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    Wine Talk with Marcia

    in Self Help

    What if you could take something you love and are passionate about, share with some friends, and turn it into a business? We’re talking with Divas Uncorked founder and President, Stephanie Browne. Divas Uncorked is more than just a wine group. It is a group of professional women who love wine, want to learn more and educate others, and are great friends!

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    Cairo Qween's Taste Of Technology with Co-Host Juarez Jackson

    in Technology

    Women In Technology Tonight  on Cairo Qween's Taste Of Technology with Co-Host Juarez Jackson, the most outstanding Cynthia Renee Frazier, Tech Divas Uncorked & Girls Got Geeked, join us again... Our resident NanoTech Expert! Glad to have her back!!!

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    Jason Elkin "Uncorked!"

    in Wine

    You don’t grow up in the Napa Valley without being aware of what’s up in the wine industry!  And that’s Jason Elkin’s story! Born and raised among California’s finest vineyards Jason's early exposure and appreciate of the grape and all things Napa brought his desire to learn more to "fruition!".  Considered by many today as one of the best award-winning filmmaker/producers for the wine industry, Jason’s combined gifts as a wine educator/entertainer/spokesperson remains just as intertwined in his personality as are the abundant grapevines of the Valley.   From an early age, Jason had a natural attraction to the visual and performing arts. Painting, singing, dancing became passions, and it was a California State School Scholarship in Dance that got him into Fresno State University at sixteen.  By seventeen, he auditioned at the San Francisco Ballet and was selected from hundreds that auditioned. Almost simultaneously, he was hired as the youngest professional dancer/singer to perform in the Cast Revue aboard Royal Caribbean’s Legend of the Seas.   By twenty he had dance and choreography experience with Debra Gibson, Tommy Toon, Gregory Hines, Savion Glover and Janet Jackson’s dance crew. Upon returning home, he continued to choreograph for Miss Teen and Miss California beauty pageants.   Jason’s knowledge of wine, mated with his show-business knack for self-promotion and sales, that took him to jobs in nearly every arena of the wine and hospitality industry. This allowed him to form JTE Productions & Entertainment, a business centering to the education of vineyards and wines sales through video production.  

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    Phil Hall 'Uncorked'

    in Movies

    Actor/writer/film critic Phil Hall returns to Movie Addict Headquarters for a discussion about his exciting new projects including: “Uncorked,” a movie he wrote and stars in; “What If They Lived? Hollywood’s Lost Stars and the Futures They Never Had,” a book he co-authored with Rory Aronsky; and the upcoming New England Underground Film Festival.

    In “Uncorked,” Hall plays an inebriated park-bench philosopher who discovers the presence of a camera crew and proceeds to explain his bizarre philosophy and lifestyle. Hall has also appeared in such movies as “London Betty,” “Bikini Bloodbath Car Wash,” and “My Mouth Lies Screaming.”In “What If They Lived?” Hall and his co-author speculate on what might have happened if fate had been kinder to stars like Rudolph Valentino, Jean Harlow, and Heath Ledger -- who all died before fulfilling their career destinies.

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    in News

    It’s vintage Jim Willie – uncorked! Rick spends the full hour probing Jim Willie’s mind about the unprecedented global financial and geopolitical reset that is presently underway. This is a Jim Willie interview you can’t afford to miss.

    The man behind the name Jim Willie has experience in three important fields of statistical practice in the 23 years following completion of a PhD in Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University. He spent time since 2001 in a private consulting firm in Pittsburgh, PA. His work included pharmaceutical and medical claim estimation, stratified sampling for consumer packaged goods market share, training seminars in advanced regression models, and consulting toward various other projects within the firm. In August of 2003, he became a low-cost solution at his firm, and since then has focused exclusively on the US and world economies, financial markets, currencies, and the commodity fields. Gold and energy have been a prime focus.


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    Myrtle Beach Life - Coastal Uncorked Preview & Chat

    in Culture

    This week, I'll be chatting with Candace Howell, the Executive Director of Coastal Uncorked. This year will be the second for this really fun, great festival and I can't wait for Candace to tell us all about it... as well as how come she relocated to Myrtle Beach from New York...~~~....
    Join me every Friday as we take a quick 30 minute glimpse into The Good Life that is living in Myrtle Beach.

