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    Just Us (Justice)

    in Christianity

    In John 8:1-11, Jesus literally acts out the role of an intercessor when he confronts the scribes and the Pharisees and delivers the woman alleged to have been caught in an act of adultery from stoning.  Jesus appeals to the conscience of those present to cease from their accusations and leave the life of the woman in tact.  When Jesus completes his assignment as an intercessor, an attorney, and a leader among the masses, the scripture provides that only the woman and Jesus were left standing alone.  Justice will prevail when there is sucessful intercession.

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    What is Real Friendship and Why are Real Friendships so Important?

    in Motivation

    Just because we are close to another soul, does it mean we are friends? What are friendships and what do they mean to our lives? Friendships come and go. Some stay for a very long time and some stretch like a rubber band, thin at times and full at other times. What is a real friendship and what keeps a friendship in tact over the years of our lives? Does simply loving another soul make for a great friendship? Tune in and Join the Conversation Wednesday Morning at 5:30 AM, PST! 

  • Finding The Silver Lining w/ Lisa Edelman

    in Relationships

    Welcome everyone to MOTIVATION MONDAY.

    We are on Day 5 of The ChickShyt 21 Day Self-Esteem Challenge: The Beautiful Things About Me

    I hope you've all been keeping track of the wonderful things you are finding about yourself because The Divas sure are!

    We are at the very beginning of the new year and it occurs to us there are some of you who believe that you are destined to stay in whatever negative, unproductive situation that you are in. Sometimes just *Finding The Silver Lining* of your situation will help you cope with it, go through it and most importantly...GET through it with your sanity in tact. The Divas are gonna share what they do to *Find The Silver Lining* in every situation you encounter. 

    To help us, we've got the beautiful Ms. Lisa Edelman. Lisa has been a performer across North America and Europe, appearing as a soloist and performing as an orchestral and chamber musician. In the US she has opened for/appeared with Stanley Clarke, Grover Washington Jr., Gregg Fields, Dennis Rowland, Peter Nero, Bobby Watson, the Philadelphia Orchestra Brass section, renowned Cumbia ensemble La Sonora Tropicana and the New Century Players, to name a few. In Europe she has opened for the Royal Scottish Academy of Music's brass ensemble as well as Abbos, a visceral traditional music group from Uzbekistan. She has performed works by Morton Subotnick, Luciano Berio and HK Gruber, to name a few crucial works performed in her career. Lisa regularly emphasizes interdisciplinary work as well as freely improvised scenarios that explore human artistic boundaries and in turn, further them. She can currently be seen with her funk group Epically Cracked, as well as freelancing around Los Angeles where she currently resides.

    Epically Cracked is a quartet integrating trumpet, flugelhorn, electronics, bass, drums and turntablist guitar - the band's sound is edgy, experimental, funky and groove based. 

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    Bob Burg - Adversaries Into Allies

    in Entrepreneur

    Bob Burg, best-known as coauthor of the international bestseller, The Go-Giver, talks with Jack about his latest book Adversaries into Allies: Win People Over Without Manipulation or Coercion.

    Great influencers — whether CEOs, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, clergy, parents, teachers, etc. — seem to have a knack for getting the results they want from people, but in a way that everyone is happy. And, these leaders are persuasive in the most positive and benevolent sense of the word.

    And, while, for some it might be natural, for most of us it’s a set of learned skills. Fortunately, they are both simple to learn and easy to apply.

    In this chat, Bob shows us how to take our influence to an entirely new level utilizing his:

    Five Principles of Ultimate Influence

    Control your own emotions
    Understand the clash of belief systems
    Acknowledge their ego
    Set the proper frame
    Communicate with tact and empathy

    The technical skills of any profession are vitally important.

    Without them, you’re not even in the game. However, even with them, you’re only in the game. Those who have mastered the people skills obtained through the Five Principles of

    Ultimate Influence are nine steps ahead in the game…in a ten-step game.

    And their lives, and their business, are a lot more fun, a lot less stressful, and a lot more profitable. And, that can be you!

    To Learn More:

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    IN THE BEGINNING it was Jay King & Robert Redwine

    in Radio

    In the beginning it was Adam & Eve, in the beginning there were dinosaurs

    In the beginning, it was the egg, and the egg became a chicken

    IN THE BEGINNING, long before this became a network - THERE WAS JAY KING AND ROBERT REDWINE

    you can see, Robert is a true ZEBRA, a LEOPARD of sorts, the stripe are exactly the same.

    Here is where it started, Jay King - not yet the czar (not on Prez Obama's czar list either) of the mute

    BUT CRAFTY - and Bob E Boo - no tact, irresponsible and all get out - what's chaanged?

    CHECK IT OUT RIGHT CHERE (HERE) for those who don't like jiving.


