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    The Pet Place Radio Show Orig. Airdate 5-16-2015 KJAZZ 88.1 FM

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    I’m wondering how many of you have heard about or tried out those instant ride services.  You know, the ones that are alternatives to taxis?  You can actually track where you ride is, when it will get to you, who the driver is, and all the other cool features.  Well, did you know there is a similar service that has to do with dog walking?  I met the folks a ZINGY at pet expo and they offer this unique dog walking service.  But rather than try to explain it all to you myself, I’ve invited Tobi Skovron, the CEO of Zingy to come by and give us all the details. Then after our halftime break, Michael Wollner, the VP and Director of Marketing for RSQUE BRAND, Inc. is going to stop by and tell us the amazing story of Gustav, the miracle Rescue Dog and how this amazing canine inspires his business. 

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    Amazon Testing Taxis for Deliveries

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    Forget UPS and the Postal Service, your next Amazon.com package may arrive in a taxi. Tom Ortuso has that story and more.

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    LIVE! with Cathi---Color Potpourri

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    WHO KNEW???

    Did you ever wonder why soccer balls are black and white---go back to 1970 World Cup in Mexico, the first of its kind to be broadcast live on television.  Adidas created the iconic black-and-whie paneled ball intended to catch the eyes of the viewers better than a single colored one.

    Why is the Purple Heart Purple---Why did George Washington opted for the color purple.

    Why are surrender flags white---some believe the peace making symbol comes from ancient times.

    Why are taxis yellow---1905, if you hailed a New York City Cab, a car painted red and green would screech to a halt before you.  

    Rockwell's  cab company, thanks to the wife of the owner suggested the cars be painted yellow.


    Why is bubble gum pink...etc.

    Why is money green...etc.

    Why are karate belts black...etc.

    Why are prison jumpsuits orange...etc.

    Why are ribbons---Matador's cape...and wedding dresses...etc.


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    Beaches, canals, water taxis, palm trees, plus the benign climate of South Florida -- all make Greater Fort Lauderdale a favorite spot for travelers. Learn more when Nicki Grossman joins Dan and Christine on Travel Itch Thursday Aug. 21 at 8p ET on iTunes and BlogTalkRadio.com.

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    When Pat Tillman walked away from an 11 million dollar football contract and took a job paying $17,000 a year fighting for his country. The same people who wanted the military to be tried for homicide in the friendly fire tragedy spit all over Tillman. They call themselves anti war but they really are anti win. McChrystal was thinking of Tillman's family first. Never forget he was responsible for the lives of 100,000 troops.
    We have a president who could not protect four and turned a deaf ear to their calls for a broken arrow. The death of Michael Hastings the reporter was no accident. He was working on an expos`e and was afraid to use his own car.

    Very soon the draft is coming back. There is no other choice. McChrystal could make a great president. Split second decisions in a nuclear war are vital to the survival of the USA. The Russians are here, The Red Chinese are here and Al Queda is here. The Democrats are here.

    We won't be the first country to go to the battlefield in taxis and a business suit. Just ask the French about the Paris draft. Ask the Iraqis about the Kuwait invasion night club draft. I hope we get a good look at McChrystal from an American employer's eyes. Is he the best man for the job? Can he rebuild quickly and recover quickly?
    Can he save lives? Happy Ressurection everybody.


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    Florence on the Go: Bikes, Walks, Buses, & Taxis

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    Jennifer Schwartz and Anthony discuss getting around Florence.  Lots of tips to take advantage of in this segment.  

    1.  Walking with Digi-Florence's app and "off-line" maps

    2.  Taking the Bus with links to the bus schedule

    3.  Taking and Calling a cab with apps to call and book your cab

    4.  Getting from Livorno to Florence if you're a day tripper from a cruise ship.

    5.  The Bike Co-op

    Visit Howtotouritaly.com > Tips > Florence on the Go for all the links you'll need.

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    Luxury' A Remembrance To Be Told...

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    Red Rose Transportation Services, Inc. Limousines, High-End Luxury Coaches, Party Buses and Taxis-Courtesy Vehicles is our main feature within our business model.  For more info on Red Rose Transportation Services, Inc. exclusive membership cards click http://shop.redrosetransportationservices.com for further details. 


    Our Mission is to offer a "Five Star" service that is there when you need to take a vacation from the stresses of life. Our slogan "Luxury' A Remembrance To Be Told" is the company's key to deliver to each one of it's Members.  So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride...a ride you can be sure you'd never forget.  


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    The Super Bowl of Awkward

    in Comedy

    Will Hines, UCB Hero, and "Stepfathers" castmember, takes us on an all access tour of Improv's darkest alleys.  Dean Imperial gives us celebrity gossip heard in Taxis and Ken Wood gets us up to speed on day 2 of the Government Shutdown. 

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    Breaking Worse

    in Comedy

    Pat Dixon, host of the NYC Crime Report, takes a hard look at the crime wave that is overcoming NYC since the fall of stop and frisk. Jimmy Canizzarro, husband of the great Lisa Lampanelli, wraps up the NY sports weekend and tells us about his wife's foray into "The Simpsons." Dean Imperial brings us more celebrity gossip heard inside NYC Taxis.

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    Sexist Gorillas And The Fall Of The U.S Senate

    in Comedy

    Dean Imperial leads us through another white knuckle edition of "Believe It Or Not," where we assess celebrity rumors heard in our Taxis.  Paul  Lacen, professional video gamer and designer of the upcoming "Advent Saga" stops by to face down a few hard truths about America in 2013.  A riot at Yankee Stadium and the end of effective government in our country guest star.

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    Enjoy The Luxuries Of Life Sometimes with Red Rose Transport

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    Red Rose Transportation Services, Inc, is a one of a kind, Limousine, High-End Luxury Coaches, Party Buses and Taxis company.
    We are remaining diligent on our Launch date of April 2014.  With that said, we are accepting 40,000 Exclusive Memberships in order to raise $10 Million Dollars. 
    The cost per Exclusive Membership is $250.  We will accept recurring payments of $50 for 5-consecutive months until March 2014.
    What would you receive for your $250?
    50% Off for the first year (beginning April 2014)
    40% Off for the second year...
    30% Off for the third year...
    25% Off for the fourth year...
    20% Off for the fifth year.
    The remaining years after your fifth year the Discount would remain at 20% for the remainder of your Life-Time Exclusive Membership.  By the end of the fifth year, Exclusive Members will pay an Annual Membership Renewal of $150.
    All interested parties will need to send their Name, Address, Phone and Email information to:  
    We will be able to accept the following forms of payment:
    Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Invoice via Email Address (we send you an Invoice/receipt for payment promised) due within 30 days.
    Additional Topic of Discussion:
    It is equally important to enjoy some R&R from time to time after putting in hard work on your daily jobs.  Take time to enjoy some Luxury in your life.  Take your family on a nice and luxurious outting they perhaps have never had before. For example; our High-End Luxury Coaches will offer: Stove, Refrigerator, Microwave, Entertainment Studio, Jacuzzi/Hot-Tub, Big&Small Flat Screens, His&Her Conciere Suites.
    Questions Incouraged
    We will discuss further details later...so please join us during our up coming broadcasts.