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    The Art of Captivating Storytelling

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    Storytelling as an ancient art form and a valuable form of human expression. In Rolf Jensen's The Dream Society, he predicts: "The highest-paid person in the first half of [this] century will be the 'storyteller' [...] valued for his or her ability to produce 'dreams' for public consumption."

    People are captivated by a good story. They enjoy two types of stories: one with which they can identify or relate to and one that allows them a view into the lives of other people. This is why reality television has soared in popularity. We really can't help our curiosity. People love to know what is going on in other's lives. Storytelling is an ancient art that has never lost popularity. At one time it was the stuff that legends were made of. Now it's a way in which we connect and share. It's also a valuable skill to learn.

    Cortney McDermott says, "How can you grow rich in any field? By mastering your story. No one else has your story. It's your snowflake, your unique contribution."

    To learn more about storytelling, join Club Captivate - www.chantiniven.com

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    Career Storytelling with Randall Hansen Founder Job Action Day 2014

    in Business

    Job Action Day 2014 is all about empowering job-seekers with the power of storytelling for career and job-search success. It is an annual event (since 2008) for all job-seekers and workers to take stock of their situations and make plans and/or take action steps to improve their careers.

    This years theme is how job-seekers can use storytelling and compelling narratives in numerous situations -- from networking to interviewing, including such tools as the Elevator Speech (Pitch), LinkedIn profile, resumes and cover letters, and much more

    The 7th annual Job Action Day 2014 Founder Randall Hansen of Quintessential Careers joins me to dicuss, career storytelling and the expert and empowering articles, tips, and blog posts that give job-seekers information, ideas, and concrete steps to harness the power of story and create a unique and power narrative that will propel their careers forward.

    Job Action Day was established by Quintessential Careers, the Web's leading career site, as an annual event that brings together career experts and bloggers to provide the most relevant advice to job-seekers and workers.

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    The Impact of Digital Storytelling - It's Ubiquitous!!

    in Education

    Our guest - Jim Jorstad  a leading force in the innovative and effective use of technology and media for over twenty years. He currently is the Director of Academic Technologies at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Jim is responsible for integrating technology into teaching and learning, the creation and strategic dissemination of social and rich media, learning space design, emerging technologies, and involved in diverse innovative technology projects. He is a frequent lecturer and consultant for universities, organizations, and companies worldwide. Jim is a technologist, global journalist and film maker with his work appearing in major news outlets including CNN, MSNBC, Forbes, NPR, and numerous blogs. . His main blog, the Learning Space, is covered by 85 countries.             

    **Art work by: Giselle Chow: Graphic facilitator, graphic recorder, visual thinker. Designing participatory change processes.

    Photos taken @ EDUCAUSE Conference in Orland, FL  - October/2014

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    What's YOUR Story? - Storytelling for Healing, Change, and Growth

    in Women

    What's YOUR Story? 

    Certified Transformational Life Coaches Ingrid Sthare and Vicy Wilkinson share an interactive mini-class about one of our favorite things:  Storytelling.

    Goal:  Engage with storytelling from the perspective that it's useful for healing, change, and growth. 

    From Narrative Therapy to Healing stories to storytelling to increase the bonds between ourselves and other human beings, our podcast tonight is a follow-up opportunity to share stories and talk about how stories make up who we are after this week's popular Meetup.   

    We'll talk about some key factors like the effect of stories on our perceptions and perspectives, stories as creative force, understanding our strengths and admired qualities in others, narrating the past and our connections to it, learning, and the "magic" of stories to reveal our metaphorical insides... and how stories can even act as crystal balls that show us or even create our futures.  

    You can learn more about our story at http://www.completelifecoaching.com/. 

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    Perfecting Your Crowdfunding Campaign Through the Art of Storytelling

    in Self Help

    There is no shortage of information to be found online on how to crowd fund. Most of it, however, neglects to address the central quality that has made crowdfunding the profound game changer it has become. People give money to campaigns because they believe and connect with the project creator. Therefore, success in large part depends on that person's ability to tell his or her story in a relatable and memorable way. 

