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  • 01:43

    The Swag Differential. Urban Therapy with Sun #177

    in Lifestyle

    The way that a person carries themselves is what separates them from the rest of the common folk out there. It's your personality. It's who you are. Some call it your swagger or swag for short.

    It's something that is tailored to you even though many atempts are often made to duplicate others. Sometimes copycats have been successful at copying someone else's swag. R. Kelly did a number on Aaron Hall's gimmick and did it to death. He left Aaron in the dust.

    Most of the time it doesn't happen that way though. Your swag is what either allows you to get away with murder or will stop you at every petty crime you try to commit. Everybody can't do what somebodyelse can do.

    There can be a variety of things that separate your swag from somebody else's. It can be the way that you walk or talk or hold a drink. It can be the way that you treat people or the way that you dress. It can be the way that youtake care of yourself orthe way that you greet people. It can be the way that you conduct business or the way that you handle a conversation. It can be so many things that it's not often necessary to nail it down to just one thing.

    Your swag is you. It's how people identify you. It's what gets you included in things or gets you left out of stuff.

    Your swag is what you get when you have identified yourself and have gotten comfortable with yourself.

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    The Baltimore Soccer Report: Indoor Edition

    in Sports

    Join Ryan Collett and Bill Criss as they talk all things MASL with a focus on the Baltimore Blast.Tonight's special guest is Todd Karpovich of the Baltimore Sun. 

    Tonight's discussion will look to feature a discussion about the Blast's pending move to the IPL. In addition we will talk all things MASL and the pending MASL playoffs.

    As always feel free to join in.

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    The Baltimore Soccer Report- Championship Edition

    in Sports

    Ryan Collett and Bill Criss are back again and that means 1 thing ! The Baltimore Blast are the new MASL Ron Newman Cup champions! Join us as we talk about the exciting Ron Newman Cup finale which saw Baltimore prevail of Soles De Sonora. 

    As always please feel free to join us to give your thoughts on the finale and what may be in store for the Baltimore Blast next year ! 

    This will be the season finale of the Baltimore Soccer Report for the 2015-2016 MASL season. 

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    The Baltimore Soccer Report- Championship Edition

    in Sports

    Join Ryan Collett and Bill Criss as we chat about all things MASL Soccer playoffs. Tonight's episode will feature a discussion about the current championship series between the Baltimore Blast and Soles De.Sonora. Current the Baltimore Blast are up 1 game to 0 over Sonora with the Blast looking to put another championship on the resume which includes championships from both the NPSL and MISL. 

    The Blast will have a challenge on their hands as they head off to Mexico where Soles De Sonora will hold the home field advantage for the remainder of the series. 

    As always, feel free to call in to discuss your comments, or questions that you may have.

  • 02:13

    Stalking or Very Aggressive Loving Attention? Urban Therapy with Sun

    in Lifestyle

    Can stalking be looked at as love? Was it love at one time that got out of hand? What brings a person to the point that they decide to watch someone's every move? Follow them around and risk their freedom? What goes on in the brain that makes a person think that it's okay to stalk? Why do they seem to be so fearless? 

    At what point does a person become a stalker? Does it only happen when things start to go bad in a relationship?

    Are stalkers deeply in love or is stalking all about power?

    How do stalkers go from one relationship to another? As silly of a question as it might be, do stalkers ever stop stalking one person before they start stalking another?

    What about the victims of stalking? Can they ever feel comfortable? Can they ever trust again? Have they brought on stalking in some way? Can be a victim and a problem at the same time?

    Can a person who has been stalked ever lead a normal life and trust in a relationship again?

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    Baltimore Sports Talk - Os' Undefeated - Who Knew?!

    in Sports

    Hosts Rob McQuay and Goeff Cowles talk about the Baltimore Orioles as the Birds find themselves as the only undefeated team in the Major Leagues after the first week.

    Call us at 323-410-0028 to chime in on the discussion.

    Many pundits have the Orioles finishing in last place in the American League East with a losing record, but so far the O's are proving them wrong. How long can it last? Give us a call and let us know!!

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    Showing No Emotion. Urban Therapy with Sun #175

    in Lifestyle

    We know that people try hard to hide their battles with depression and sadness. We also know that most people who do it fail to hide it well. It's one of those things that shine through regardless of the effort that they put forth.

    Did you know that people also try to hide their happiness too? Some people don't feel comfortable expressing their happiness in front of others because they think that people might tease them or think that they're weak. A lot of it is centered around trust. 

    What's it like to not be able to express the way you feel in front of anyone? How restrictive of a feeling is that on the inside?

    What kinds of things must have happened to a person to make them feel like they shouldn't express the way they feel for any reason?

    Is it abuse? Has to be right? 

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    sIgnOtHeTiMeS Blogtalk w BROTHERS OF THE SUN Freedom Movement

    in Motivation

    sIgnOtHeTiMeS Blogtalk w BROTHERS OF THE SUN Freedom Movement TONIGHT Friday April 29, 2016 6pmeastern 5central 3pacific please join the Brothers of the Sun Freedom Movement as we engage in wrapping up another successful week of broadcasting here on SIgnOtHeTiMeS Blogtalk Radio and the Nu Power Radio Network. Until we are all free, none of us are free. The upliftmen of our Brothers is not up to any else except us! Join us in the conversation. Learn how important you are to the cause. The number to dial is 917-889-8059 and please don't forget to push 1 to come into the conversation. See you on the airwaves! QT

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    Baltimore Soccer Report: Playoff Edition

    in Sports

    It's another multi-national final in the Major Arena Soccer League! Bill and Ryan break down the Baltimore Blast's comeback efforts and give their takes on expansion franchise Soles de Sonora making it to the Championship Round. Tune in tonight at 8 p.m. EST.

  • 00:34

    Baltimore Sports Talk - Easter Monday!

    in Sports

    Join Geoff Cowles and Rob McQuay for an Easter Monday discussion of Baltimore Sports...or anything else on your mind!

    The Final Four is set and the Orioles are making moves in preparation for Opening Day which is a week from today!!

    Give us a call at 323-410-0028 to join the conversation and put your two cents in.

  • 01:02

    The Baltimore Soccer Report: Championship Round Edition

    in Sports

    Join Ryan Collett and Bill Criss as they talk all things MASL Indoor Soccer with a focus on the Baltimore Blast. This week Ryan and Bill will be discussing the upcoming MASL Ron Newman Cup Championship match up between the Baltimore Blast and Soles De Sonora. 

    To join us in this discussion, we have arranged for Karou Forbess of the Baltimore Blast to join us on the show. Karou was a member of last year's Baltimore Blast team that lost in the championship series and will no doubt be looking to avenge that series loss and bring the Ron Newman Cup to Baltimore.