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    Master Writer James W. Hall on "The Big Finish" presented by Authors on the Air

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    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack is honored to present award-winning author, Professor James W. Hall. Jims is an international best-selling and much awarded writer who is the creator of the "Thorn" series about an off-the-grid loner who lives a fairly primitive existence in Key Largo, FL.  Mr. Hall has received the Edgar and Shamus awards for his novels.  He is also a poet and writing professor.  Please visit Mr. Hall's Amazon page at http://amzn.to/11gtv5i. This is a LIVE broadcast (with podcast available On Demand).  To speak with guest James Hall please call 347-633-9609.

    Underwriting for this exclusive interview generously provided by Michael Lowndes at PML Media and Author Marketing Hub.  Find them on the web at http://plmedia.com and http://authormarketinghub.com.  Theme music created and played by author Robert Gregory Browne. On the web at http://robertgregorybrowne.com. Thank you to sponsor Discount Pets and Supplies in Lee County, Florida - shipping holistic, natural PABA-free pet foods and supplies around the country,  On the web at http://discountpetsandsupplies.com.

    This is a copyrighted, trademarked podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.  Visit our website at http://www.authorsontheair.com. We are on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/authorsontheair and give us a Tweet @authorsontheair.

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    Money, Let's Go Get It!!!!

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    Dr. Steve Branch will shed some light on ways to generate a supplement income full or part-time. If you are a loner, fixated on living in box then money is not one of your Friends. However, if you don't want to stay in a job you dislike because you can't afford to leave, or if you simply want vacation money, tune in to find out how you can begin to live your dreams. Everybody needs MONEY! We can't live on this planet unless we have it! Traditional Jobs have been a thing of the past for years. A Family will not be able to support itself if we don't generate a supplement cash flow on the side.

    I’ve not held down a 9 to 5 job in over 17 years and it feels good to have my own. I'd been looking for something new and this I think is the vehicle. I'm always trying to empower individuals because divorces, domestic violence, homelessness, and poverty stems from the lack of that five letter word MONEY, so let's go get it and get our STUFF back. www.businesswithval.com

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    Motivational Catalyst Ophelia Uke Joins Living Purposely with Stacy Y Whyte

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    Ophelia Uke is a Motivational Catalyst and an Author. Writing was always an eye-opening outlet for expressing her feelings. Not only was it a coping mechanism, but also it was something she grew extremely passionate about. Growing up, she was referred to as a loner, not desiring the need of a lot of friends. However, she desperately desired acceptance. Vocalizing her feelings was not something she did. Rather Ophelia sat in her emotions good and bad alike. Yet she was estranged from who she truly was. Ophelia loved to uplift, encourage, motivate, empower, and inspire others. She could never stand to see the pain of another, especially if they mimicked the ones that were chained to her. With that realization, she found her purpose, but first, she had to fix herself. Ophelia became a writer, because she finally found her voice, and through her words, she saw how she was able to inspire others.


    Stacy is a Life-Relationship Coach that helps women to restore their hope, faith and confidence through reflective writing and life coaching. She is a motivational catalyst that believes in empowering women to live their best lives by stepping out by faith to fulfill their purpose.

    Stacy has experienced many setbacks, trials and tragedies along her journey. She knows pain first hand and as result she has dedicated her life to helping other women to rise above adverisities. For Stacy, the challenges has helped to shape her life, gave her the strength to pursue the dreams and God molded her character to not simply settle but work towards being the best and accomplishing greatness.

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    WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Author Rob Sinclair

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      "Carl Logan was the perfect agent. A loner, with no real friends or family, he was trained to deal with any situation with cold efficiency, devoid of emotion. But Logan isn't the man he used to be, or the asset he once was. Five months ago his life changed forever when he was captured, tortured and left for dead by Youssef Selim, one of the world's most violent terrorists. When Selim mysteriously reappears in Paris, linked to the kidnapping of America's Attorney General, Logan smells his chance for revenge. Pursuing his man relentlessly, oblivious to the growing trail of destruction that he leaves in his wake, Logan delves increasingly deep into the web of lies and deceit surrounding the kidnapping. Finally, he comes to learn just what it means to Dance with the Enemy."

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    Universal Law & Life Path Personalities

    in Spirituality

    On the July 23, 2014 edition of "Nature of Reality Radio" I ride solo to discuss Universal Laws and Life Paths that people choose, courtesy of some articles at http://in5d.com/20-universal-laws.html and http://www.in5d.com/which-life-theme-did-you-choose.html

    I go into great detail on how the universe actually works from a standpoint of "laws of metaphysics" and talk about many different personalities that people have while they experience life as a human.

