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    Gary Thome - HP - Intel Xeon processor E5 launch

    in Technology

    Allyson Chats with Gary Thome, Chief Architect, Infrastructure Software and Blades/VP of Strategy from HP, about the launch of the new HP Proliant Gen8 servers based on the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family.

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    Blood Cleansing

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    This is about cleansing and detoxing your entire system because from toxins and overload.of every kind .We are junk eaters for the most part we eat some things we do not call junk but they are.Let us think about white sugar ,white flour,white bread and all processed foods.Bleached and fungus foodsOur body stores so much waste that when we have diarrehea or constipation it is just the body trying to get rid of unwanted foods and this is why it is essential to detox.Years ago our parents gave us a purge or a washout as it is called in some cultures and we also got dewormed after the sumer holidays.Now we are told that it is not necessary to take a laxitave because when we eat the food is sufficent to help us eliminate.However;then it was also  said that 75%of all diseases starts in the colon but now I read a report that it is almost 95% that starts in the colon.So it tell us that as we eat as digestion starts in the mouth and the body stores what it needs we must eliminated the waste.Let us say for instant that you had 3 meals and you eliminated one where are the other 2 stuck in your colon causing bad Breath and Acne and irritability and mood swings  to name a few.

    I have also read one report which many of you might have about Cancer being related to parasites.Years ago many of you afre too young to remember we had out houses,well we know thome here as portable toilets.Now imagine that those portable out houses were not emptied for days do you know what would haappen they woluld parasitesd and that,s exactaly what happens when you become constipated and you blood is not cleansed. Thaking our Blood Purfier and our Colon Care would help greatly with these discomforts and brighten our day.

    There are certain things tha cause minor issues White Sugar. White Rice,and most procesed foods.Candie that you give your kids can be alternated with natural candie sweetened with real brown sugar,stevia or natural honey.

    Diane T G. Gomez

  • Carly Alysas Thome on Win's Women of Wisdom

    in Motivation

    On Win's Women of Wisdom today, Best Selling Author, Win Kelly Charles welcomes Carly Alysas Thome. She lives her life to Empower, Motivate, Inspire and educate others. Carly is passionate about Conscious Business Collaborations of the Mind, Body, Business and Spirit, as it is all interconnected. Carly’s Personal and Business Coaching teaches the blending and bridging of the East and the West in a grounded practical applicable way. Taking Clients and Businesses through a process she calls “Cocoon to Flight Through Learning, Playing and Growing Through Creative Conscious Co-Creation...” Although, Carly’s tag lines may lean too much towards towards the Spiritual for some she is known as “Straight Talk with Carly Alyssa Thorne.” Carly is all about Actions and Collaborations and making things happen. Beginning her career in the early 90’s working with small businesses, executives, speakers and the entertainment business, She spends her time doing what she is passionate about – Consulting with clients on time and organizational management, self-development and business development. Carly also still actively interviews authors, speakers, and businesses as she loves doing it and loves to learn from others. Carly is also an avid Writer, Author, Speaker, Producer, Director, and Nature photographer. Visit Carly's website http://akashicrecordsinstitute.com/. Visit http://www.authorwincharles.com to learn more about your host. FOLLOW: this program http://www.blogtalkradio.com/winswomenofwisdom

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    Phils Hot Stove

    in Sports

    Coming at you bro! J-roll? Thome back! Cuddyer coming? Let's gooo!!!

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    West Point 1968 44th Graduation Anniversary Reflection

    in Health

     June 5, 1968 was graduation day for the West Point Class of 1968 whose numbers include Dr Synonymous (A. Patrick Jonas, MD).  In this show Dr Jonas plays some music to have time to answer a page from a patient and get his dog away from eating his magazines and papers, then reflects on June 5, 1968 and Graduation Day at West Point.
    He then reads written comments from several of his classmates from Both Sides of the Wall: Reflections of the West Point Class of 1968 edited by Remy Benoit.  These include comments from Bob Merritt, Howard McElroy, Dutch Hostler, George Ziots, Nellie Laughton, Rich Goodell, Victor Hiatt, Gil Jacobs, Marv Belasco, Ross Irvin, Jess Gatlin, Bob Szigethy, Jim Thome, Mike Thuss.
    Duty, Honor, Country.  I'm proud to have hac an opportunity to serve in the Army and  to continue to serve such a great country.

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    Sports talk and discussion with an attitude for the knowledgeable sports fan. Today we will discuss NFL preseason, MLB division races, NCAA college football, and Jim Thome reaching the 600 homer mark. 

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    August 17: Alphabet Soup Filled With U's

    in Sports

    A letter is all that is really needed to describe this episode. What comes after "T" and before "V?" You guessed it, "U." However, the "U" stands for much more than just another letter in the alphabet. Sports fans know this letter to mean arrogance, a college football dynasty, a filter for the NFL Draft, a place represented by legends, and so much more. In the wake of the Ohio State drama and several other notable "power house" programs forced to live under a cloud of scandal in recent years, damaging reports have surfaced claiming the University of Miami might actually be the ring leader in terms of NCAA violations. Mike and George will discuss their thoughts and the latest developments. If the accusations are true, what should be the punishment? The NCAA has handed down the death penalty before. Are Miami's transgressions worthy of the same fate SMU was once delivered? Will this spark a second version of "The U" ESPN 30 for 30 film? The Howitzer and Buzz-saw plan to unleash their furry on college football as we know it. To cast a bright light over this HBS, MLB has a new member in one of its most prestigious clubs. Jim Thome became the 8th man to surpass 600 career home runs. How should this accomplishment be viewed? Where is Thome's place in baseball history? The Buzz-saw loves to reflect on the ultimate stat games past and put each players numbers in the proper perspective. No need to wonder - for the best sports banter around, look no further than the Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show. Conquering sports radio, one day at a time....

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    The Sports Kritik!!!

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    The show where sports society collides returns for another episode. Jerzeeworld of Sportzfam.com joins me as my worthy co-host. The lefty report resurfaces at the top of the show. The Silent Partner chimes in as well so the GANG's all here. We will discuss week one of the preseason and the performance of some of the rookie QB's. The NBA lockout, is it getting the same attention as the NFL lockout did? Will fans care as much if they lock out? What about players taking their talents overseas? Super conferences in college football. Are they inevitiable? Jim Thome's 600 career home run. Do fans stil dig the long ball? Terrelle Pryor's plight on getting into the supplemental draft. Who's fault is it really? Tressel or Pryor's? Power packed show for tonight!! Join us!!

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    Birds Eye View - Sunday Sports Live Mar 25,2012- 7pm EST

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    Downeys on South Street hosts The Birds Eye View tonight at 7 pm. We will be down there and on air doing Trivia and giving away trivia prizes. Ill talk Demeco Ryans some more and what that means to the Eagles draft strategy.
    The Flyers clinch a playoff berth with a win over the Habs last night and the Sixers face off against the Spurs tonight . 
    In Spring Training action-Chase Utley speaks and Jim Thome plays his first action in the field today. 
    We will look at Phils prospects and stump Jerry on a special trivia question ,conguered up just for him.
    Buckets of 5 Bud or Miller Lights are just 5 bucks and the food down at Downeys is great ! Come gather up some Eagles swag and meet the crew. Ill be joined by Scott Ciglinsky (phillysportsspace.com) and Ray Moffo(WNJC,Sports Maniacs) , Quigs , Shark, Tatman, and many more ....
    Call in Number is 323 927 2917  

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    Phils Hot Stove

    in Sports

    Latest in Phils free agency rumors and fart boxes