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  • Author, Miranda Parker

    in Books

    Author of The Evangeline Hunter Bounty Series, Miranda Parker, discusses her novel, "A Good Excuse to Be Bad".

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    Truther Talk Episode 57: Truther Snobbery!

    in Current Events

    In Truther Talk Episode 57: Truther Snobbery! April and Virstyne white knuckle the show with no breaks, interviews or interruptions to go over the phenomena in the truth movement known as 'truther snobbery.'  

    Who are these truther snobs and why do they put themselves above others?  In this episode the envelope is pushed as the Truther Talk ladies challenge the Truth Movement itself.. Who really wants to be empowered?? Some may enjoy the drama, some maybe trolls, some maybe internet spies.. Who really cares about the cause and who just wants to look pretty in a youtube video?

    You won't want to miss this intense and challenging broadcast.

    Until next time..

    Peace, truth & love,

    Truther Talk



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    Truther Talk Episode 52: Valentina the Ghost Hunter!

    in Education

    In Truther Talk Episode 52: Valentina the Ghost Hunter, April and Virstyne ring in the Halloween spirit with a real life ghost hunter.  
    Valentina Marie Lomborg joins the conversation to discuss her own experience with the paranormal starting at the age of 13 after encountering a poltergeist.  Later a traumatic brain injury at the age of 23, would heighten her psychic abilities and her journey into the paranormal would increase.
    Today Valentina works in Los Angeles using her special abilities and background in forensics to conduct investigations into the paranormal.  She is a frequent writer for 'Haunted' magazine and can be located at the following website:
    Until next time....
    Happy Halloween,
    With peace, truth & love,

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    Truther Talk Episode 36: The Original Truther Girl!

    in Current Events

    In Episode 36 of Truther Talk, The Original Truther Girl, April and Virstyne sit down with one of their most inspirational Truthers, Truther Girl Sonia.  
    Sonia is a popular independent journalist in the alternative media.  Her journey began through the Natural Health Freedom Movement and blossomed from there.  Today she has a youtube channel, radio show and blog.  
    This lively conversation that goes from vaccines, Sandy Hook, gun control, the New World Order, Bill Gates and much more is not to be missed. Sonia's work can be found at: 
    http://www.youtube.com/user/thetruthergirls, http://thetruthergirls.com/, http://thetruthergirls.wordpress.com/, http://www.americanfreedomradio.com/programs.html#Sonia
    Until next time... Peace, Truth & Love,
    Truther Talk/Tees
    www.truthertees.com, shop.truthertees.com

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    Truther Talk Episode 49: Jane of All Trades!

    in Health

    In Truther Talk Episode 49: Jane of All Trades! April and Virstyne talk with the multi-faceted Jessica Wiehle. Jessica is a Truther Talk friend and a natural holistic mom.  She runs her own business Hygieia apothocary, an online store that sells her own unique blends of essential oils for health, balance and wellness.  They are also an excellent source for natural bath and body and skincare products.  She is an organic gardner, Hot yoga instructor and extremely passionate about teaching others the art of self healing.   Her website can be found at http://www.hygieiaapothecary.com/.   Be sure to listen in for a 20 percent discount code at Jessica's store provided only to Truther Talk listeners. Until next time... Peace, truth & love,
    TrutherTalk http://truthertalk.com/

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    Truther Talk Episode 51: Hippie Hate!

    in Culture

    In Truther Talk Episode 51: Hippie Hate... Or attack of the fake liberals; April Boden and Virstyne Henry talk about the social networking phenomena of picking fights for any number of reasons big, medium, and small. How people address you in a manner differently than they would to your face. Does social networking, texting, and technology remove one's empathy? In the next segment, while Virstyne is off on her Learjet to go Llama wrangling, April invites back to the show, Gnostic Media's Jan Irvin to discuss this phenomena and some personal attacks he's been receiving from the Hippie Haters. Tune in to find out the meaning of 'Hippie Hate' in all it's irony, hypocrisy and down right kookie nature of those who claim spiritual enlightenment, peace and love while attacking, stalking, and trying to bring down anyone who expresses a contrary opinion to their own. To check out Jan's research, books, podcasts and videos go to his website: http://www.gnosticmedia.com/ In the final segment Virstyne returns to talk about the Hippie Haters under the umbrella of the Fake Liberals and the number of ways in which we've been on the receiving end of their wrath through social networking or otherwise. Until next time.. Peace, truth & love (and we mean it), Truther Talk, http://truthertalk.com/

