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    Happily Unmarried | K8420

    in Romance

    Website – http://www.fhu.com

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    Host: Roy Masters
    Roy discussed proof that help does not come from him is when a person gets better.

    Lisa's anxiety turned into a desire for sexual release.
    Carol is 70 and never married.

    Visit - FhuEngland.com

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    Solo-ish: Ditching Dating Apps, the Best Date Spots & More With Lisa Bonos

    in Self Help

    Do your dates feel like reruns? Wondering how to take dates 1, 2 and 3 from dull to awesome? Tune into Fantasy Dating Radio on Wednesday, April 27, at 5:00 pm Pacific / 8:00 pm Eastern. Lisa Bonos, lead editor and writer for Solo-ish, a Washington Post blog about unmarried life, will give tips on how to bring new energy to dates 1, 2, and 3.

    We'll also talk about her experiences with ditching dating apps, how to break up, and why people ghost. Got questions about Solo-ish things? Call 323-870-3965 during the show to get in on the conversation.

    We dare you.

    About Fantasy Dating: Fantasy Dating provides singles with an alternative to scrolling endless online dating profiles by challenging them to dare to date in real life. Like in other Fantasy Sports, players form leagues, set stakes and compete against each other to earn points. But when they Fantasy Date, they earn points by dating.

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    BYTV: Ashima Franklin and Metro Wealth Films

    in Entertainment

    Ashima Franklin did stand-up comedy while pregnant, up until the night before her infant son’s birth, and started styling herself “The O.B.: Original Baby Momma”. Franklin, nicknamed "Skinny Fine," takes the stage persona of a vengeful, inescapable Baby Momma who makes her Baby Daddy’s life a living hell, like a folk hero for unmarried mothers. Even though, her and her baby’s father Karlous Miller have a great relationship they write Baby Momma jokes together. Katt Williams saw her co-headlining at Uptown Comedy Club and invited her on tour with him, and she’s been killing it on the stage.

    Metro Wealth Films out of Atlanta, GA new movie “Turnt” gives you the truth about the industry from the major and indie artist experience. Coming soon with special appearances from:  T.I., Wiz Khalfia, Big Sean, Kap G and Snoop Dogg. Hear from Atlanta tonight LIVE!

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    The Helios Biblios Hour (book of the SUN) : America 1956 vs America 2016

    in Current Events

    Is America a better place today than it was back in 1956?  Of course many Americans living right now couldn’t even imagine a world without cell phones, Facebook or cable television, but was life really so bad back then?  60 years ago, families would actually spend time on their front porches and people would actually have dinner with their neighbors.  60 years ago, cars were still cars, football was still football and it still meant something to be an American.  In our country today, it is considered odd to greet someone as they are walking down the street, and if someone tries to be helpful it is usually because they want something from you.  But things were very different in the middle of the last century.  Men aspired to be gentlemen and women aspired to be ladies, and nobody had ever heard of  “bling”, “sexting” or “twerking”. 

    In 1956, John Wayne,Sidney Poitier, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Dandridge were some of the biggest stars in the entertainment world.In 2016, our young people look up to “stars” like Miley Cyrus, young thug and Lady Gaga.

    In 1956, you could buy a first-class stamp for just 3 cents.

    In 2016, a first-class stamp will cost you 49 cents.

    In 1956, gum chewing and talking in class were some of the major disciplinary problems in our schools.

    In 2016, many of our public schools have been equipped with metal detectors because violence has gotten so far out of control.

    In 1956, about 5% of all babies in America were born to unmarried parents.

    In 2016, more than 40% of all babies in America will be born to unmarried parents.

    In 1956, the American people had a great love for the U.S. Constitution.

    In 2016, “constitutionalists” are considered to be potential terrorists by the U.S. government.

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    Imam Jihad Saafir & Mrs. Garland Bush; Imam H. M. Khalil & Mrs. Baiyinah Khalil

    in Education

    M.A.R.I.A.M.'s primary nature is Research and Advocacy of its finding which are compiled to achieve its stated goals and purposes.

    MA.R.I.A.M.  will help individuals and couples form a solid framework of information upon which to base Muslim American Marriages.

    MA.R.I.A.M.  will create halal opportunities for Married and Unmarried Muslims to meet and confer on the important elements and issues of Muslim American marriage.

    M.A.R.I.A.M will confer to define Socio-circumstantially appropriate protocol and criteria for Muslim American marriages.

