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    The PFO Fishing Show; bigeye tuna, wahoo, splendor sunfish and more

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    Dave Hansen joins us with a rare find; the slendor sunfish and guess what like to eat them. Bigeye tuna.

    Breaking PFO news as the bite is crazy. Donald Fuqua from the Sea Jay with a Channel Island report, Danny Strunk from 22nd St Landing, marlin gone crazy, great yellowtail action and lots more. 

    Go to www.PFORadio.com

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    Get back in the pool and back in shape with Sunfish!
    Listen up as Emmy Award winning host Donna Rossi sits down with Co-Founder and Coach Marty Sarussi, Treasurer Brian Douglas, and Secretary and Webmaster Jacob Palmer of Sunfish. Learn about the benefits Sunfish, an LGBT and allied master swim team, provides not only to its members but the greater community.

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    Coming Apocalypse

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    President Obama has broken another promise as he is going to leave the American Army in Afghanistan for 10 more years or 2024. Also Breaking News: Iran is meeting with China in Geneva on Nuclear talks. Also Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu is in Moscow meeting with Russian President Putin to discuss Iran deal. Comet ISON continues to get brighter as it races toward the Sun. Also 31 earthquakes over 2.5 in the last 24 hours all over the earth. Puyallup, Washington public schools have begun using palm scanniig devices for lunch even though it is the Mark of the Beast Technology. Also Ancient Jewish Altar has been found in Shilo and Pastor Paul Begley wonders if it is the great Altar of promise from Joshua 22:12. Israel feels the USA has no credible military option as it relates to Iran Nuclear weapons. Also Israel strikes terror in Gaza Tunnels, where weapons factory was located. The UN offical Jaeffery Feltman blamed the blocking of the "Covenant with many" or Peace Agreement of Israel and Palestine on the Jewish settlements in West Bank and East Jerusalem. Also Russia is giving Egypt 4 billion dollars worth of arms since America has stop supporting Egypt. These events and bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana.

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    Chef Alex Presents: News Monday 6/24

    in Food

    On this show we kick start a whole new week here on the Chef Cardinale's cooking show.  This show kick starts the last week of June. It's Monday which means it's news Monday! On this Show I will be giving out the weekly schedule, the past week's total listen count, and the week's news and announcements.  I will only be talking for about 15 MINS the MOST! Please feel free to call in at 646-716-6458 to talk about WWE, MLB, fish keeping, cooking, baking, and PG ONLY. Also last week our weekly fish profile debuted with Sam Garcia JR giving out a Sunfish profile, this week I will be doing the Flagtail prochilodus this week! I love Flagtails and have kept them for years, lots of experience with them! Semaprochilodus talk on this show for those who keep fish. And this fish is for fish keeping and NOT fish eating!
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    MUSIC FRIDAY: La Mer and Teresa King

    in Politics

    La Mer takes you into a world of deep benthic dreams, happily adrift without a life preserver.  Her voice can move from dreamy to definitive, shifting from a lazy sunfish to a playful, powerful dolphin.  Hers are songs to put in your playlist and listen to in your headphones to make daily life softer, happier and much, much more joyful.
    Teresa King rejoins us with new songs and new energy.  An emerging talent from Los Angeles, she talks with us from Florida about her new music and her adventures since we featured her on Music Friday in  March.  She is so good that we just had to have her back.
    A new concept in the opinion-driven world of talk radio, Fairness Radio is a daily one-hour on-line and on-air radio show featuring liberal Patrick O'Heffernan interviewing national guests from across the political spectrum.  Patrick talks with everyone from conservative Senator Jim DeMint to former Democratic Party Chairman Governor Howard Dean to explore news, politics and culture from all sides in a civil conversation that focuses on idea, not gotcha’s.  With an international team experts from all sides of the political spectrum Fairness Radio covers the events of the world like no one else.

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    PCF welcomes Sandro Maniaci - Wicked Tuna - F/V Tuna.com

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    The PointClickFish.com Team welcomes Sandro Maniaci, from F/V Tuna.com on National Geographic Channel’s hit series Wicked Tuna. He will be LIVE on the PointClickFish.com Saltwater Radio Show Thursday April 18th @ 8 PM. Sandro Maniaci grew up in Gloucester and has a father and an uncle who both worked in the fishing industry, so it’s not a surprise that he started fishing pretty much as soon as he could walk.  By grade school, he was catching sunfish in a local pond, and by adolescence, his mother was taking him to the docks and watching dutifully as he cast lines for striped bass.  About six years ago, he got an opportunity to fulfill his dream as a crew member on a tuna boat. Maniaci says that those who haven’t fished for bluefin probably don’t appreciate the daunting difficulty of catching them.  “These are tough fish,” he says.  “The big ones that we want somehow have managed to avoid being caught all these years, so they obviously aren’t easy to haul in.  You can have days when you’ve got 25 or 30 of them under the boat, and none of them will bite.”  While an ordinary sport fisherman may have the good fortune to get a big bluefin, Maniaci says that what separates the civilians from the professionals is consistency.  “The average guy might be able to go out and get lucky, like hitting a scratch ticket,” he says.  “But to catch them consistently, that takes a special set of skills.” Wicked Tuna airs Sundays at 9 PM ET on the National Geographic Channel.

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    Bishop Wisor preaching on "Caught in the Chasm"

    in Religion

      The chasm you need to worry about is the one that made you run; made you jump out of his hands.
       Has the Great Fisherman pulled you out of your chasm?

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    Blues & Food: A Night with Bill Grisolia and LB Food Review

    in Culture

    On Tuesday November 23, 2010 Swoop's World opens up the studio for a special Tuesday night broadcast. Swoop and Peter welcome the man of many hats, Bill Grisolia in to learn of his current conquest, Blues Man. To make sure it's a special broadcast on all levels we're bringing in our favorite "Special" Team of Chris and Taylor for the bi-weekly LB Food Review segment.

    You know Bill Grisolia, a legal and policy specialist, for his run for Senate. You may also know him as an advocate for the homeless and as former owner of the Island Sunfish Grill in Shoreline Village. But have you heard him sing?

    Bill Grisolia is now heading up as lead vocalist of the band New Blues Revolution. Nominated for Best Blues Single of the Year by the L.A. Music Awards for 2010, New Blues Revolution continues a long winning streak. They set a box office record performing at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip and draw impressive crowds at other top nightclubs (including the House of Blues in Anaheim), concerts and festivals all over the United States and Europe.

    Join us Tuesday night at 9pm (PST). Listeners can call in live (917) 889-7449 or join in via our online chat. Use the “Set a Reminder Function” now and you won’t miss a minute.