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    Muriel Lindsay--The Dolphin Letters- Vital Information from Sea to Land

    in Spirituality

    Muriel Lindsay lives on a barrier island off the coast of Georgia having moved there 15 years ago for the specific purpose of connecting with the dolphins. She moved there to find a way to answer to an inner knowing.  There is something she is supposed to come to understand and then share about the human/dolphin/whale connection. In that spirit of investigation, she has spent 15 years doing  "participatory research" which basically amounts to just hanging out with dolphins on their terms, in the wild, both in and on the water (from her yellow kayak "Buttercup"), while opening all of her mental, emotional, physical and spiritual channels. She is affectionately known on the island as "the dolphin whisperer" based on her connections with the dolphins there.

    In 2014, she publishined of THE DOLPHIN LETTERS, VITAL INFORMATION FROM SEA TO LAND, a collection of 33 letters from dolphins to the human race. She says of this particular book, she was born to bring it through at this particular time on our changing planet. Everything she has done previously in her life led to this sharing.

     In 2007, she published THE CHRONICLES OF THE SAVANNAH RIVER DOLPHINS sharing about five years of experiences with the dolphins. In 2000 she published  TALKING TO HURRICANES about the consciousness of weather. In 1980 she wrote DANCERS OVER THE CHASM describing the prototype for the kind of individual who knows how to handle transformation the best.

    Prior to moving to her current home on Tybee Island Muriel was a teacher of metaphysics, a healer, a psychotherapist, a photographer and author who traveled the world to gather knowledge from many ancient grounds that would assist her with what she is currently doing. She also has been a professional astrologer since 1977. She has been able to spend time with dolphins in the wild literally all over the world.  

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    Over the Top Radio - Elite PAC Tour with Susan Notorangelo

    in Fitness

    Susan Notorangelo joins us this evening to discuss the 2015 Elite PAC Tour.  The Elite Tour intended for the most serious riders who are looking for a very challenging ride across America.  Daily miles range from 140 to 200 miles per day. Riders completing 100% of the tour will qualify for the Race Across AMerica.  All riders must routinely ride 200 miles in 10-12 hours in training. An Elite Team Division is being offered for two riders to share participating by individually riding 80-120 miles each day.

    San Diego, CA to Tybee Island, GA

    Depart: Thursday, June 4th from Savannah, GA

    Arrive: San Diego, CA Saturday, May 16th

    18 riding days 2,785 miles 160 miles per day

    This Elite Tour begins in San Diego, California with moderate daily distances the first three days while crossing the desert.  We hope all riders will be able to gradually work themselves into shape before they begin the longer days for the remainder of the tour.  The route will use a combination of good cycling roads we have ridden for many years.

    This is not an easy cross-country route following the boring flat lands of the Southern states.  We will intentionally climb many steep mountain grades in Arizona and New Mexico.  In the eastern states we will ride many hilly days including the notorious Talimena Parkway which includes many 15% grades.



    This cross country bicycle tour is only for the best riders. Do not come on this tour if you are looking for an easy ride across the country. Even the fastest riders will be tested to their limits on most day

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    The Epic #FATcation 2014 Edition

    in Comedy

    The SHOW returns to recap their epic FATcation experience! The boys and the lovely ladies of their company took off for Tybee Island, GA and left there leaving stories of legendary status. Not only that, nearby Savannah will never be the same either. General Sherman would weep and be in awe of the things we accomplished in just a few short days. Buckle your seatbelt and reboot your modem because you don't want to miss this episode so you can get a glimpse at the dominance of FATcation 2014!

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    in Entertainment

    Join Teresa and Candi this week for a show exclusive.  Candi and Teresa will be talking about the process of writing, how to get publish, finding a publisher versus self-publishing.  What is the creative process like?  How do you start the process?

    Somtime during the show you will be introduced to a brand new story written by these two authors. The story will only be available to this show. The series will continue, but you can only hear it here. Tune in!

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    Little Tybee on Conversation Crossroad April 18th at 7pm ES

    in Music

    Join Conversation Crossroad hosts Betty-Lynn and Garrison for their INDIEvening interview with Little Tybee. The core of each of Little Tybee's songs begins in the relentless and creative mind of vocalist/guitarist/pianist Brock Scott. The songs mature through the dedicated musicianship of 8-string guitarist Josh Martin, violinist Nirvana Kelly, bassist Ryan Donald, and percussionist Pat Brooks. Little Tybee isn’t afraid to experiment freely, even dangerously at times, to follow a musical idea to its ultimate end. This mentality has led the group to explore music that transcends genre and packs a much bigger punch than their modest title implies. While DIY in nature, Little Tybee collaborated with over 14 Atlanta instrumentalists to produce their latest album, Humorous to Bees. With this release, Little Tybee has proven that they are just as adept at writing lilting pop ballads and sprawling orchestral melodies as they are with Motown and Tropicalia. At last, Little Tybee has found their unique voice, and they are blasting their sound with little care for the neighbors.