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    Truther Talk Episode 47: Truth and Courage!!

    in Politics

    In Truther Talk Episode 47: Truth and Courage.. April and Virstyne talk to the one and only, Bob Tuskin.   Bob is an activist and radio host, that has a radio career spanning back to age 15.  The eternal student of economics, science and the arts.  An organic gardener, he seeks a higher form of wisdom and works hard to ensure a better place for his children’s children. This enlightening interview gets into current events, Syria, HIV testing fraud, Vaccination fraud, 9/11, the Truth Movement and the awakening process itself.. What does it take to be awake? Bob's fearless form of activism confronting public figures like Penn and Teller, Rudy Giuliani and more are one of his unique characteristics that is explored in this not to be missed interview.
    To find Bob, his work and radio show, go to: http://www.bobtuskin.com/
    Until next time...
    Peace, truth & love,
    TrutherTalk http://truthertalk.com/

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    Truther Talk Episode 56: The Return of the Conspiracy Realist!

    in Current Events

    In Truther Talk Episode 56: The Return of the Conspiracy Realist, April and Virstyne bring back resident funny man and friend, the Conspiracy Realist, Liam Scheff.

    Liam joins the gals to talk about everything from his ground breaking book, 'Official Stories', Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones, "globalist whore" Angelina Jolie, the energy crisis, Fukishima and more.. 

    Liam is an author, artist, investigative journalist, radio talk show host and public speaker.  He is co-host of the Robert Scott Bell Show on Natural News Radio: 


    And host of The Energy Show with Liam Scheff which can be found at:


    His books, articles, artwork and more can be found at:  


    Until next time..

    Peace, truth & love,

    Truther Talk









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    Tough Talk Christian Radio

    in Christianity

    Tough Talk Christian Radio with host Tony Gambone with guests Michael Easthman & Michael Burliegh:

    Michael Eastham, CPA, PFS, is the founding principal of Fellowship Financial Group in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Mr. Eastham has been involved in financial services for over twenty five years. He is an active member of the American Institute of CPA's and has earned their Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) designation. He has a BBA in Accounting from James Madison University, holds a Series 65 & 63 securities licenses as well as licenses in Insurance and Annuities.

    Michael Burleigh - I follow a few basic principles when running the practice. They are to do the right thing, do the best you can, and show people that you care. Michael is a hands on advisor who takes great pleasure in running the business, delegating responsibilities to staff, and providing expert guidance to retirees and individuals who are fast approaching retirement. He is committed to providing clients with conservative investment strategies that will help fund a better standard of living during retirement. Just like his clients, Michael believes in the work ethic and knows how important it is to preserve hard-earned dollars. He started his career in the financial services industry in 1986, branching out to form his own company three years later.

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    Talk Jamaica May 17

    in Current Events

    On Talk Jamaica this week The CCJ debate continues, the bill was passed in the lower house with both government and opposition voting on party lines. Is there need for a referendum? What about this secret deal that the government tried to make with the opposition, our panel will discuss the issues.

    In the second half of the discussion segment, why are so many Jamaicans leaving to seek political asylum? Are they really in fear or is it that they are looking for a better life. We will speak to someone who sought asylum and also from the Executive Director of JFLAG Dane Lewis.

    There is also The Week The Was and In Perspective

    Talk Jamaica comes your way at 4pm on talkjamaicaradio.com/listen

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    Sports Talk Tuesday on Apex Talk Radio

    in Entertainment

    Apex is back with Sports Talk Tuesday.  Baseball is still ramping up and we have Steve Fedder, our MLB Analyst, bring us the Firing Squad LIVE today.  Also the NBA Playoffs Round 2 is getting hot and heavy, we will break this down.  Did your favorite NFL team do good in the draft? The guys breakdown there teams picks and what they may add to there success or failures.  Join us LIVE by doing the following:

    Join us tonight LIVE by Calling 646-716-8552, wait for the que and host to answer and get you into the show.  If you want to listen, you can still call in and let the host know or log on at www.blogtalkradio.com/apextalk and enjoy the show.  Follow us on Facebook and listen to us by tapping the link left on our timeline for the show. Thank you for spending time with us. Take Care!