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  • 01:43

    May I Have a Sip From Your Cup: Coffee House

    in Poetry

    Sex: It Is Serious
    Are you sexy? Do you use sex to market your craft?  Why does sex sale?  Why is sex so important to the entertainment industry and what exactly makes someone sexy?  When is the sex that we as artist portray to much?  Let's explore sex in the entertainment industry and in our own lives.
    This show promises to be an interesting ride.  Join in and tell us what you think!!

  • 02:01

    Well I think I'm Healthy...Are You

    in Poetry

    How many of us think that we are healthy, but we are really unsure of the damage that we have caused and are causing to our mind, body and souls every day.  Let's talk about it.  Today at the coffee house we will be discussing how to live life to the fullest and love with all of your heart.  Can't wait to meet you there!!!
    Coffee House

  • 01:54

    A Cup of Education...Got to Love The Coffee House!!

    in Poetry

    Life: Hear Me ROAR
    Educate me please! Fill my cup with knowledge so that time can mature into wisdom and they might both birth understanding in me.
    Please join ThePoetD and The One and Only Bigg O in welcoming this week’s expert guest panelist, contributors and listeners to The Coffee House. Come let us serve up a cup of organization in the mist of Education this Sunday August 12, 2012 at 4:30pm central time.
    For show information or advertising information, please contact us at CoffeeHouseForums@live.com