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    Trickydame on Tybee Island

    in Spirituality

    Many of us are feeling the Transformational Shift that is occurring right now -- and so is Trickydame (Joanne Morton)!! She is resuming her 15 minute show after a month long hiatus due to illness and confusion. Finding some clarity, she has returned to Tybee Island, GA where she is currently the artist in residence at Dragonfly Studios. Join Trickydame as she shares her personal story of allowing herself to change direction in her art journey. Its ok to change your mind!!

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    in Entertainment

    Originally from Tybee Island, Georgia, CHEF DEAN NEFF has been working alongside Hugh Acheson at Five & Ten since 2000.   Prior to moving to Athens in 2000, Dean earned a degree from The School of Culinary Arts in Atlanta, GA. In May of 2011, Dean earned a BBA in Marketing from the Terry College of Business at The University of Georgia.   In 2012, Dean became the Executive Chef at Five & Ten. As such, Dean runs the show in the kitchen and works to create dishes that focus on Southern seasonality. “Dean is a consistently good-humored chef’s chef who revels in the local sphere as much as any Southern chef out there,” explains Hugh, “Overall, Dean is a consummate chef who has worked for me for over a decade and has helped grow Five & Ten into what it is today.”   Dean assisted Hugh with his critically acclaimed first cookbook, "A New Turn in the South," and has cooked alongside great chefs such as Thomas Keller, Frank Stitt, Michael Anthony, Mike Lata, and many more.   MINDY KOBRIN, a lifestyle and home entertaining expert, fuses food, travel and all five senses to create mood-boosting recipes, toe-tapping playlists and nutritious tips that Feed Your Soul. With international flare, downtown panache and a welcoming girl next-door smile, Mindy helps you cook and entertain with delicious and in-season ingredients that satisfy the heart. Her motto is: Eat well. Feel well. Entertain well. Website: http://mealsonheelsbymindy.com/  

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    in Entertainment

    Ahoy there, mates. Up next The Halli Casser-Jayne Show is talking Pirates & Treasures. Arr, we are. August 15th at 3 pm ET, we’ll be cruisin' the East Coast of the U.S. from Florida to North Carolina and all the way to Devonshire, England, in search of pirates, pirate history, treasure, and maybe we’ll even uncover a ghost or two. Joining The Halli Casser-Jayne Show is Park Ranger Edward Perry of the McLarty Treasure Museum in Sebastian, Florida; historian and writer Kevin Duffus whose The Last Days of Black Beard the Pirate is a treasure of a book; from the U.K is pirate historian Ed Fox who will share his knowledge of two female pirates: Ann Bonney and Mary Reid; Captain Horatio Sinbad, a modern day swashbuckler born at least 250 years too late; Casey Slone of The Tybee Island Pirate Festival in Tybee Island, Georgia. Also with us is raconteur Harry Chakides from Beaufort, South Carolina. Join us or you dance the hempen jig.   The Halli Casser-Jayne Show is Talk Radio for Fine Minds and landlubbers.

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    Military Author Radio

    in Books

    Military Author Radio, www.militaryauthorradio.comwith cohosts Tom Gauthier and Dari welcome our March 18, guest Captain Dwight Mathers, USCG. Join us for our live broadcast, Sunday March 18, 8:00 EST. We accept live calls from our listeners, or listen later to our podcast.
    Captain Mathers grew up in Oregon. He graduated from the United States Coast Guard Academy in 1987. He is a graduate of the National War College and has served as commanding officer of the Coast Guard ship Tybee out of San Diego, the Dauntless out of Texas, and was Executive Officer of the USCGC Rush out of Hawaii.
    In his twenty-fifth year of service, Captain Mathers is currently Chief of Coast Guard Enlisted Personnel management. 
    Join us for a sure to be interesting program this Sunday, March 18, 2012. Military Author Radio is a live program accepting callers, airing Sunday Evenings at 8:00 PM (EST), 7:00 PM (CEN) 6:00 PM (MST) and 5:00 PM (PST) or catch us later in the week with our podcast now available on www.militaryauthorradio.com
    Thank you for your interest in Patriot Media, Inc. and Military Author Radio as we continue our Mission: Publishing America's Patriots. Please feel free to forward our program descriptions to anyone who may be interested.

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    X-Plane and Vehicles for it

    in Video Games

    I talked about my recent X-Plane vihicle contribution, and how I made it, which is the Island Class USCG Cutter, the Tybee.

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    MPL-USA Art Tour Weekly Update!!

    in Spirituality

    Trickydame is officially on the road again with the MPL-USA Art Tour: sharing positive energy from sea to sea! This interactive art journey began April 12,2010 and took her to Tybee Island, GA until the leaves started to tour up north called her back! Back in NYC for one week, this artist in her MPL Mini-Van will be sharing each week stories, ideas and observations that will one day be her book!! If you are interested in finding out more - scheduling a visit - donating/or helping out in other ways, please contact Joanne Morton - trickydame@gmail.com
    www.trickydame.com or www.magicpassionlove.com

    This tour is a work in progress just like life!
    It's all about making art and saving the world...or at least saving myself :)

    Thank you for listening and enjoy your day!

    Allow your Magic
    Feel your Passion
    Live your Love
    It feels good - wow!