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    Ep. 29 — Wipe that smile off your face (if you want to)

    in Business

    Happy Springtime BA Fam! Here's what we cover in this week's episode: 

    -Zootopia: how this Disney flick manages to somehow have Black Lives Matter undertones while also being the funniest, heartwarmingest movie ever. 

    -The sexist message behind telling women to SMILE (you know who you are)

    -Today's tip: Should you buy a house with a guy you aren't married to? 

    -Tiffany's book suggestion: Launch by Jeff Walker

    -Mandi's book suggestion: All the Single Ladies by Rebecca Traister


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    Black, Professional, Woman, and Unmarried Why???

    in Current Events

    SATURDAY (Sep 5) 10AM-12NOON ON THE MENTAL DIALOGUE TALK SHOW Black Socrates and co-host Christy Gaynell discuss the difficulty professional BLACK WOMEN have in finding a husband. 46% of all Black women have never been MARRIED compared to 30% of other races, is the idea of marriage even more difficult for the professional Black woman.  Are men intimidated by them?  Are they too bossy?  Are their standards to high? These questions and many more explored as we continue to push the envelope on the questions America's afraid to ask.  Also at the top of the 2nd hour we take a break from the show for the MONEY AND POWER 15 and bring on a financial expert to discuss economic empowerment in the community (11:00-11:15am EST).

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    Flying Solo With Parkinson’s

    in Health

    Singles now outnumber married people in the United States. In 2014 it was reported that, for the first time, the number of unmarried American adults outnumbered those who were married. One in 7 lives alone – about 31 million compared with 4 million in 1950 – and many of those are clustered in urban centers.  

    The growth in the number of men living alone is especially dramatic, rising from less than 6 percent in 1970 to more than 12 percent in 2012, according to a Census Bureau report released in 2014, fifteen percent of households are women living alone.

    The prevalence of Parkinson’s disease rises sharply with age, and with a three- to fourfold increase in disease rate within the United States is expected to occur over the next ten years, what will it mean for those who live alone?

    As someone who lives alone, I experienced firsthand the turmoil an unexpected injury or illness can bring, when nearly two years ago I had a fall with a severe wrist fracture. As the sole earner, I was acutely aware of how quickly the dominoes could fall if I was unable to work and fulfill my life’s obligations.

    Do you live alone? Do you have Parkinson’s? How do you approach work, medications, and appointments? What are your concerns about the future?  We want to hear from you.

    Join me and guest: Dr. Paul Short, the Parkinson's Coach, a neuropsychologist specializing in work with individuals and families touched by movement disorders.

    Send a tweet: @voiceaerobics @PDpsych  #Parkinson’s #single

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    Second most common family law case

    in Legal

    When most think of family law, divorce and the divorce rates instantly come to the mind of most.  Most think family law and divorce go hand-in-hand and don't realize that with out-of-wedlock birth rates at approximatleyy 40-percent, paternity cases are on the rise.  Paternity cases are likely the second most common type of family law case.  This article talks about this topic.  

    You can read more on this topic by reading an article on Family Law Headquarters titled: The second most common type of family law case.  You can also find out more about paternity cases in Missouri and Illinois from our webpage.  

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    Why Am I Still Single?: Discussion of Long Distance & Long Term Dating

    in Romance

    Single people are constantly asked why they are still single.  Our guest Tamara Enjoli Smith boldly takes on the question.  According to the U.S. Census, at last count in 2011, 102 million American adults aged 18 yrs or older were unmarried. This group comprised 44.1 percent of all U.S citizens aged 18 and older.
    [Source: America's Families and Living Arrangements: 2011 <https://www.census.gov/population/www/socdemo/hh-fam/cps2011.html> Table A1]

    This poses a dilemma, especially when 53% of unmarried U.S. residents are women.  Also, 62% of these people have never been married, and one out of 4 were divorced or widowed. With these daunting stats how do we proceed? Tamara inspires us with her responses.

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    Fit for Marriage: Ready or Not? (Part 3)

    in Family

    How do you know you are ready for marriage? What does it take to prepare for this journey? These are questions that people ask about marriage. Great questions...join us on the So In Love Show live with your hosts, Hector and Cassandra Foy as we answer these questions and more. We invite the married and unmarried to share this episode with your family and friends so they too can be FIT for Marriage.

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