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    Evangelist Yulander Dedicates Show 2 myGodmother who DIED 5/1/14-Juanita Hudson

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    Someone Very Dear to my Heart has DIED! This Exceptional and Wonderful Woman who Loved GOD above "ALL" things was my Godmother-Juanita Hudson. Godmother died May 1, 2014 at 11:50pm in the hospital with her daughter Val and grandaughter Taylor there by her side. Juanita had recently come to be diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Catching a cold where Fluid filled her lungs causing her to go into the hospital is where this Disease of Cancer manifested to have progressed into hr bones and her organs began to fail. Godmother FOUGHT a Good Fight to Live loner than the doctors said she would. In her fight to get well-she continued to say--I want to "LIVE"

    The Angels from Heaven came to Lift her up to the Pearly Gates of Heaven Thursday night 5/1/14. God knew best and her date to be with him was already set. Today I Dedicate my Radio Show to the Legacy of her Life and how she Impacted so many with Joy, Love and Happiness.



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    Poetry with Michelle Bradshaw

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    Michelle Bradshaw is a Native New Yorker; born and raised in the Bronx by my mom and stepfather. I'm a middle child with two sister's. I've always been different and didn't feel comfortable in my skin. Never really felt like I belonged anywhere so I became a loner. 

    This blessing in disguise gave me the chance to write about my experiences and my feelings. I started writing poetry as a young teen and as a young adult my words took on a lyrical form. 

    This is my first Spoken Word CD and I did it as a way to help heal my spirit. I didn't plan to ever play it for anyone but a bigger plan for my life it taking place.

    Website: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/mbradshaw 
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thelyrical1 


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        RIP vol. 1: Choices After Death

    Ghosts are people, too, but not all ghosts choose to be good people.

       Rip Cooper must overcome his fears and kill dead people to prevent them from corrupting the living. This young loner learns he can perceive ghosts with his five senses as if they were flesh and blood, and he's just as solid to them -- pretty much the only solid thing, in fact. He works alongside an impure "angel" and his ex-best friend's ex-girlfriend as they teach him how love can lead to strength.

    RIP vol. 1: Choices After Death features the first four novelettes in this coming-of-age and redemption story: "Touch," "Alone," "The Crazy Line," and "Point B," plus the short story "Strength."


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    Introducing: Author Michelle Bradshaw

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    Michelle Bradshaw, a Native New Yorker born and raised in the Bronx by her mother and stepfather. Middle child of three girls, who often felt unheard, so she began writing Poetry at age 13 as a result of her experiences.
    By the age of 19 her poems took on a lyrical form and she found another outlet in songwriting. She’s always felt awkward in crowds and uncomfortable in her own skin, causing her to become a loner. She spent many years keeping people at a distance, and slowly drifting into seclusion that would soon lead to depression. She’s had her share of emotional battles and now she has emerged on the other side. She has a voice and so much to share about her life's experiences.
    She wrote Who I Am for self-healing. It is a reflection of her experiences. She was ready to share her most intimate feelings; to connect with anyone who could relate to them.  She has words to relate to the young girl raised without her dad, the teenager trying to find her way and anyone who has loved, hurt or been through emotional trauma.
    Join us this Sunday as we "Showcase" Michelle Bradshaw

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    Author James W. Hall. Best-seller. Award-winner. Thriller novelist.

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    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes the incomparable James W. Hall to the studio for a chat about his books, characters and what he's up to now!   Here's a little bit about Jim.    James W. Hall was born in Kentucky, and graduated from Florida Presbyterian College with a B.A. in literature, and a deep love of Florida. He went on to earn an M.A. from Johns Hopkins University and a Ph.D. from the University of Utah, then returned to Florida to teach literature and creative writing at Florida International University for the next 36 years. During that time he published four books of poetry, a collection of short stories, a book of essays, and seventeen novels--most of which feature an enigmatic loner named Thorn. Hall was a Fulbright professor in Spain and is the winner of both the Edgar Award and the Shamus.

    We'll be discussing Mr. Hall's just released book "Going Dark" and one  lucky listener will win a signed hard cover along with a bonus book.  

    http://ww.authorsontheair.com  This is a copyrighted podcast owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC. Produced by Pam Stack.



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    Virtual Vision FM with Ray Jorden, Paranormal Investigator

    in Spirituality

    Since Ray can remember, he knew there was something different about him that made himself a loner at times.  He can recall vividly playing alone, or with his cousin in the cellar of his grandfather's large house.  To them it was a like a wonderful full of possessions and memorabilia collected over the years and we were talking to a man who had served in the Battle of the Somme war.
    His passions for the paranormal eventually lead to opportunities such as filming with BBC3 talent department, being asked to appear on the Graham Norton Show (which Ray and his team declined) filming as part of the Vision News paranormal team 'Vision Paranormal', previously to this Ray starred in a very minor role in the UK based film as a Russian soldier called Nine Dead Gay Guys, a British comedy by 9 Films starring Stephen Berkoff and Carol Decker.  He also went behind the scenes of the Living TV series called Ghost Towns which was filming in Salisbury and was later asked to be a future advisory on a forth coming television episode.
    Writing is a passion of Ray which has lead to him to have his own bi-monthly column called Ray Jorden Interviews in the UK publication, Ghost Voices Magazine, which Ray has been writing in for over two years since issue One, interviewing people within the paranormal .
     For more information please visit Ray's website at www.rayjorden.com

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