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    Born suspect

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    The show starts with James and Benjy talking about penguins, orcas and last meals.
    They are then joined By Will Miles and Ayana Dookie. The talk goes to growing up black in white neighborhoods and altercations with the police. And what people need to do to reach tolerance as a society

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    The Death of Michael Brown: Robbery Suspect & Victim?

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    Tonight we're going to delve into the killing of Michael Brown, the 18-year old who was killed at the hands of a Missouri police officer 5-days ago. 

    As time goes on, more information is being released by the police department and media.  

    Today we hear that Michael Brown was a "Strong Armed Robbery" suspect.  But does this give an officer the right to gun this young man down in the streets, after it was clear by witnesses that he was surrendering with his hands up?  And what about the reported bruises to the face of the officer?  How did he get these bruises, and why hasn't that been released yet? 

    This is a volitile situation, and people have questions.  Where do you think this case will go?

    Join us tonight (Friday, 8/15/2014) at 9:30pmPDT/ 11:30pm CDT/12:30am EDT, to discuss the police shooting death of this unarmed black teenager in Missouri, and the additional details as they are released. 

    *Sponsored by Shades of Africka (Corona) and SPMG Media. 

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    Elder Abuse – How to prevent it and what to do when you suspect it.

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    As our loved ones age, many factors such as physical illness, diminishing mental capacity, and dementia can make them vulnerable to neglect, abuse, and exploitation by caregivers, family members, or others.  There are a number of Illinois laws and mechanisms in place to prevent and respond to these types of elder abuse.  In this podcast with Heather Walser of Lavelle Law, we will explore:  (1) the options available to help prevent these types of elder abuse, and (2) the steps you should take if you suspect that a friend or loved one has been the victim of elder abuse.

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    Join hosts Tom Riddell and Robin Eduardo as they welcome author Mary Eatmon to The Writers Lounge. Sit back and relax as Mary discusses what it's like to be a writer and she will also talk to us about her book: NINE HOUSES- CHRONICLES OF ONE WOMAN'S TRIUMPH OVER ABUSE, SHAME, AND NEGLECT.

    Mary never thought anything of the young man coming up on her porch to ask her for a cup of water. After all, it was a hot summer afternoon in Birmingham, Alabama. Little did she suspect that her act of kindness would change her life forever. He followed her into her home and attacked her, leaving her with a choice to make at the tender age of 15. She could put everyone at risk and tell her story, or she could live with the fear and pain of what happened and protect her loved ones.

    Nine Houses shares Mary’s inspiring story of adversity, abuse and escape. It reveals the heart-wrenching tale of a young girl forced into a tumultuous marriage that lasted for 30 years and how she overcame the pain that accompanied the truth of what happened.


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    The Walking Dead's IronE Singleton & Jamie Miller with Vincent Hill

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    Jamie Miller is a political consultant specializing in political campaign management, strategic planning, public relations, grassroots motivation, and crisis communications. He has been involved with running and managing political campaigns since 1994. He has been involved with six statewide campaigns in Florida and West Virginia serving as campaign manager, senior advisor or general consultant; most recently serving as a senior advisor to Newt Gingrich’s Presidential Campaign in Florida.
    Jamie’s experience includes serving as executive director for the Republican Party of  Florida, and Director of Field Operations for all of Florida’s 67 counties. His service as director of field operations includes the recount that followed the disputed presidential election in 2000.

    Vincent Hill
    Army Veteran, Retired Police Officer, Private Investigator and True Crime Author
    By growing up in a military family and having served 8 years in the US Army, Vincent Hill is well traveled. After serving his country, Vincent went on to serve the community of Nashville, TN as a police officer for five years. During his time with Nashville Police, Vincent worked as a patrol officer, special Flex Unit officer and in narcotics. Always going above and beyond, Vincent received countless Officer of the Month Awards, the Chief Coin of Excellence and several other awards and nominations. Most notably, Vincent was nominated for the Fox Network, America’s Most Wanted Officer of the Year award. The nomination was the result of Vincent’s keen attention to detail and interview techniques, which led to capturing a murder suspect wanted by the FBI who eluded capture for two years.

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    Being Perfectly Flawed

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    Being a successful college student is partially due to your acknowledgement that you need work.  In other words, you aren't perfect.  If you were and you knew everything, you wouldn't need college, right?  You could just skip over all the classes, quizzes, exams, and papers and go straight to work after high school.

