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    Who holds the key[s] to Tartarus? Opening the Portal w/ a NECR💀N💀MIC💀N WITCH

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    'The lies told you are what have led you here, face to face with the father of the lie and truth' ~ Giovanni Sovereigne

    Likewise the abased condition represented by Tartarus should not be confused with “the abyss” into which Satan and his demons are eventually to be cast for the thousand years of Christ’s rule. (Re 20:1-3) The disobedient angels were cast into Tartarus in “Noah’s days” (1Pe 3:20), but some 2,000 years later we find them entreating Jesus “not to order them to go away into the abyss.”—Lu 8:26-31 

    The word “Tartarus” is also used in pre-Christian heathen mythologies. In Homer’s Iliad this mythological Tartarus is represented as an underground prison ‘as far below Hades as earth is below heaven.’ In it were imprisoned the lesser gods, Cronus and the other Titan spirits. The Tartarus of the Bible is not a place but a condition and, therefore, is not the same as this Tartarus of Greek mythology. However, it is worth noting that the mythological Tartarus was presented not as a place for humans but as a place for superhuman creatures. So, in that regard there is a similarity, since the Scriptural Tartarus is clearly not for the detention of human souls, but is only for wicked superhuman spirits who are rebels against God 

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    An Hour with British Magician Jake Stratton-Kent

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    On Thursday May 2ist, 2015 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will present an interview with British author and magician Jake Stratton-Kent. Jake Stratton-Kent is especially noted for his defense and support of the Goetic aspect of ceremonial magick and his research linking this practice to the deities and oracles of ancient Greek mythology, especially the denizens of the underworld or Tartarus ruled by Hades or Pluto. He is more partial to the Grimorium Verum than the Goetia or Lesser Key of Solomon although he stresses that both are essentially Goetic from the ancient Greek word "Goes" meaning a necromancer. So if you want to meet a master of art magical, tune in and spend an hour with maestro Jake Stratton-Kent.

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    JOURNEYS INTO OTHERWORLD with Your Host Nick Nash

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    Nick is back, and he'll be performing his latest 2-part poetic epic entitled THE ELDER KNIGHT OF CHAOS. In part 1, the protagonist finds himself betrayed and helpless. Rescued by the 7 Lords of Amenti, he is tasked with the unthinkable - infiltrate Tartarus and set Sisyphus free, without alerting Lord Pluto. The purpose for such an action is equally incredible. In Part 2, he is faced with another major dilemma - join forces with two of his sworn enemies to ensure freedom of the 12 Christed worlds from the messianic "gods".

    These two pieces have been in the works for a number of months and Nick is extremely pleased to be able to present them as they were intended - performed by him.


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    Episode 707 - Super Friday Massive Deliverance

    in Spirituality

    Are you ready for some deliverance? Tune in tonight from 8-10pm eastern and lets attack some demons and dropkick them to Tartarus in Jesus Christ name

    Pastor John Kyle from The Oasis Church

    www.theoasisplace.org is special guest

    His email is: theoasis1@localnet.com

    Support the ministry by mailing your gift to:

    John Kyle, Po Box 50162 Billings, MT 59105 or paypal: theoasis1@localnet.com


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    Christ's - Descent into Hell

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    When he had thus prayed Jesus said unto him: Bartholomew, my Father did name me Christ, that I might come down upon earth and anoint every man that cometh unto me with the oil of life: and he did call me Jesus that I might heal every sin of them that know not . . . and give unto men (several corrupt words: the
    66 And again Bartholomew saith unto him: Lord, is it lawful for me to reveal these mysteries unto every man? Jesus saith unto him: Bartholomew, my beloved, as many as are faithful and are able to keep them unto themselves, to them mayest thou entrust these things. For some there are that be worthy of them, but there are also other some unto whom it is not fit to entrust them: for they are vain (swaggerers), drunkards, proud, unmerciful, partakers in idolatry, authors of fornication, slanderers, teachers of foolishness, and doing all works that are of the devil, and therefore are they not worthy that these should be entrusted to them.

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    Episode 519 - New Years Eve Special. Massive Deliverance in Jesus name

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    Join me tonight for a MASSIVE DELIVERANCE service conducted by the Late Pastor Win Worley of Hegewisch Baptist Church.

    Tonight on New Years Eve - Instead of Rocking n' Rolling with Dick Clark, Lady Gaga and the rest of the World - Join Omega Man Radio and let's rock the world of the demons and give them a going away party they will never forget and kick them to Tartarus tonight and the Dungeon of the Dragon with a New Years Eve MASSIVE DELIVERANCE Coming Out Party! The demons are going to be ordered to come out in the name of Jesus Christ! Starts at 8pm Eastern

    Websites: www.wrwpublications.com and www.hbcdelivers.org

    Special thanks to Pastor Michael Thierer for permission to air these audios

    Followed by open lines for LIVE EXORCISM of demons in Jesus Christ name

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    The final home of the unrighteous

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    Inner Earth Theory

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    The Greeks talked about Hades - the underworld - a place with at least three compartments. One for "good" people, one for bad and the lowest portion known as Tartarus, the prison of the gods. The Egyptians and Norse told of an underworld inside the earth. And Jesus and St. Peter also made references to such a place in the Bible. Author, Jim Wilhelmsen will be joining us to talk about Inner Earth Theories and UFOs. Watch Jim's videos here: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=0DB53B8446E98860 And be sure to visit: http://www.echoesofenoch.com/

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    The Dave Wescavage show

    in Film

    Join Troubled Moon films producer/writer/director Dave Wescavage as he talks about his films, "Surburban Sasquatch", "Fungicide", "Tartarus", and his newest one "Zombies by Design".


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    Breaking Prophecy News; Where the Dead Are Now, Part 2 (TPDR #461)

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    PROPHECY HEADLINES: Russian military vehicles cross into Ukraine | Study: Only 11 countries are actually at peace | Russia begins war games in far east, angering Japan | WHO: Ebola virus has affected 1 million people | Jewish Agency chairman: World witnessing 'beginning of the end of Jewry in Europe'

    The Bible says in Luke 21:34-35: "And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and [so] that day come upon you unawares. For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth." 

    PROPHECY BOOTCAMP: "Where the Dead Are Now (Part 2)" from Dr. Tim LaHaye 

    The 39 books of the Old Testament refer to the world of the dead 65 times as Sheol. The word may be translated as "the grave," "hell," or "death." Sheol must not be confused with "the pit" or the lake of fire: for Sheol is the place of all those who have departed this life, both believers and unbelievers. The New Testament word for this world of the dead is Hades (which appears 42 times). It is important to note that Sheol and Hades are not really hell, as the King James Version translates it. The Hebrew word Sheol and the Greek word Hades both refer to the same temporary place, whereas hell is a permanent place that lasts forever. 

    Tartarus, a word that occurs only once in the entire Bible (in 2 Peter 2:4), is defined by Bible scholars as "the deepest abyss of Hades." Admittedly we don't know much about that deep abyss, except that, as part of Hades, it too is probably temporary. 


    OCCUPY TILL I COME: "Waiting on the Second Coming -- Whatever Became of Integrity (Part 10)" by Ray C. Stedman 

    MUSICAL SELECTION: "The King is Coming" by Newsboys