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    The Infinite Knowledge is Power Show

    in Lifestyle

    Today we have Dr Deborah McGill on the Infinite Knowledge is Power Show, hosted by Michael Alpough aka Phoenix Diamond.

    "Dr Deb" has been helping heal peoples hearts since 2000. When you've been to everyone else, people end up with her. She will talk about what to do when the ultimate crisis happens to you or a friend or family member. Don't miss this show. You can listen later on archive.

    The IKPS begins 7PM Eastern 4PM. Today the show is one hour. 

    Tomorrow we have a 2 hour show with Dr Mary Martin and PEMF expert Curtis Ainsworth. 

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    The Infinite Knowledge is Power Show

    in Lifestyle

    Starting April 11th 7PM to 9PM Eastern, 4PM to 6 PM  Pacific Monday thru Friday.

     The Infinite Knowledge is Power Show hosted by Michael Alpough AKA Phoenix Diamond, PEMF expert and Spiritual Ufologist.

    Jim Nichols, author, artist , UFO investigative film maker with over 15 films to his credit, TV and radio host will guest. Jim is a regular on Jeff Rense and has over 10,000,000 (UFOTV.com) views on Youtube viewing his films.

    Tom Vanouse will be talking about a crippling disease that was put in remission using PEMF therapy.

    All this and don't forget everything not talked about in the Mainstream will be talked about here. So join us daily.

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    The Infinite Knowledge is Power Show

    in Lifestyle

    Join  us today at 4PM Pacific and 7PM Eastern for The Infininite Knowledge is Power Show with your host Michael Alpough aka Phoenix Diamond.

    We are joined Apollo:

    Apollo is a Master Psychic and an Award Winning Motivational
    Speaker lecturing and teaching classes on a vast array of
    Metaphysical Subjects including UFO's and Extraterrestrials, Psychic Development,
    Vibrational Healing and Multi-Dimensional Awareness.  As a natural
    psychic, Apollo has a  25 year practice as a Psychic Consultant and Vibrational Healer. He has studied with Shamans from North America and Mexico, as well as a vast array of
    Alternative Healers and Metaphysical Practitioners. Apollo has
    appeared on International Television and Radio shows, teaching
    and doing live on air psychic readings for callers. He is also a composer of New Age music having produced the CD, "Mystic Traveler" which can be purchased on itunes. Apollo can be reached through his website www.apollostarnetwork.com

    So join us today 7PM Eastern

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    The Infinite Knowledge is Power Show

    in Lifestyle

    Join us today at 7PM Eastern 4PM Pacific when we will meet Jim Nichols, a regular on the Jeff Rense show.

    Born in 1948, Jim Nichols spent the first twenty years of his life growing up in Fostoria, Ohio, where he quietly fulfilled his public school obligation without fanfare. However, by his senior year of high school Jim discovered he possessed an innate ambition to become an artist.

    To pursue this interest, Jim enrolled for a Bachelor of Fine Arts program at Bowling Green State University in 1967. Unfortunately this schooling was interrupted in 1969 by the military draft. But despite two-years of Army service, he managed to complete a correspondence course in commercial art. Following his discharge, Jim resettled in Tucson, Arizona in 1972, where he made something of a name for himself over the next eight years painting southwestern landscapes.

    In 1980, his association with a world renowned UFO researcher, Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens (Ret.), inspired Jim to launch into serious UFO illustrations, producing an extraordinary body of work that has since been published internationally in magazines, articles, books and the internet. His art was routinely featured on The History Channel’s “UFO Hunters”. 

    More recently Jim has devoted his creativity to video journalism producing numerous video documentaries based on his blog essays. One of which entitled, “The Aldebaran Mystery” earned two EBE-Awards at 2010’s International UFO Conference in Laughlin, Nevada.

    This production as well as 10 more of Jim’s UFO related video essays are now presented by UFOTV on YouTube.

    Don't miss this show!

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    The Infinite Knowledge is Power Show

    in Lifestyle

    Today we are joined by Viviane Chauvet, from Montreal Canada, who is a Animal lover and Earth healer:


    Viviane Chauvet is a biological Human\Arcturian Hybrid who was born with genetic differences reflecting the high quality of her star family, The Arcturians.  They are Highly evolved 5th-9th dimensional Angelic Star Beings from the star system of Arcturus.  Viviane is a Galactic Crystalline Vibrational Healer, USUI Reiki Master, a channel for Archangel Raphael, ThetaHeling® Practitioner, Access BARS®Practitioner, Master Tarot Reader, Psychic, and Metaphysician. 

    Being Empathic and Intuitive Clairvoyant, Viviane is also sensitive to vibrations, certain changes of electric and magnetic energy coming from people with whom she comes in contact.  Then she processes those vibrations into thought forms, images, ideas, and colours.  Viviane also learns about someone through mental images or waves that come in flashes in the form of vibrations.  The electric energies of two people mixed create a connection between them.  Vibrations are electric and magnetic energy, a form of mental telepathy.