    Listeners can expect to:
    •  Learn to gain control over your narrative through storytelling concepts that have been around for millennia and retrofitted for the 21st century crowd.     
    •  Common mistakes and weak links that lead to poor storytelling and how to improve upon them.
    •  How do you know if you're a good storyteller?
    •  Why and how these are techniques can be learns by almost anyone. (And if you can't do it yourself, how to know when to

    Rose Spinelli is a journalist and an early adopter in the crowdfunding space. She uses her combined expertise in communication and crowdfunding to educate, guide, mentor, and coach project creators. Through her writing, Rose analyzes and critiques the crowdfunding industry as a whole, breaking news as it emerges, and all types of rewards-based crowdfunding projects for what's working and what isn't. She does so by framing the information in a larger context beyond what rote how-to-crowdfund articles do. In recognition, this year she was named among 100 of the Most Influential Crowdfunding Thought Leaders Today. Besides consulting, educating, and training, both online and off, Rose writes weekly tips and an advice column called Rose Recommends for www.Crowdsourcing.org.

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    Masting the Art of Storytelling

    in Motivation

    Today, storytelling is wildly popular. It’s seen as the key to succeeding in business, strengthening organisational culture, and drumming up support for advocacy and campaigns. But why is that? The first reason is obvious: climate change, inequality, violence and other challenges can’t be solved by doing more of the same. We need new narratives that connect with people’s deepest motivations and promote more radical action. Stories engage people at every level – not just in their minds but in their emotions, values and imaginations, which are the drivers of real change. So if we want to transform society, we must learn to tell – and listen to – a new set of stories about the world we want to create.

  • Chatterbox's Reading Adventures in Storyland

    in Entertainment

    Storytelling at its best!  Many different places and themes to enjoy in storyland!  For all ages  What did Horton hear?  Come and join us for some great adventures!

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    STORYTELLING with Novelist and Screenwriter Thomas B. Sawyer

    in Moms and Family

    Would you like to learn how to become a captivating storyteller?

    Would you like to compose a story that engages the readers with attitude?

    Novelist, screenwriter, playwright, Thomas B. Sawyer, was Head Writer/Showrunner of the classic CBS series, Murder, She Wrote, for which he wrote 24 episodes. Edgar & Emmy-nominated, Thomas wrote, directed and produced the cult film comedy, Gosh Alice Goodbody. His documentary, Reunion, was honored by the New York Film Festival, the Rochester and Edinburgh Festivals, and received national theatrical release.

    His first novel: the bestselling conspiracy thriller about the JFK assassination, The Sixteenth Man. Tom's second thriller, the bestselling No Place to Run, deals with the conspiracy behind 9/11. 

    Join Thomas B. Sawyer and me on Tuesday, September 16, 10-11 A.M. CT US, as we discuss the art of storytelling and his latest mystery/thriller novel, Cross Purposes.

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    How to Use Storytelling to Save the Day

    in Technology

    Do you wish there was a way to build credibility and differentiate your company's products or services from your competition's? Are you looking for ways that share what makes you special? What about hightlighting unique attributes about your products or services? If you've been struggling to come up with an easy, cost-effective way to get your message across, then this show is for you.  Storytelling has been around for hundreds of thousands of years, but it wasn't until recently that technology made it possible for the average person to create their own online storytelling production that is professional and compelling. 

    This episode will cover the many new and innovative way any business can tell their stories online. We'll provide many easy-to-use tools and techniques to help you generate ideas, layout your stories, produce them and -- most importantly -- get your key messages out. If you're ready take your storytelling message to the next level, tune in to this week's episode of "Working The Web to Win," where you'll learn new and innovative ways of "How to Use Storytelling to Save The Day."

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    Chatterbox's Reading Adventures in Storyland

    in Entertainment

    Storytelling at its best!  Many different places and themes to enjoy in storyland!  For all ages  What did Horton hear?  Come and join us for some great adventures!

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    This is the sixth year of my annual two-night family Christmas show, filled with wonderful old rare radio shows, stories, songs, and culminating tonight with the old and rare reading by author Truman Capote of his own poignant "A Christmas Memory."

    You'll hear traditional and contemporary holiday tunes and songs; old radio classics, complete holiday stories starring the original (movie version) actors, and more!  The stories vary from year-to-year, but always great nostalgic holiday fare..

    Gather your family around, have a cup of hot cocoa, eggnog, or just a cup of good cheer, and enjoy.

    Tonight's show will not be archived, and only available for listening live each year, when I switch things up and put together a warm and hopefully memorable holiday program for you.

    Merry Christmas, and happiest of holidays to everyone. I wish you each a new year of good health, and abundant peace.

    Thank you to all of my listeners from the bottom of my heart.

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