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    Original Football Guru

    in Sports

    Original Football Guru / February 2nd

    Chris Bellina discusses Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, NFL and NFL Hall of Fame topics at 9:00pm ET/6:00pm PT

    NFL & NFL Playoffs

    * Johnny Manziel

    * Super Bowl

    * Cam Newton

    * Calvin Johnson

    * Best team to lose a Super Bowl in last 49 years

    * Worst team to win a Super Bowl in last 49 years

    * Who gets in the NFL Hall of Fame

    * Ted Ginn

    * Terrell Owens

    www.SportzAddix.com 646-378-1303


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    Original Football Guru

    in Sports

    Original Football Guru / January 26th

    Chris Bellina discusses Fantasy Football, Fan Duel, NFL & NFL Playoffs topics at 9:00pm ET/6:00pm PT

    Fantasy Football

    * Who would you rather start a fantasy team with?  Brady or PManning

    * Who would you rather start a fantasy team with?  Cam or Russell

    Fan Duel

    * How Guru fared this past week with 4 teams

    NFL & NFL Playoffs

    * The legacy of Peyton Manning

    * The legacy of Tom Brady

    * The legacy of Ben Roethlisberger

    * Which non-playoff team will be a playoff team in 2016 for the AFC

    * Which non-playoff team will be a playoff team in 2016 for the NFC

    * What long-term affect will the blowout have on the Cardinals

    * Is Cam Newton and Russell Wilson the next generation of quarterbacks

    * Who would you rather start a franchise team with?  Brady or PManning

    * Who would you rather start a franchise team with?  Cam or Russell

    * Mike Vrabel turns down 49ers

    * Danny Amendola fined for hit during punt return

    * Gus Bradley gets 1-year extension

    * Who comes back to the final 4 in 2016

    * Seahawk fullback, Derrick Coleman could face vehicular assault and hit-and-run charges

    * Guru gives his 5 most improved players of 2015

    * 2017 Super Bowl contenders

    www.SportzAddix.com 646-378-1303


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    Original Football Guru

    in Sports

    Original Football Guru / January 19th

    Chris Bellina discusses DXL, Fan Duel and NFL topics at 9:00pm ET / 6:00pm PT

    Fan Duel

    * How Guru fared this past week

    * Players Guru picked for Conference Championships


    * Chiefs / Redskins

    * Packers / Cardinals

    * Seahawks / Panthers

    * Steelers / Broncos

    * Conference Championship Games

    Fantasy Football

    * Guru answers all fantasy football questions

    www.SportzAddix.com 646-378-1303


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    Cosmic Contact with Pam and Deborah Stelfox Spiritual Love Guru/Numerologist

    in Spirituality

    elcome Everyone to the Cosmic Contacts Show with Pam. Valentine's Day is right around the corner and with love in the air we have Seattle's very own spiritual love guru, Deborah Stelfox. Deborah is the owner of Divine Matchmaker, a boutique matchmaking company that specializes in working with spiritual progressives. Not only does she love bringing people together for love but she is a great relationship coach and just happens to be a professional numerologist. So if you would like insightful and wise counsel on your love emergencies and challenges, or fancy the idea of a quickie numerology reading on yourself, or a compatibility on your relationship, please give us a call and join the fun with a real live cupid! If you have a question you must call 347-838-9142, Annie the Moderator will get you in. Deborah's contact info:stelritz@foxinternet.net 425-788-8187


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    Awakening Through The Heart Chakra of Love

    in Self Help

    Chakras are energy & spiritual centers in the human body which are connected with our life force energy. They are the gateways to being spiritually, emotionally, mentally & physically balanced.

    On this show we will open with a 5min. meditation & explore the Heart Chakra, it's functions and how to Embrace Love through this Chakra!

    Tracey Clark, aka ‘Butterfly’ is a very powerful Energetic Healer, Medical Massage Practitioner, Reiki Master & Intuitive Healer and will be our guest speaker.

    Tune-in an become more Enlightened!

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    Orignial Football Guru

    in Sports

    Original Football Guru / January 12th

    Chris Bellina discusses NFL and Fantasy Football at 9:00pm ET/6:00pm PT

    NFL Playoffs

    * This past weekend’s outcomes

                - Packers @ Redskins

                - Seahawks @ Vikings

                - Steelers @ Bengals

                - Chiefs @ Texans

    * This upcoming week’s games

                - Chiefs @ Patriots

                - Packers @ Cardinals

                - Seahawks @ Panthers

                - Steelers @ Broncos

    * NFL

    - Vontaze Burfict – Suspended three games

    Fantasy Football

    * Other things happening in Fantasy Football for the 2016 season

    www.SportzAddix.com 646-378-1303


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    Life of Love Bible Study With Minister Lakisha Thomas

    in Prayer


                                Recharge, Refuel... Refill on theWord of God in 30 minutes or less

                                        ****LISTEN LIVE  TONIGHT (WEDNESDAY)8:30p(est)****




    Minister Lakisha Thomas is the Youth Minister at Lakeside Atl in Austell, Georgia. She is also the Founder of Life Of Love Ministries and Host of The Life Of Love Radio Show.

    Minister Lakisha delivers the Word Of God with Boldness &humor. She gives practical application to grow in relationship with The Lord and belives that we all should Live a Life Of Love with God and one another.

    You can join Minister Lakisha for bible study evey Wednesday at 8:30p(Eastern Standard Time) and Hear the Life of Love Radio Show every Friday at 12:00p(Eastern Standard Time)

    Are you in the Greater Atlanta area? Are you looking for a Youth Ministry to get your teenager to grow in realationship with The Lord? Join Evolve Youth Ministry at Lakeside Atl every 2nd and 3rd Sunday ( 2450 Clay Road, Austell Georgia) www.LakesideAtl.com


    Contact/Booking Info:

    (678) 961-4890



    #LifeOfLoveLol #LifeOfLakisha #LoveAlwaysLakisha

    Facebook: LifeOfLoveLol

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    The Gift of Love

    in Family

    As the world is rushing around buying gifts and preparing for loved ones during the Holiday Season, let us think about the gift of love that we have been given both spiritually and naturally. Love is a TRUE gift when it is given and received correctly. Tune in to the So In Love Show, live with your hosts, Hector and Cassandra Foy as we talk about how you are loving.

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    Love From A Biblical Perspective

    in Relationships

    Jerrod Lowry, pastor of Community of Grace Presbyterian Church, will be joining us to talk about love from a biblical perspective.  We will talk about fellowship, community, faith and love for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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    Love Burns...with Charity Trueheart and Gwendolyn Lovequest

    in Entertainment

    They're plucking Cupid's heartstrings...Love Burns style...tonight...9 central, 10 eastern...Live...your Valentines Day pre-emptive strike...love it or hate it...Charity and Gwendolyn are tackling the honorary holiday of love...one letter at a time. This week, they have a special guest...the queen of romance and suspense...author Nancy Naigle. No script...no net...flying alongside Cupid...minus the wings..

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    The Love Journey Inc

    in Spirituality

    The Love Journey, Inc reminds us that Love is the only answer. We recognize that we are DIVINE by nature, realizing that WE ARE THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF GOD. Learning to live full out