    No doubt you want to join us today at 7PM Eastern 4PM 

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    The Infinite Knowledge is Power Show

    in Lifestyle

    Todays IKPS is going to be incredible!!! Today we have Gina E Jones and Dr John Torres DC

    Gina E Jones, award winning author of the book "Flying Between Heaven and Earth". Ms Jones writings are being considered in motion pictures as well as a television series. She is also a Magi Counselor of the Destiny cards and will be discussing how we are living in a MOVIE! 

    Dr John Torres is PEMF expert who will explain to all of us how important "electric energy replacement" in the 100 trillion cells are so important.

    Join us Tuesday 7PM Eatern 4PM Pacific

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    Infinite Knowledge is Power Show

    in Lifestyle

    On the Infinite Knowlegde is Power show we will be discussing everyday how your body's 100 trillion cells are being effected by all the surroundings you place them in. Do not miss this show as we will be discussing how environment , diet, frequencies, emotion and Spirit effect your body much more then you can ever realize. In order to change you must re-program at the cellular level. That starts by listening to the IKP show everyday with your host, educator and researcher Phoenix Diamond AKA Michael Alpough.  

    All our guest hosts will be providing compelling information daily, to help you move into the Infinite Knowledge is Power realm. Tune in Monday June 27th at 7PM Pacific, where we are joined by Breatholgist and Consciousness Explorer Eric Renke. Plus surprise guest!

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    The Infinite Love Show

    in Spirituality

    In this show, we will learn about infinite love and what that really means in today's world, so join me for this special show all about infinite love...namaste

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    Tapping to Release Childhood Trauma and Change Your Life!

    in Business

    Marguerite Bonnett is an accomplished FasterEFT practitioner. Her unique style of “Tapping” focuses on finding and breaking through old subconscious beliefs which control and manifest our current behaviors and outcomes. Marguerite operates from the belief that there are no broken people, only people operating from broken and hurt ideas which they may not even know they have. She knows from experience that the best and fastest way to make real and lasting change is to make peace with your past, then install new beliefs about what is possible for your present and your future.

    Marguerite has been tapping with clients since 2011. Her work includes helping people overcome childhood traumas like abuse and neglect, dealing with health, relationship and money issues, as well as working with people suffering from addictions. 

    She is the author of the book 'Let It Go: 12 New Steps for Tapping the Power of Your Mind to Overcome Addiction with FasterEFT'. She is also the co-author of Pagliacci Has Nothing on Me! which chronicles the life and career of her mother, American soprano, entertainer and philanthropist Marguerite Piazza.

    Marguerite will actually walk us through a tapping session and invites people in the chatroom to set their own subject for a live session.

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    The Power of Love888: Imagination is more Important than Knowledge

    in Self Help

    The topic I will be covering on my next radio show is "Imagination is more Important than Knowledge." (by Albert Einstein)



    Do you know and believe that you are the co-creator of your life?

    Everything you create and experience in your liife whether good or bad is co-created in the invisible world first. In order to create your best life, you need to make sure that you are using your imagination in the right way to serve you.

    From the show you will learn about why your imagination is important, how it can help you and how to re-awaken it.

    The energy that will be shared on the show will be inspiring and healing, come and have a taste of it. 

    I will inspire you to be confident and reach your true potential. Call in and ask your questions LIVE. 

    Guest call in number - (347)850-8743

    Link to my show: 


    This show will be recorded, so you can listen to the replay at your convenience.

    Love and Light,

    Keysha Angel




















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    PxP – Crisis on Infinite Earths - Overview

    in Pop Culture

    Prepare to enter the Multiverse.  DC is making its debut on PxP and its coming in hot and heavy.  This is it folks, the granddaddy of company-wide crossover events.  The forbearer of continuity reboots and restarts.  While DC’s characters have faced a multitude of Crises, over the years, their competition has followed suit with their own crossover events and reboots.  History was made and Charles and George are ready to dive in and discuss the events, effects, and long term impacts on the DC brand.  Heroes and villains, alike, will live, die, and face the end of everything they know in an effort to protect the Multiverse from a dreaded new enemy, the Anti-Monitor.  With a story so big, a series so maxi, and an infinite Earths’ worth of content, Charles and George have enlisted heroes from other worlds to help them keep it all straight.  Serving as their Virgil, on this epic journey, Mike Woodard joins the cast. Chris Wisdom also stops by, as our Pariah, to watch what he has started in hopes that he hasn’t loosed entropy upon our intrepid hosts.


    Crisis on Infinite Earths #1-12

    April 1985 – March 1986

    Writer:  Marv Wolfman

    Artist:  George Perez w/ Mike DeCarlo



    Hosts: Charles McFall, George Doro, & Mike Woodard

    Producer at Large: Mike Woodard

    Publisher: Chris Wisdom

    Panel by Panel is brought to you by the Giant Size Team Up Network.

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