    I suspect that for most of your career aspirations, that isn't the case.  So be okay if the first draft of every paper isn't A worthy and when you get less than a 4.0 on any quiz or exam.  You are in college to grow into the person you will be.  Otherwise, there is no point in being in college.  That applied to many generations of college graduates before you and many students who will come after you.  Most importantly, in this moment it also applies to you.

    We all have areas of growth and college can help you address those areas.  The only catch is that you have to be willing to do the work.  I know I am.  Are you? 

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    The Thursday of your Discontent - Restaurant Rants, Cadbury Eggs, Hispters, More

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    Join Rufus and Zig Zag founders of the bizfotainment juggernaut HyperSloth as they discuss the things that are important to them, like beer, weed and music. They also offer deep insights on the all the other bullshit that we all deal with day to day! Feel free to call in at 646-478-0616 and join the guys as they push the boundaries of experimental radio to their breaking point and beyond!!!

    Highlights from the episode:

    Nobody works as hard as they CAN on anything.

    Hipsters like this shit so now I officially hate it.

    It was like I bit into a hand grenade.

    Any boys club that requires you to wear a scarf is suspect I think.




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    Friday Night Talk Radio - Talk About Everything

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    Man Allegedly Raped, Beat Girlfriend’s Toddler Son To Death Over Soiled Diaper, Picks Her Up From Work With Corpse In Backseat


    Girlfriend of Kim Kardashian's infamous sex tape partner Ray J arrested for 'beating him to a bloody pulp' after strip club visit
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2956218/Girlfriend-Kim-Kardashian-s-infamous-sex-tape-partner-Ray-J-arrested-beating-bloody-pulp-strip-club-visit.html#ixzz3SFDXcDkN
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    Detroit Walking Man Who Got $350,000 in Online Donations Forced to Move After Threatshttp://www.theroot.com/articles/news/2015/02/detroit_walking_man_who_got_350_00_in_online_donations_forced_to_move_after.html

    'My son is a HERO not a vigilante': Family of mom who was shot dead in road rage attack insist they were RIGHT to go hunting for suspect who ended up killing her 


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    From UFOs to Police Cover Ups, It's a Don't Come out of a Bag Wednesday

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    Hey hey hey Tea Sippers!  It's time for another edition of "Don't Come out of a Bag" where YOU can be my cohost! Any and everything that is on your mind, we can talk about it right here.... RIGHT NOW, BUT remember, IF you come out of a bag on me, I will come out of a BIGGER BAG on YOU!  Ya got me?

    Here are a few things that are on my mind this time:

    Babies playing with guns: I was watching The Doctors and they showed the story of a baby playing with a gun...WTH????  Since when is it normal behavior for children to play with guns and the parents approve??
    The Police Cover Up in St. Louis: The video has surfaced where the police in St. Louis is heard saying that "if you are worried about cameras, we are RED".....as they were beating on an 18 year old suspect.
    UFOs:  Do YOU believe in them? Well aparently that has been a recent UFO sighting here in Georgia.  There is an entire community committed to this phenomenon and we will talk about it here
    Have you ever stayed in an African American owned hotel?  Bed and Breakfast?  We will discuss how we can improve our economy by utilizing our own businesses.  WAS DESEGREGATION THE ANSWER?

    WE have a HOT POT of tea for your nerve today, so darlings bring all of your crumpets and your NTFTP Tea cups because you  will be Dishing Tea with Big Meach



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    Straight men with Gay friends: Suspect or Nah?

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    Why are straight men who have lots of gay friends often accused of being gay-curious or 'down-low'? Is it unfair to assume that they secretly desire to be 'touched' by another man; or should we appreciate their ability to befriend gay men without question or concern? Let's dig deep into the subject and discuss why this presumption exists. I'm sure my female listeners want to be assured they have anything to worry about; or do they? Let's chat!

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    Stovetop Politics with Virginia Kruta - Feb 16, 2015

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight we welcome back previous guest, Marine veteran, and friend David Moose McArthur, to talk about war. We'll discuss recent failed attempts by ISIS to attack Al Asad Air Base, the Marines who were told to destroy weapons as they retreated to safer ground, and what is left for the American military to do.

    Also on the block for tonight's show: 
    European anti-semitism, and why it is such a disturbing trend.
    Kanye West's fashion line for post-apocalyptic hobos.
    Madonna banned from radio because she's "irrelevant and old."
    And ZOMG Scott Walker didn't finish college.

    New segment: Bonehead of the week. And Sally Kohn has the dubious honor of being the first - and i suspect she will be a repeat offender - winner.

    Call to join the show live at 646-716-7039 or join us in the chat room!

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