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    For our 50th Show TSR welcomes back Thaahum!!!

    in Culture

    That's right, our 50th show! Sorry to upset any and all haters but every thing I do is excellent and TSR isn't going anywhere. What better way to celebrate than to welcome back Thaahum, the spearhead of the sensational AZ Inspiration on Fire Cypher 2014 that gained critical acclaim from national hip hop blogsites and sparked some great remixes as well. We will be discussing the success of the groundbreaking song as well as an upcoming performance with all parties involved on it FOR THE FIRST TIME at the AZ State Fair on October 11th! We will also discuss the noise Thaahum has been making and stirring up with other solid efforts he has put out in song form recently. This is one (like all the rest) you don't want to miss

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    TSR welcomes Garland Watson to discuss Resurrect Minds and more

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    Garland Watson has been an artist his whole life and started rapping when he was in 8th grade. He started Resurrect Minds as a multi – media company that will provide helpful information and educate about Ourstory,various cultures we have created and applicable info we can apply in order to keep awareness in the community. Soon they will have merchandise you can purchase such as shirts, activity books for children to do with their parents and music from Garland's label Final Fallout Shelter Records. Garland also has Comic books that he creates that will be interesting and enlightening reads for people of various ages as well as entertaining. Eventually Resurrect Minds will move into animation and film down the line. Resurrect Minds aims to provide alternative media entertainment from what we’re force fed on the daily. 

    Call in number is (347) 989-0338

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    TSR Radio heads for the Woods - 2012

    in Current Events

    broadcasting from a lodging spot in the heart of beautiful San Francisco, TSR Radio returns with an update in advance of the weekend Woodsist Fest in Big Sur. 

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    TSR recaps Runoko Rashidi at Exhibit 19 presented by Nation 19 magazine

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    On 2/25/15 at Glendale Community College people came with their families friends children and associates to hear from one of our top Black Historians in Runoko Rashidi. On this show we discuss what went down for people who missed it, why the work of brother Rashidi is so pertinent and continue the conversation in explaining what type of role hip hop plays in all this like only TRUE SKOOL RADIO can do, remembering that as Marcus Garvey said, "A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots" And we must continue elevating our consciousness in the richness of our people's TRUE history. 

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    TSR welcomes the administrators of the School of Hip Hop Phoenix

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    Join my cohost, Tesnim, and I as we engage in a great discussion with the administrators of the School of Hip Hop Phoenix, Will and James. We will be building on the hip hop programs that will be taught there and more!

    Classes begin July 8, 2014 Tuesday from 4 pm-6 pm at East Lake Park community center in the heart of downtown Phoenix, AZ. There will also be advanced classes open to all students beginning on July 12, 2014 3 pm-6 pm at Vista Grove Preparatory Academy located in Mesa, AZ. Tune in to find out what it's all about and don't forget to spread the word!  

     Call in number is (347) 989-0338

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    #REEL presents #TSR: Whats Your Freak Level

    in Culture

    Are you a freak? How far will you go?

    Its a lil test we want you to take


    After you take this test Listen to  MASTER RACHELS AND Teesha Vs Teesh TAKE OVER Reel Talk Radio AS THEY HOST "THE SEX ROOM'... 

    They want to know "WHATS YOUR FREAK LEVEL?"


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    TSR-Therapeutic Systematic Realignment

    in Spirituality

    Join host, Laura Rose, as she welcomes special guest, Colleen to Discovering Nature's Spirit radio show!  As part of a life long spiritual journey, being a Reiki Master / Teacher and founder of TSR, ThetaHealing was a natural progression.  After taking Level I in April of '06, Colleen was in the fast lane to becoming an instructor in June of '06.  Working with the “Creator of All -That Is” as a practitioner and instructor has become Colleen’s life’s passion.  Always amazed and equally honored that she is able to do this as her life’s work. 
    Colleen lives and works in Hampden, MA on a 27 acre farm with her husband Gus, their dog Sadie, 2 cats Punkin & Baby, and 3 horses Scarlet, Charley & Rascal.  Feeling total gratitude for the privilege of living on such beautiful land (which she manifested) she built a cottage in a field so her clients and students could benefit from and enjoy the peaceful energy it provides.
    Colleen has taught both basic and advanced classes on both the east and west coasts and has clients across the United States.  She also teaches Vianna’s manifesting an abundance class as well as Rainbow Children.   Colleen will speak to us about TSR!!

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    TSR welcomes back Mr. 7 Kasim Allah

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    You heard him in our 2 part interview with Brand Nubian's Lord Jamar. Tonight, Kasim Allah returns to TSR to get a proper introduction as well as discuss his new project Living Mathematics as well as upcoming events he is involved with.

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    TSR Radio remembers 2009

    in Current Events

    On the first day of 2010, TSR Radio reflects on the year just completed. A one-hour special from the TSR HQ in Queens will include discussion of some of the top moments in TSR's world in the last twelve months.

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    TSR discussing Encore's 2 year anniversary with the captivating Divine Valentin

    in Culture

    Who is Divine you ask? Divine is a mother, a poet, transformational activist and motivational speaker. Her latest venture was the opening of a performance space in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona called ENCORE, an outlet for artistic expression. ENCORE serves for monthly art gallery shows, discussion panels, open mics, film screenings and even a designated area where she incorporates her skill of hair locking. Divine’s mission for ENCORE is to create a bridge for artists to gather, connect and share because artists are magnets for building up a world of color and excitement. On this show we will discuss her upcoming 2 Year Anniversary event and more.

    Divine's website http://www.divineforlife.org/default.html
    Encore's fan page https://www.facebook.com/EncoreDE   


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    Motivated Monday w The Shade Room

    in Entrepreneur


    Popular Blogger: The Shade Room

    In late March, she created an Instagram account and began a gossip blog called The Shade Room on Social Media. TSR  became an official website in July and in less than 5 months the website is now averaging almost 2 Million page views per month with over half a million followers on Social Media. TSR is quickly becoming a recognized name and has been featured on the content pages of the top urban entertainment websites in the world including TMZ, MediaTakeout, Bossip.com, Mademnoire.com, VladTV, S2SMagazine, RhymesWithSnitch.com, and many more.

    We want to know what the mystery is behind the blogger!! Why she chooses not to share more of her personal life.