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    Truckers & Turkey

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    Talk CDL Presents - Truckers & Turkey with Troy And Tyler!....Some drivers go home for Thanks Giving and some Volenteer to stay out on the road and then there are those drivers that dont get much of a choice. Their load might not get them home or the wheather or many other reasons why a driver just cant get home. So lets explote the possibilities!!!

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    The Extreme Truckers Show™

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    Join us tonight for this weeks episode of The Extreme Truckers Show™

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    Suicide by Truck and the truckers who survive

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    Saturday August 22nd 2015 6PM ET

    Tonight is a very solemn topic for truckers, Suicide by Truck, discussing the horrible incidents of pedestrians and four-wheelers, who choose speeding trucks as an instrument of their suicide  Although the subject matter is not uncommon among veteran drivers, it's not often a preferred topic of discussion in the chat rooms.

    A  truck driver whose truck has been randomly chosen as the means to anothers' end, may silently struggle for years with the horrific guilt and graphic memories of the incident.
    Our guest tonight on AskTheTrucker Live  is Carolyn Magner Mason, special contributor for Overdrive Magazine.
    Carolyn has recently written the eerily popular “Suicide by Truck” 4 part series for Overdrive Magazine.

    Video of 'Suicide by truck' on I-35E in Texas caught on owner-operator's dashcam.

    Call in tonight and share your thoughts about this topic, whether it be an opinion, or your own personal experience or even near experience of "Suicide by Truck".


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    The Extreme Truckers Show™

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    Join Us for Tonight's Episode of The Extreme Truckers Show™

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    The Extreme Truckers Show™

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    Join us tonight for this weeks episode of The Extreme Truckers Show™


    Tune in and Join the Conversation!

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    The Extreme Truckers Show™

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    Join us tonight for this week's edition of The Extreme Truckers Show™ Tune in and Join the Conversation!

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    Trucking Open Forum - Special Alert to discuss Transportation Bill Amendment

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    Trucking Open Forum - Special Alert to discuss Transportation Bill Amendment
    Special Show Alert Tuesday 11/17/15
    6PM ET  Call in 347-826-9170

    The House Transportation bill has an amendment, which, if approved in the final version of the House and Senate Transportation bill, could be damaging regarding wages of professional drivers. It's called the Denham Amendment 114-21.
    Last week the Truth About Trucking network set out an all out campaign to bring awareness to this harmful amendment.
    Listen to Saturdays Denham Amendment segment on AskTheTrucker "Live' here

    We have been joined by many, including TruckersUnited.org, the Professional Truckers Association Group, and thousands of drivers throughout the country.  But still many are confused as to what the repercussions affecting drivers will be.

    Today, OOIDA announced their strong opposition to the Denham Amendment sending a call to action to their members, claiming  it would unravel mandated fair-pay for drivers and would empower large carriers to further reduce driver wages. THey also said that It would also gut the ability for states to address critical items like payment for detention time, safety training and medical examinations or other costs associated with licensing procedures.

    Tonight we have an additional to our regularly scheduled show to discuss the Denham Amendment and further explain what it would mean to professional drivers if added to the final version of the Transportation bill.

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    AskTheTrucker ‘Live” Addressing Crucial Trucking Topics for Professional Drivers

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    Sat11-14-15 6PM ET 347-826-9170
    2 crucial topics-professional drivers need to be aware

    Mikes Law-  A gun law which would allow professional drivers to have a Federal Gun Permit, which would override state reciprocity laws, thus allowing legal gun carry in all 48 states.
    The Denham Amendment, which was slipped in to the House of Representatives  Transportation Bill and could have detrimental repercussions on the wages of Professional Drivers.  

    Our 1st guest will be James Lamb of the Small business in Transportation Coalition (SBTC) who introduced Mikes Law in July of 2014, after the tragic death of professional driver Michael Boeglin was shot and killed while waiting to load. 

    Mike’s Law bill for Americans working in interstate commerce, protects and promotes the Second and Fourteenth Amendment Rights of Americans working in interstate commerce, allowing them to be able to carry firearms for self protection nationwide.

    Our 2nd guest will be Aashish Desai of the Desai Law Firm.  An attorney and advocate, Mr Desai represents thousands of truck drivers in wage disputes and will explain the repercussions of the Denham Amendment which crept into the U.S. House Transportation bill, passed Nov 4th.
    The Denham Amendment, introduced by Representative Jeff Denham (R-CA), introduced legislation which could substantially reduce the amount truckers are compensated for all time & eliminate their right to take breaks under the laws of their state.

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    Women Truckers Roundtable: Hours of Service Suspension

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    TOPIC: Suspension of the July 2013 Hours of Service Changes

    The Women Truckers Network Discusses "The Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act of 2015" which was enacted on December 16, 2014, suspending enforcement of requirements for use of the 34-hour restart as it was defined in July 2013. The sudden change left many drivers confused about what components were included, AND left out of the "deal" made by the American Trucking Association (ATA) lobby group and Senator Susan Collins (R-ME). 

    While overall, truck drivers are in favor of the mandates that were enacted in the 2013 restart, clarification to the people these federal regulations affect remained cloudy. Where did the number 82 come from? IS the 30 minute break part of this decision? What happens if you are stopped by the DOT and they have not been advised of the change?

    The WTN shares 1st hand experiences with the restart and other observations on protecting yourself during the transition while awaiting the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to publish the new rules. This podcast recording was created prior to the FMCSA posting a final rule. You can now locate them on the internet using this link: Summary of Hours of Service Regulations

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    Owner Operators CAN afford Private Health Insurance -Including low deductibles

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    Thursday Nov 5th 6PM ET   347-826-9170
    Owner Operators  CAN Afford Private Health Insurance

    The lifestyle of the professional driver has led to many illnesses over the years, no one disputes that.

    A main concern and challenge for many drivers, and a major reason for not taking care of their health, is the exorbitant cost for Health Care Coverage. So what do they do? They go without.

    Many Owner Operators have attempted to take advantage of tax credits, reduced cost health insurance, only to be misinformed and rejected, often told they did not qualify for a reduced rate, when in fact they most definitely did!
    Tonight we will explain why this happens and how to avoid this path.

    Our guest tonight, Trey Walker from PayPlans & Benefits, will explain how Owner Operators CAN afford and obtain full  Private Health Insurance with low deductibles and low co-pays, most often for under $100.00/month, This includes those who have been previously told that they did not qualify for a tax credit.

    Mr Walker will also share with us how and why he has personally guided many drivers onto the correct path in order to obtain the affordable health care they need, without needing to go through the maze of the government website.

    Unlike others, PayPlans & Benefits is unique to the trucking industry as they use their own software and are licensed in all 48 states.  This means you are never directed to someone else and you always have customer service.
     In other words, You start with PayPlans & Benefits  and end with PayPlans & Benefits.

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    Tips for Lady Truckers to Deal with Menopause and Stress

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    Guest: Lynda Maschek 

    Dealing with life and body changes as a "Over the Road" trucker while contending with dictated federal regulations on sleep breaks makes it a challenge to get enough rest during designated rest periods.

    These health tips for lady drivers who are going through Menopause help to educate us on taking better care of our health.