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    Cairo Qween's Taste of Technology with Mobile Commerce Technology Alliance, Cynthia Renee Frazier

    in Entertainment

    Computer LOVE "Cairo Qween's Taste of Technology" Talk LIVE  with Mobile Commerce Technology Alliance, Girls Got Geeked and my resident Nano Tech expert, Cynthia Renee Frazier out of Southern California, as my esteemed guest on "Cairo Qween's Taste Of Technology" LIVE on WXRP Radio Blog Talk - Call In Second Half!#TechSocialite

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    Harm Reduction Psychotherapy - Uncorked

    in Self Help

    Our first guest is Patt Denning Ph D who will be talking about her new book Practicing Harm Reduction Psychotherapy 2nd Edition, which is a must read for all mental health and substance abuse treatment professionals. This second edition is not merely an update of the first--it is a whole new book.
    Our second guest is Gabrielle Glaser who will be talking about her forthcoming book Uncorked which explores the history of women and alcohol in America and discusses why AA can be such a bad fit for women drinkers.

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    "Chewing The Fat" With Big And Beefy featuring Food Editor Pam Silvestri

    in Cooking

    Big & Beefy will be Chewing The Fat on this episode with Staten Island Advance Food Editor Pamela Silvestri. The Chefs and Pam will be talking about city-wide Food Festivals, Al-Frescao Dining, BBQ and Newest Food Trends.

    Also on the bill will be a call in from the reps of Staten Island "UNCORKED" Wine Festival.

    Chef Rob "BIG" Burmeister will be doing a Food Demo for the crowd. He will be making his famous "NANYUCKET STYLE CRABCAKES".

    Also on the showwill be The Top Five, The Food Fight and Food News.

    Call in and chat it up LIVE 646-478-5337

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    Uncorked Hermosa - The Wine Shop - Hermosa Beach, CA

    in Marketing

    Uncorked is the brainchild of local residents Kathleen Knoll and Gerry Athas-Vazquez, who see the shop as a gathering place to experience wine while savoring the cool crisp ocean breezes and salt air that is Hermosa Beach in the company of like-minded people.
    Be sure to ask Kathy and Gerry the “story” of how their fateful drive East spawned the ideas that came to be Uncorked. The genuine of love and friendship that created Uncorked permeates the wines, walls, bottles and corks of the neighborhood shop.
    Look for the original doors of the 1939 building that marks your entrance into the friendly folds of Uncorked, The Wine Shop. You’ll find a cozy, corner shop with rustic beamed ceiling, tasting counter, gourmet snacks, wine accessories and a cellar in the original garage of the legendary Hermosa Pier location.
    Kathleen and Gerry share their travels and tasting experience that translate into first-hand knowledge of the wines and vineyards representing a wide variety of the grapes and blends that are available.
    Jeff Bonafede of Uncorked Hermosa - The Wine Shop (http://www.UncorkedHermosa.com) Talk with us. One of the new truly great Wine Shops in the South Bay.
    We talk Wine.
    Of the many unique places to sample wine, Uncorked Hermosa stands alone in their selection and expertise in the "Art of Wine".
    To Find Out More about Jackie Balestra visit
    To Find Out More Your Host, Joe Terry ...
    On Facebook at ...
    Or our Website at ...

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    Total Entertainment with Jonny Vegas, Jim Meyer, and Bunny Carley!

    in Entertainment

    "Total Entertainment" is a Featured show on JoJo War Drummer's and Dan Paur's Lacrosse Broadcast Network! 

    Today show will feature only one Host! That Host is The Man, The Myth, The Legend Jim Meyer!

    Today's guest is: Veronica Castro!


    On-Air Personality/Producer @ Sidewalks Entertainment, Founder of "Do Tell Do Tell Media"


    Veronica, a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, currently hosting Uncorked TV and Sidewalks Entertainment, and notable as the host of the pop-culture, Emmy-Award-winning television show, Latin Eyes. As a travel and pop-culture enthusiast, she can be seen hosting various web videos and reporting at red carpet and tech events in Los Angeles and San Francisco.
    A down to earth woman, she's an advocate for supporting others and empowering dreamers by creating influential events for local artists in and around her community.