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, internationally known advocate for public health and author of the book, “Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Natural, Accident or Intentional?”

    Dr. Horowitz will be answering questions about Ebola, Biological Warfare, Bio-terrorism, Racism & the deliberate act of Genocide, Depopulation & the Mega Corporate interests and Global Actors involved. There is a lot of information floating in cyber-space about Ebola—some factual, some fictional. Dr. Horowitz is a foremost expert on the history of weaponized viruses & chemical and biological weapons research. Although Dr. Horowitz has been persona non-Grata and media censored, he is still fighting to expose what global elites are trying to conceal.

    “Think about it, the wealthiest, most powerful, untrustworthy people in the world, who have military-medical-financial motives for spreading racial hate and pandemic fears are dictating what can or can’t be discussed or published in the lay press and scientific forums from which decisions and emergency response plans using drugs and vaccines are made. This fact compounds evidence of ‘bad faith,’ ‘foul play,’ and commercial crime.”

    ---Dr. Leornard Horowitz

    Live Tweet Broadcast on Hashtag #GlobalPeeks

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    Ebola, Tainted Water, Earth Changes, and other Apocalyptic Updates

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    Ebola, Tainted Water, Earth Changes, and other Apocalyptic Updates

    Join Kenneth, John and Cathy in the chat room while they discuss the Wars and Rumors of Wars, Pestilence, Disease, Signs in the Sun Moon and Stars, and other warnings of the season of our rescue mission off this alien-demon infested rock PRAISE GOD.  From the "reported" Ebola serum, to endless streams of other suspicious and untrustworthy news, we are being flooded with darkness.  Tonight we will also hear the testimony of brother Chris McKown, who had recently spoken live on Coast to Coast AM about what it was like to be in Toledo, Ohio at the time of the water emergency and panic.  These are warnings we all need to heed and events we all need to prepare for while trusting in Jesus to provide and bring us through the darkness.

    God Bless You - See you there!

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    Trusting the Untrustworthy

    in Spirituality

    Ever get bamboozled by someone you thought was a friend? You thought was a lover? You thought was worth your trust? Ever feel that you could not or would not ever want to trust again?
    Come with us as we fnd Insight into this puzzling delimna of life.
    How do we love again? How do we find the ability to trust again? Why did we trust the untrustworthy in the first place?
    Much to discuss on this topic! Come join us as we get insight and learn how to trust again.

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    Mothers, Sisters, Daughters: Women’s Series – Woman to Woman/Sister to Sister

    in Relationships

    How do you treat your sisters??!! Woman to woman is about how women treat each other.  An excerpt from How Women Treat Each Other –

    “The other day I watched an acquaintance greet a so called friend and cheerfully ask about what was going on her life. After the exchange, the acquaintance muttered to me, “What a bitch” with a disgusted eye roll. Unfortunately, I wasn’t surprised by what happened. In fact, I have witnessed behavior like that from women for most of my life. The second your back is turned they feel the need to tear you apart. I have always found it difficult to categorize the relationships between women.

    There always seems to be under tones of malice beneath even the closest of friends. Like most women, I have seen (and participated in) kind and genuine interactions only to hear words of criticism in private. It is enough to make you think women in general are untrustworthy.  Even heartfelt conversations seem void of truth when you suspect only betrayal when you walk away.”

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    Hard Starboard Radio: Why The Left Can't Govern

    in Politics Conservative

    Three neglected stories get their day in the sun; The latest tyrannical delays show that the supposed centerpiece of ObamaCare won't cause the uninsured to buy coverage - but was it ever?; Does ObamaCare hang in the court balance or is the fix already in?; The Left always wins elections - why can't it run a government?  The same reason it always wins elections: because it's untruthful and untrustworthy; and the Russians are coming.

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    What Do They Have In Common?

    in Health

    In the news this week there are many people being considered for the dishonor of being named the most untrustworthy person in America.  Using vocal profiling, we are going to evaluate the truthfulness and intentions of;

    James Clapper, NSA eavesdropping

    Eric Holder, Fast & Furious

    Chris Christie, NJ bridge scandal

    Which of them is telling the TRUTH?

    Let's find out.Vocal Profiling has proven its worth again and again when our listeners wanted the TRUTH so they could make informed decisions.

    Join us now because YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW

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    Episode 196 - Lies, lies and more lies from this regime

    in Politics Conservative

    Patriot Come Lately Talk Radio - British by birth, American by choice. The voice of the conservative resistance.

    Tonight I reminded listeners about some of the almost 500 lies, falsehoods, frauds perpetrated upon the American people by the regime of King Barry. I did this because we need to tell people that, in addition to debacles like ObamaCurse, this administration is so corrupt and untrustworthy that they do not deserve to have the power that they have taken. In November 2014 we need to send a message that is reinforced in 2016 again, "no big government, especially when that government cannot be trusted to tell the truth." 

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    Christians Are Untrustworthy Lunatics!

    in Spirituality

    Evangelical Christians are nutjobs hoping for world calamity to be able to leave earth and go serve their heavenly monarch as a slave.

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    October Warnings and the Biblical Calendar

    in Religion

    October Warnings and the Biblical Calendar Join Kenneth, John and Cathy in the chat room as we discuss the apocalpytic warnings all across the world indicating the imminent rapture of the Bride of Jesus Christ is upon us.  Tonight, God willing, we may also have a special guest Herb Solinski of "The Biblical Calendar", talk with us about his understanding of the Biblical calendar and how the current calendar may be somewhat untrustworthy.  We will also have a special guest Jose from Destroying Strongholds in Portugal stop by and give his testimony and share his passion for reaching the Spanish and Portuguese speaking people of the world.
    God bless you - See you there!

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    Van Hale Taken in by Oprah: Thus a Bleeding Heart

    in Religion

    Assessment of the program of the same day (Sunday) in which the apostate VH gives exposition of the current conundrum concerning the Black Race of Cain, and the justice of God concerning them pronounced by true Prophets in Israel, namely, Brigham Young, John Taylor, Joseph Smith. 
    VH limited himself for valid sources to the Bible only, thus imitating the Protestant position, in making his distorted pronouncements concerning history.  The reason is, which the coward will not say, but has said concerning the Book of Mormon, "there is no historicity to the scriptures translated by Joseph Smith, such as the Book of Moses concerning Enoch--which is the position of every anti-Christ on the planet.  But we trust in the spirit of God which testifies otherwise to our souls, and not the arm of flesh.  Science shown to be untrustworthy in the matter of the origin of the species, by contradicting mathematical probabilities, and the 2nd Law of Themodynamics, True Science, in other words, the rest is junk, saith the Lord.
    Pearl of Great Price: Moses 7:8, 21-22
    8 For behold, the Lord shall ?curse the land with much heat, and the barrenness thereof shall go forth forever; and there was a ?blackness came upon all the children of Canaan, that they were despised among all  people. 22. And Enoch also beheld the residue of the people which were the sons of Adam; and they were a mixture of all the seed of Adam save it was the seed of Cain, for the were black and had no place among them. The Lords Anointed, Art Bulla, gives a New Revelation,  9/1/2013.
    Apostle of the One Mighty and Strong, Art Bulla.
    Jimmy Le

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