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    Holiday Stress Busters with Melanie Foote-Davis

    in Fashion

    SPECIAL HOLIDAY EDITION:  Whether you love the Holiday Season or dread it, it tends to be filled with lots of extra 'hustle and bustle', spending time with family, gift giving (Which includes, who wants what? And can I really afford this?) and it's a time that's notorious for more people experiencing depression.  So how do you make it through this 'wonderful time of the year' with your sanity in tact?  I've invited my friend, Melanie Foote-Davis, who is a Life Coach, Women's Advocate and 'Self-Love' promoter, to join us and share her perspective.  In addition to her current profession, she was the former Salon Manager and Hair Designer for Fabulous Finishes Salon and Day Spa and she comes from a very large family and has lots of experience and tips for navigating the holidays with lots of love and without breaking the bank.  Take a moment to listen (and laugh) with me and Melanie and prepare for your mind and spirit to be renewed!    

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    What is a no fly zone in a relationship?

    in Entertainment

    In the modern relationship, what would be taboo in the bedroom? what would you not do to please your partner? lets explore this topic a bit. Since sex and love in relationships can get twisted and disconnected how do we remain in tact and keep our dignity and respect from our partners? Or does anything go when the door is closed? tune in

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    Min. Lisa Fairley-Author Job Chapter 42

    in Books

    Minister Lisa Fairley at a very young age acknowledged that there was a calling on her life.  A life long native of Mississippi, Minister Lisa obedient to the Master’s plan relocated to the Atlanta Georgia area in 2004.    After more than 20 years in the Corporate Finance Arena, under the urging of the Holy Spirit Minister Lisa completed ministerial requirements with highest honors and was licensed through the Vision Alliance Ministerial Training Program in Lawrenceville Georgia. Min. Lisa  is also a graduate of St.  Leo University. She worships and serves under the anointed Ministry of   Dr. BJ and Marion Relefourd at the Vision of Life Worship Center in Lawrenceville, GA.  Where she is true to her calling to love and encourage the body of Christ.

    Minister Lisa honors, adores and respects her husband of 37 years, Pastor Clarence Fairley, as they walk together in their calling.  They have been abundantly blessed with two beautiful children (Shay and Roderick) a wonderful son in law (Casey) and three absolutely amazing grandchildren (Naiyah, Sarai, Jalen).  

    Minister Lisa Fairley a Real Estate Professional currently referral status,  in affiliation with Better Homes and Gardens Metro Brokers ( MBA, PHD designation), recognizes and embraces the need  for Professional women to be able to effectively communicate  their ideology  to others with tact, diplomacy and discernment .    With the heart of a servant it is Minister Lisa’s earnest desire to serve in the will of God to advance and encourage the Kingdom of God one heart at a time. She is currently blogging at: http://shespeaksencouragement.wordpress.com/



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    You Are the Colors You Choose!

    in Spirituality

    Did you know that the colors we surround ourselves with have a direct effect on our moods and our chakras?  What color did you put on today when you dressed yourself? Are you attracted to a particular color more than others today? Or a combination of colors?    What you are wearing color wise actually says a lot about whats going on in your world..   Colors are an amazing form of therapy to heal and balance naturally and nearly immediately. And whether you realize it or not, your inner self is guiding you toward color choices to help boost or balance your energy, emotions, intuitions, creativity, courage/strength, your serenity and  your ability to speak your truth with tact every single day.

    Tune into Soulistic tonight at 9pm Eastern as Mindy and Rene' discuss ways that color can help you in your life!  If you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you!  Also if you you'd like a mini color reading, this is your chance!  It's going to be a fun and informative show!  We look forward to sharing the hour with you!

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    To Your Journey

    in Lifestyle

    "Self Esteem Coaching" with Melissa Magazine. We will be 'Discussing it with Melissa' today on This Needs To Be Said radio. If you think your self esteem is in tact, then you especially want to join the conversation today. We can all use a tune up.

    If you are interested in saving money on your next trip or entertainment outting then join our special guest as they share with us just how to do that!

    It's your journey, how will you travel it?

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    The Importance of taking care of Your

    in Family

    Please join two crazy moms as we navigate parenting through different stages of motherhood. With one of us parenting a tween and two toddlers, while the other is parenting adults and enjoying a new empty nest. We will be tackiling everything from babies to adults and all the crazy in between. Let us share tips, tricks and advice on what has worked and what we are currently trying, to get through this crazy life as mommies with our sanity in tact. 

    How do you balance family and work? 

    How do you keep some sort of social life?

    Do you feel alone?

    Mommies need quiet time!

    Have you traded slacks for yoga pants and heels for Uggs?

    Are you sick of hearing the word MOM?

    Come, welcome to your safe zone. You are amongst friends and fellow crazy mommies here.


    Please join us this week as I will be interviewing donna Schmid....again...:)

    She will be sharing wonderful information, advice and sharing why it is so very important to take care of ourselves. She is being ever so gracious, allowing me to interview her and practice my interviewing skills.

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